Video: John Beilein’s Postseason Wrap Up


John Beilein was available to media for lunch and to talk about the 2010-2011 season, Darius Morris testing the draft waters, improvements in recruiting and much more. Notes and quotes are after the jump.

  • Have eight hours to work with players once the season is over. “It’s been tremendous how hard they’re working. I think our team has an incredible hunger now that they’ve had a taste of what hard work and togetherness can bring.”
  • Using the limited hours to get the players started on workouts constructed by coaches and the strength staff to work on in the offseason.
  • Will be unable to use Crisler for much of the offseason because of construction. Players will use IM Building and wrestling weight room, still figuring out how to do training table, might be with football team.
  • Trey Burke and Carlton Brundidge will be around for summer term.
  • Not too worried about heightened expectations next year after this year’s success. Referenced the win at Michigan State heightening expectations as the year went on. “They’ve handled some of that (this season) somewhat.”
  • On the staff and the chemistry that developed throughout the season: “I think we all have some strengths … we just fed off each other.” Said he delegated more, and the coaches earned that as the season went on.
  • “Within two days after the season was over I called Darius into the office.” Said he wanted to make sure if Darius was going to test the draft waters that he did it the right way and listening to the right people. Going to go through the Undergraduate Advisory Committee and “gather information. And that’s all that’s happening right now.” Said he, Darius and Darius’ father all agreed that this was the best way to go about things.
  • “There’s nothing we want more than for Darius Morris to have a career in the NBA.” Stressed that they want him to have a “career,” not just to get there.
  • As for next season, will work on being better with more than one big man in the game. Had to go with four guards quite a bit, would like to have more freedom in that regard. “That’s the biggest thing: can we get a little bit bigger?”
  • Couldn’t mention specific names, but recruiting has been “very positive.” Said it’s still being constructed and they would like to be more successful in the future but likes where it’s going. “We feel positive momentum.”
  • Went to see Trey Burke play. “He truly is a point guard … his quickness is exceptional.” Said he will help them a lot with quickness in the backcourt.
  • Carlton Brundidge had great quickness as well, “we’ll put Carlton in a bunch of ball screens and I think he’s really going to be very successful.”
  • detroitbry

    Beilein told everybody in the first 3 minutes why a practice facility is so important. Man, all the so called UM fans who posted that UM had to deserve a facility, idiots. Beilein lays it out exactly why this is so needed, being able to record practice sessions as they break off into subgroups, being able to practice whenever they want, the kids having access to the gym whenever they need it…man oh man the arguments I’ve had with the b-ball haters.

    • Brian

      aman to that,they need to get in the gym as much as they can so they can be ready for the big games ,get strong ,work on plays .look at KU they are in the turny almost every yr .i would like to see UM do the same .GO BLUE!!!!

  • Brian

    i wish the best for morris,but i think it would be great to have him back.i think they can take the Big Ten next yr if he says.GO BLUE!!!!!

  • AG2

    Anybody wonder what LaDonte Hinton will do now that his coach bolted for Georgia Tech?

  • SJWolv

    So, if Crisler isn’t available until October and the practice facility isn’t ready until the same time frame do the guys have to use the IM building all summer and the beginning of fall?

    • mich is boss

      what is the IM building?

      • JimC

        Intramural Building. The big rec center place. As i recall it’s right next to Yost.

    • georgeesq.

      IM, CCRB. Maybe they can arrange to get in a high school gym. I used to play at Burns Park during the summer.

    • jmblue

      Man, the IM Building . . . talk about slumming it. But they’ll get the payoff in the fall when their palatial new digs open up.

  • maxwell’s demon

    I really hope Beilein can win and be successful here because I really genuinely like him and am glad he represents our school.

  • wayman britt

    Summer To Do List

    1. Morris shoot 500 jumps shots a day, practice going left
    2. Vogrich and Smot – work with Sanderson on foot speed and quickness
    3. Horford continue to put on another 15 pounds and work on footwork
    4. Morgan – develop 10 foot jumper
    5. McLimans – evaluate your career do you want to sit the bench in the Big Ten or more playing time in lower league
    6. Novak – watch game film and evaluate leaning and jumping backwards on long range shoots
    7. Stu – practice dribble drives and finishing strong at the hoop
    8. Think and practice offense, offense and offense.

    • Tweeter

      dont disagree with a lot of your list except #5. Maybe it is just me but I am tired of everyone wanting to push McLimans out the door. He may not be a great or good player right now, but he still could develop. Not to mention from what Beilein has said he is a tremendous practice player. I dont mean that in the sense that the guy cant perform when the lights come on, but knock em down in his driveway. I mean it more in the sense that he works his tail off. That is a big plus and it is great for guys like Morgan, Horford, Smotrycz and now Bielfeldt, to have a guy like that to work against and with.

      Everyone wants all the scholarship players to be awesome, but realistically it’s just not going to happen. There are always going to be guys that struggle, fail to live up to expectations, dont work hard enough, get hurt all the time, etc. You can only play so many guys anyway. Rotations of more than 8 or 9 get very tricky unless you play one of those styles where you press all day and sub out 5 guys at a time. Michigan does not do this. Furthermore, Beilein strikes me as a guy that likes to play with a shorter rotation. Every year it seems like we start the year with ten or so guys getting minutes, but once we get into Big Ten play and big games, the rotation becomes very small.

      • maxwell’s demon

        Agree with everything you said. The only thing I’ll add is that while lots of fans are accustomed to seeing scholarship players not play significant minutes, Michigan fans are not. It’s really weird thinking ahead to next year and thinking how can all these guys all get playing time? They can’t. That’s a good thing, at least as far as the program and us fans are concerned.

        • Sam

          This is a great point…with 13 scholarship given out, there is absolutely no way that everyone is going to get significant playing time, that’s just the way it is. I don’t think it is up to us, however, to decide who the minutes go. Speculate all you want but let Beilein do what he is paid to do.

      • Quick Darshan

        I don’t get all the McLimans hate either. He moves his feet well on defense. Better than Horford and even Morgan at this point. And he’s still just a Freshman. So there’s no reason why he can’t get better and be at least a solid rotation big man down the road.

      • ToBlav

        Thanks for saying those things. Hopefully people read and learn.

    • georgeesq.

      If we’ve learned one thing, it should be not to write anyone off. How many said Vogrich was a wasted scholarship?

      • Kenny

        Not many but maybe the same who are calling out McLimans. Even he never gets more than 10 minutes per game I like to see him cheering on the sideline and rise on occations when he is called upon.

        • jmblue

          Maybe it wasn’t here, but I knew a lot of people that basically wrote off Vogrich after his frosh season.

          • I’ll be hones. I wrote him off. And it wasn’t an insane assumption at the time. I am happy to be proved wrong when it comes to guys being better than I had anticipated.

    • Azad

      does Tim Hardaway get nothing to do all summer? My prescription for him is to just work on his ball handling nonstop.

      Also, in addition to the 10 foot jump shot, I’d like Jordan Morgan to work on the low post game, all he needs is a couple moves he’s comfortable with. This, coupled with his quickness and the ability he has to get position inside will be huge to the development of his offensive game.

      I agree with Tweeter re: McLimans, he simply needs to just keep working on his game and putting up productive minutes. Look at Harrelson from Kentucky. Complete stiff the first 3 years and now a productive player on a Final 4 team. No need to give up on a guy who is the biggest on our team and not completely uncoordinated.

    • Mattski

      No offense, Wayman–I know you’re a regular and valuable contributor here, but I’m just never so comfortable playing God when it comes to comments like yours about McLimans. The guy is a freshman! A kid and someone with an ardent desire to play for Michigan. It is extremely rare for freshmen to contribute. Hardaway is an anomaly, but think of Morris, who really struggled early last year, and had a lot more minutes to get comfortable taking the floor than McLimans.

      It will definitely be hard for Beilein to decide who to play next year, and that’s a good thing. I see every guy on that roster with a chance to contribute. And if they do it on the practice floor, making their teammates better, sometimes they end up being appreciated a great deal.

      • Tom V

        In defense of Wayman, I think the questioned he proposed for McLimas is a fair one. Personally, I think that Morgan, Horford and Smotrycz have a much higher ceiling than he does and this will severely limit the amount of time he sees on the court over his career if stays. Even if he has limited playing time he can still be a valuable part of the team in the spot minutes he gets and with his play on the scout team. If McLimas wants to play a lot of minutes in his career, then it would make sense for him to consider transferring. If he is OK with averaging 5-10 minutes a game, really enjoys his teammates, coaches and values a University of Michigan degree than he should stay. It depends on what he wants.

        Hey, maybe I’m wrong and McLimas will put up some solid numbers but I don’t see him improving to that point. Yes, he had freshman eligibility this past year but he is the second oldest scholarship player on the team next to Stu who is a month older. So using a Darius as a comparison is little misleading. I think a lot of people thought Darius was going to be a good player even after his underwhelming first year. The surprise for me with Darius was he had this kind of year as a sophomore, I wasn’t expecting it until he was an upperclassman. Even with my limited expectation on Blake, I still think he’ll have a few big moments for us throughout the course of his career.

        • ToBlav

          In defense of Wayman’s critics. It is important to have hard working practice players who are great locker room guys that care about the team. Injuries can happen and you can’t be too deep. He could end up stepping in for someone and playing a vital role, you just never know. He may be at Michigan for an education and be more interested in developing his potental that being a star. I’d find that refreshing.

        • Quick Darshan

          Big men develop a lot later than guards and wings. NBA Scouts generally say that they don’t know what they have in a big man until he’s 26. So, I don’t worry too much that he’s not more advanced despite his age.

  • MaizeNBlueJ

    Nice little GIF of the D-Mo to J-Mo half court laser of a pass against Iowa:

    • gpsimms

      coolest play of the whole season just about…buuuut on closer review, does the first dude get a finger on it which causes it to go a bit to the left of the second guy’s hands?

      it seems like that, or some how darius put some english on it, which would be wicked sweet, of course.

      • ScottGoBlue

        No finger, just a bit of curve. If you throw a ball that size with a side motion, you’ll get a little curve on it. For example, try doing it with a soccer ball (I play goalkeeper, so this is a familiar motion).

    • georgeesq.

      Sweet. One thing that Morgan should get more credit for is catching those passes cleanly and going strong to the hoop.

      • Kenny

        Morgan should’ve picked football in his youth, he has talent to be a NFL TE. Size, hands, ability to get open.

    • JD

      That was the pass of the year and a great camera angle.

    • Mattski

      Have watched that about 50 times now and have yet to tire of it! Does anyone know how I can download it in Widows? In Ubuntu they just load and work. But in Windows it just sits there, inert. . .

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    I just deleted a blank comment right?

    • Tweeter

      yea. I had replied to the blank comment in jest, but when it was deleted my reply just turned into a regular comment for some reason.

      • Tweeter

        and now all my replies are just posting like regular comments. I feel like the terrorists are winning

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          Haha. Whenever I delete a comment above it breaks the whole chain. So I give up. :-)

  • georgeesq.

    I still think that McLimans could be a factor in the future. The last few times he got minutes, he held his own and played with more toughness. Morgan took over the position, and Blake didn’t see much action, but he has the tools if he keeps working.

  • AG2

    Is Matt Painter *SERIOUSLY* about to leave his alma mater for Mizzou just for the money!?

    • Brian W

      Ring… Ring… RichRod is that you?

      Seriously, though, Painter is going to meet with Missouri in Florida. I thought it was a ploy to get a raise from Purdue, but who knows. Missouri is most likely going to offer $2 million a year, and Painter is making over $500,000 less than that (with incentives).

      • ouchudied


      • Kenny

        Frieder ditched Michigan for Arizona State, Alford ditched Iowa for New Mexico State, …..

        • Brian W

          Yeah, you’re right. Good examples. Leaving a big school for a perceived weaker/smaller school isn’t as unprecedented in college basketball. If the big school is banking on its perceived prestige as a reason for paying less money, odds are greater that the coach will leave. You can even go back to Johnny Orr leaving for Iowa State for another example of that.

      • Redundant Rodriguez bashing is redundant.

  • um basketball fan

    That ability to delegate is an interesting point. Also I agree with the majority on the McLimans comments– I would take his passion for the team over a drama queen/soloist/great-ball-player-but-still-violates-team-rules-as-an-upperclassman any day. Great things are coming…

  • Brian W

    If you didn’t see it, the Freep had a story about Nik Stauskas, and there’s some nice quotes from Nik in it.

    Dylan, can I suggest or request a post with more details on what will be done to Crisler before next season? It would be interesting to know what will be done. Thanks.

    • georgeesq.

      On Crisler: All of the seating will be replaced and the aisles in the lower bowl will moved to align with the exits, widened, railings installed. There will be club seating. New HD video displays. Benches, Maize Rage, scorer’s table will be moved to the other side of the court, block M at center court will be flipped. Michigan players will enter the court from the southeast corner of the court (opposite end from the tunnel) as their locker room will be in the new Player Development Center. Other work will be infrastructure related and not apparent to the fans. I believe, for instance, that the roof will be replaced. And, oh yeah, Crisler will be air conditioned for the first time.

      The last phase, which should begin after next season, will expand the concourses, rest rooms, create a grand entrance where the stairway is now, among other things.

      • Beast1530

        Everything is going to be flipped over. I bet the Maize Rage will be confused. lol!

        • Sam

          It will be a bit confusing at first, but shouldn’t last too long. It should be mentioned that the cameras will be flipped to the other side as well, so the benches and us in the Maize Rage will still be visible on TV.

  • billiam

    In response to the whole McLimans thing:
    I personally don’t think he’ll be a productive player, BUT…

    1.) We all agree that Coach B is a great developer of talent. Morris and Morgan this year, Stu and Novak three years ago, etc.
    If the kid has 5 years under the tutelage of coach B you gotta give him the benefit of the doubt.
    2.) Simply put, he’s the ideal guy for Belien’s system. 6’11, a shooter, and a highly motivated kid. What Smot is (ideally) to the 4 is what McLimans is (ideally) at the 5.

    • YpsiTuckyBoy

      McLimans is shooter? Did you watch any games this season?

      • Kenny

        This sounds awfully familiar, just substitute “McLimans” by “Vogrich”.

        • Will Wheaton

          Vogrich was by all accounts a prolific shooter in practice and through out high school. He made strides by becoming more familiar with the college game, but nobody ever questioned his ability to shoot the ball, simply his ability to compete defensively, etc. at the big ten level.

          • Kenny

            All the same could’ve been said about McLimans too. He took threes in games because they usually went in during practice as Beilein constantly mentions McLimans having good practices. The reason why they didn’t go in in real games may not be exactly the same as in Vogrich’s cases, but the bottom line is that you don’t write a player off from observations made on limited minutes they played as a freshmen. As some post above said, McLimans post defense was at least decent towards end of the season, to some extend better than Horford.

  • Kainkitizen

    what’s interesting to me about next year is that we will be probably be playing 4 top 15 teams in the early season with 3 being in Maui and the other being the ACC-BIGTEN game. Why would we want to add another top 20 team to the list? That should be enough for a good SOS for the tournament resume. I agree with the Notre Dame game. I bet they have issues with our past and they don’t want nothing to do with it and Michigan Basketball anymore.

    Also, The Dayton coach leaving puts an interesting twist to both LaDontae Henton and Percy Gibson. Do both stay with their commitments? If they don’t, where do they go? They are both 3* recruits. Does Coach Beilein have any interest in having them come as walk-ons? Do they come back and play for any of the MAC teams or UofD or Oakland? Does Percy go to MSU and play with Kearney since there is now an open scholarship available from Shermans departure? I think Izzo wanted both Gibson and Kearney at one point in time.

    The Player Development Center is being built and now Crisler is getting a transformation from old to new. With everything going on, it’s starting to being overwhelming with excitement and anxiety. I might have to make a weekend short drive trip over there to see the progression of the New Michigan Basketball Future.

    The hype of Darius is nothing but wanting to know where he stand right now and what he needs to improve on over the summer for the next level of competition. He’ll be here for his Junior season. It would be interesting to see what Manny tells him. They do still stay in contact with other.

    I’m so excited about next season. I haven’t been this excited since the early 90’s. Have a great summer boys. You’ve made us Michigan fans happy once again.

    • jmblue

      “ND has issues with our past” – Huh? Did we do something to them? We’ve played them many times, including a few times in the past decade.

  • Tyler

    I thought the comment about having the freedom to go bigger or smaller was an even interesting. With so many players that have a change to play in the rotation I think it can be done.

    The smaller lineup imo would look something like this

    Where the bigger lineup would look something like this
    C: Horford

    Furthermore you could go to a defensive lineup (ie Christian playing PF) or an offensive one. This year where didnt really have the freedom to adjust to our opponent. Only certain guys were ready to contribute thus forcing us to go into the smaller lineup. Our ability to adjust our personal may be the most determining factor next season. The smaller lineup took us a long way this season, but I think it can only take us so far. I mean next season I believe the expectations are not only to make the tournament but make a significant run in the tournament.