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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Tons of interesting points in that podcast but one of the most eye opening has to be that Horford is nearly 6-foot-10 243 pounds.

    • Kenny

      did he grow 1-2 inches since the summer? i remember him not as tall as smotrysz in the team picture on the european trip, but lately when the two stand next to each other, i noticed that he is as tall if not taller. just wish that he had red-shirted.

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        Yup. Bacari said he’s still growing in a similar fashion to his brother.

        • Kenny

          maybe he will end up taller than Al, who is listed as 6’10 245lb.

      • SJWolv

        Does anyone have a link to the team picture?

    • Tim Kim

      That’s interesting! He didn’t seem to have that much bulk on him in the Tennessee game…but I’m sure bacari knows better than I do haha.

      • Beast1530

        If he grew a couple of inches, you’re going to gain weight naturally. If he’s 220 lbs to start out the season, it’s very possible with growth and weight training that he gained 20+ lbs. He still looks skinny because he’s taller. Bulk will show up once he stops growing which he will.

        • Mith

          Well yeah. He can’t keep growing forever. ;>)

        • JD

          His arms/shoulders looked a little more defined in the dook game than I remember them looking a couple of months ago.

  • Tim Kim

    From Darius Morris’ Twitter…”Good morning I will be tweeting a lot today just because I don’t usually some interesting stuff might come up.”

    Thoughts Dylan??

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Not in the business of trying to make something out of nothing (i.e.cryptic tweets). Here’s his next one:

      “My thoughts on class if you have to be there y not pay attention and do the best you can haha”

    • Chief

      Looks like Darius is posting some inspirational messages in his free time.

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    I thought Nik Stouskas was a 2012 kid?

    Another Canadian native making his mark in the USA on the hardwood is Nick Stauskas, who just finished up his senior season with St. Mark’s of Southborough (MA) in the NEPSAC. Stauskas is an excellent 3-point shooter who has also demonstrated an ability to get into the lane and finish with both hands this past season when NBE has seen him in action. Moreover, he had a couple of nice offensive rebounds and a tip-in during HoopHall Classic action this past January.


    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Yes, He is 2012.

      • South Florida Maize Rage

        Good, good. Must have just been a typo.

        Watched this kid at the City of Palms this winter in Fort Myers. Reminded me a lot of a skinnier Stu Douglass. Seems like a perfect fit.

      • Paul

        Will we have room for Stauskas if we get Bielfeldt provided no attrition?

        • Dylan Burkhardt


          • Paul

            Yeah, I suppose I just could have looked at the recruiting board haha.

  • Tweeter

    Stauskas yes please and congrats to Robinson

  • Mattski

    Dylan, the first listing says Horford is now six ONE–might want to change it (I got a chuckle).

    Had forgotten that Burke almost went to PSU.

    If it’s between us and ISU for Stauskus maybe we have a shot. I thought I recalled Kansas being in on him. . .

    • Ben

      I feel Kansas is our biggest competition for Stauskas. He has said he wants to play for a winner and well Kansas is that and we are now. ISU is not going to win anything anytime soon. I’m glad to hear that we are recruiting him harder then Kansas and maybe that will be the difference inthe end.

      • Well, ISU is trying to assemble the all-B1G transfer team, so there’s that.

        Stauskas would be a good pick-up.

  • Bird

    Lincoln Park Trixie Hoosier co-worker just told me that Watford’s leaving IU. Nothing on Inside the Hall, though, so I don’t know if I believe it. “‘Bird’s’ Lincoln Park Trixie Hoosier co-worker” should not be considered good authority.

    Not that I’m suggesting that this matters to us, other than it’s related to our conference.

  • Colby

    NBE is a great site and the link below will take you to all the articles that mention MIchigan. Stefan Jankovic says he is hearing from Michigan as does Tanveer Bhullar the younger brother of Sim.

    Also of note Michigan is mentioned in the Dajuan Coleman article, top 5 player.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      • SJWolv

        Thanks Dylan!

      • georgeesq.

        Two things on height. First, in that photo, you can’t see their legs. How far apart the feet are could make an inch difference in appearance. Second, I like to look at shoulder height because that’s a players effective height. The length of the neck or head has no effect on a player’s functional height. We had a player years ago named Chris Seter. He was 6’8″ but had an unusually long neck. His effective height was actually more like 6’5″. If you look at shoulder height in that photo, Morgan is a shade taller than Horford, who is about thew same as Smotrycz, even though Smotrycz is actually taller to the top of his head than both Morgan and Horford.

        Of course, wing span is an important factor, too. Would be interesting to have that comparison, as well.

  • JimC

    KenPom article is very interesting.
    I’ve seen his name about 200 times…. but he’s still keeping his day job with the Natl Weather Service. Who knew?!

  • sven

    Except he is a few inches taller, more athletic, and already a better ball handler than Stu.

    • Kenny

      Given that D-Mo might leave earlier, a versatile player like Stauskas would be a nice get. He might be able to back-up burke as freshman.

  • Evan

    dont rule out the fact that a player might transfer. beilein usually has players that transfer if they dont get the playing time they want

    • Eric

      Who do you think could be a transfer possibility, I really don’t see any on this team.

      • Sven

        I’d say McLimans or Christian would the most likely choices. Not saying either one will but IF someone does it would probably be one of those two.

        • Kenny

          Both seems to be happy as role players and will stay 4 years to get their degrees, although McLimans might not come back or be invited back for the 5th year.

          • paul r

            Blake will be a major contributor before his career is over..mark it down!!

  • We NEED Stauskas! Come on Beilein!!!!!!!! Bring him in

  • JD

    Not a huge deal but I hope they switch back to the jerseys they had for the last few years prior to this one (or the Rice era jerseys would be even better). I’m not sure what Adidas is thinking with the things around the neck.

  • CraigP

    For what it’s worth, Bielfeldt is discussed in the blog at the link below as having a 15-1 shot to bring home Mr. Basketball in the state of Illinois. Only 3 of the candidates are given better odds.

  • Mr. Nick Stauskas:

    Five reasons you should come to Michigan….
    1. UM has a winning program and you will play in the NCAA tournament
    2. You are our No. 1 target, unlike Kansas who is using you as a safety recruit
    3. Beilen will make you a great player and your style is exactly what he excels at
    4. UM has a great history in BB, FB and general students with Canadian players
    5. You cannot beat a degree from the University of Michigan

    • Mattski

      You certainly can’t beat it with a sheepskin from Kansas! Plus. . . A2 over Lawrence, any day of the year.

  • Brian

    i hope we get some of the kid we are looking at for 2013 ,i think tim jr needs to help pull them in GO BLUE!!!!

  • Brad

    Dylan, is Javonte Hawkins out of the picture? I sure hope not cause I’ve really been impressed with him and think he’d be a player here….

  • Michmich

    Is Nick really that good as you all seem to be making him out to be? I watched a few videos on him and he looked like a solid player but nothing amazing… Videos wise Trey looked 2 times better than this kid….

    • Tweeter

      yea he is that good. Trey is definitely as skilled if not more skilled than Stauskas, but Stauskas has a special scoring mentality that would be terrific on this team. He has a little bit of that Jimmer Fredette ability to make a shot in traffic when it looks like there is nothing there. He also has great size and above average athletic ability. Of all the guys UM is in on at the wing position, he would without a doubt be my top choice. That is not to say that the other guys are not talented players, just that this kid brings so much to the table.

  • Ryan

    I can say for sure that Michigan is 1 of niks 2 favorites. He loves Michigan, loves what coach is doing at Michigan and would have a very tough time saying no to Michigan.

    I do not know his decision by any means, but do he has a lot of love for Michigan.

    • Beast1530

      One thing that has to concern Michigan is when Michigan offered Stauskas on the spot in hope of him committing right away since Michigan was considered to be a favorite at that point. Stauskas didn’t bite the bait and wanted to wait longer. In the process, he got a KU offer which complicates things. It’s not a slam dunk that Stauskas will pick Michigan at the end.

      • Ben

        I just read that his he has a top 2 of Michigan and Iowa State. Here is a quote from Nik, about a possible commitment,
        “Yeah, it could be soon, but I really want to visit Iowa State before I decide anything,” he said. “Right now Iowa State and Michigan are recruiting me the hardest, and they are my two favorites. It would hurt to tell either one of them no.”

        We should be able to out recruit Iowa State……If we lose him to Iowa state I will be pissed. It also says in the article that His head coach is pushing U-M. His coach is Nate Lubick father and if you remember we were very close to getting him.

      • georgeesq.

        Last season’s performance raised doubts for recruits. This season has provided some re-assurance. Kansas has been recruiting him, but I’m not sure that he has a firm offer.

  • Brian W

    2013 guard Charles “Cha Cha” Tucker of Lansing Eastern has been named to USA Basketball’s U16 developmental team.

    Monte Morris had 21 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists in Flint Beecher’s overtime loss today in the state semifinals. You can get the links to watch/listen to Carlton Brundidge and Southfield’s 1 p.m. game tomorrow at:

    • georgeesq.

      Most observers feel that Morris and Walton are better prospects than Cha Cha.

  • gpsimms

    these freakin badgers are killing me. how come every year they have such a killer offense all year long, and then just go in the tank… i realize it’s the sweet 16, so it’s not like it’s a complete failure or anything but it frustrates me the way they seem to just never miss shots in the B10 season, and then do this every tournament.

    • georgeesq.

      Taylor has just tanked in the tournament. Nothing falling, and putting up bad shots. Wiscy is even missing free throws.

      • gpsimms

        taylor had a good game against belmont…but aside from that, i don’t think he’s a had a good game since that 40 point game at indiana.

      • gpsimms

        and as crappy as taylor has been. my favorite non michigan player, and wiscy’s best senior, has been craaaaappy this game.

      • gpsimms

        not only missing every shot, then leuer completely misses the box out on howard for that rebound on the free throw

    • Mattski

      I was wondering the same thing. Spoze you could say it of a few schools, but they never seem to get over the hump.
      For selfish reasons, I’d have liked to see Duke when another game or two. . .

      • JD

        Funny, for selfish reasons I was quite happy to see doook lose. Too bad it didn’t happen 5 days ago.

        • Mattski

          I get ya. And I might have several decades on ya in the dislikin’ Duke category. But to the extent that their loss might tarnish our near-loss. . .

  • AG2

    Its scary, its like Butler morphs into an NBA team when they enter the tournament. How on God’s green earth did this team lose to youngstown state, evansville, and wisconsin milwaukee twice?

    • Tweeter

      to be fair to them, they have had 3 OT losses and another 3 by 5 points or less.