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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Bigfoot

    Any news and/or rumors on Sim Bhullar?

    • georgeesq.

      Still slow.

      • Still a big boy!

        • YpsiTuckyBoy

          Please, no Bhullar.

          • I think that going hard after Bielfeldt makes it so Bhullar is not an option for this class.

  • SJWolv

    Trey and CB have the highest rankings on ESPN but it seems that people respect Rivals and Scout more from that perspective. Ever since Tim Hardaway Jr. was a top 100 guy on ESPN and not a top 150 guy on either Scout or Rivals it got me thinking. Then I was watching the Arizona game last week and thinking to myself, who is this Derrick Williams guy because I had never heard of him from a recruiting standpoint. I checked the rankings at the three sites and they are as follows: ESPN (# 72 overall), Rivals (generic 3 star), Scout (#95).

    At #94 in Scout, I saw the familiar name of Angus Brandt. His rating on ESPN was #55 at his position (not overall) and was a generic 3 star on Rivals, although I remember him being fringe top 150.

    Anyway, I know these are cherry-picked examples but for those in the know, should I start believing the ESPN rankings more?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      You probably should start paying more attention to ESPN but not for the reasons you mention. The biggest reason is that Dave Telep moved there after this summer and he’s one of the best in the biz.

    • matt d

      ESPN is actually more recognized for basketball recruiting than either Scout or Rivals. Football on the other hand, is where ESPN lacks respectability on the eyes of most.

  • MIke M

    Good find on the East Detroit and Southfield preview, Southfield won. That site is really good and nothing really like it in h.s. sports. More people ought to share it, etc.

  • Ben

    I am expecting to hear that Trey Burke wins Mr basketball for Ohio tomorrow. lets hope he doesn’t get robbed like Henton.

  • Kenny

    Regarding the piece by Katz, It is nice to see some in-depth coverage on M basketball on the national media.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      That’s what getting the tournament will do you. Katz was there all weekend and Jeff Goodman was there on Sunday, suspect you might see something from him on U-M as well.

  • BigPlayBray

    Dylan, Great work. Happy to donate. Keep up the amazing work.

  • AG2

    As far as the Daily Gopher’s rankings for next year, I’m wondering if they consider the possibility that Jereme Richmond isn’t coming back for Illinois next year. For a kid of his talent he never cracked the starting lineup and didn’t even play in the tournament. I heard he had attitude issues and that led him to leave Illinois for Findlay Prep maybe its manifesting itself again?

    • maxwell’s demon

      I also just wonder how high you can be on them after their very underwhelming year this year. I guess some teams just don’t click (as we know well from last year), but hard to predict them at 1. At the same time, there isn’t any obvious #1.

      • Sven

        It was DJ Richardson who went to Findlay prep. Richmond did get kicked off two different high school teams though. He didn’t play in the tourney because he got into a scuffle with a teammate after the loss to us in the BTT.

  • Jeremy_C

    Just reading on ESPN where they are speculating Darius draft stock! Please tell me he’s not thinking about leaving!!!

    • Brian W

      Darius has said that he’s staying. I know some in the media have tried to create a story by speculating, but I think it’s kinda pointless. But I’ll point to these quotes for clarification:

      From the Ann Arbor News story about Darius staying…

      In the moments after Michigan lost to Duke, Darius Morris confirmed he plans on returning to Michigan for his junior season.

      “Yep,” Morris said when he was asked if he was definitely returning next season.
      This echoes what Morris said a week ago, when he said “yeah, I’m here man. I’m not going anywhere.”

      From Ron Beard’s article in today’s Detroit News…

      Morris said he will be motivated this summer, just like he was after last season’s last-second loss to Ohio State in a Big Ten tournament quarterfinal.

      “It’s just like Evan Turner’s (buzzer-beating) shot drove me last year. I didn’t want to be in that predicament again,” Morris said.

  • Brian W

    Carlton Brundidge and Southfield are moving on to the next round after a 59-47 win over East Detroit. Monte Morris and Flint Beecher won 78-45. Country Day beat Flint Powers, 67-64, so the season for Javontae Hawkins is over.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Yup, Brundidge had 12 in the win. Southfield will face Kalamazoo Central in the semis on Friday, 1 pm.

  • Brian W

    Fox Sports Detroit will be streaming the MHSAA semifinals on Thursday and Friday. The link to the audio and video streams and the schedule of games can be found at…


    Lou Dawkins will step down as AD, Varsity Basketball Coach at Saginaw High to pursue collegiate coaching opportunities according to this article…


  • Steve

    I just wish a big would commit, everyday I am on umhoops checking!, any updates?, any rumors?

    • Kenny

      Max Bielfeldt will make his decision soon between M and Illini. But not everyone on this board is excited about this one.

      • Evan

        the kids a winner but im not sold on him yet

    • Beast1530

      Not so sure if Michigan needs a big. They really need athletic wing more than big. They are pretty much stacked at 4 and 5 position in terms of depth.

  • Steve

    I hear ya Kenny, I’m not sold on him, I would love to steal a gem away near the end, no offense to Max, he may turn out to be good.

    • I think Beilein’s coaching resume is a little better than mine, so I’m completely sold on any player he deems scholarship worthy.

  • JB…

    I think we need to keep more of an open mind about Max. Personally, I am really hoping we get him. Every team could use a player like him, especially us. Jordan is doing a great job but he gets in foul trouble. So does horford if he plays more minutes. Max might not be a big star, but he will be a big piece of the puzzle. Lastly, Illinois has also offered him, and they have very solid recruiting classes year after year.

    • Tim Kim

      He has very significant alumni relations to that school, as his family are huge donors. That is likely part of the reason he has an offer.

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        I’m sure Bruce Weber decides to use his scholarship offers based on the relationship a kid’s dad has with the school. The alumni connection plays a part because of family pressure to attend Illinois. I don’t think it has an effect on them offering him or not, at all. Especially when he was strongly considering a preferred walk-on spot there.

      • JB…

        he was considering going there without a scholarship as a walk-on (he doesn’t need the scholarship since his family can pay tuition) and Illinois went ahead and offered him. A school like Illinois is extending offers based on talent. Illinois basketball is much too competitive to extend an offer based on his family’s donations.

        • Tim Kim

          I did say “part”. Of course max has basketball ability, but your naive if you think that the decision calculus to make the offer did not, in any way, involve the familial ties to the school.

          • JB…

            Hmmm…so is part of Beilein’s offer due to Mary Sue’s pressure to get some Biefeldt familial wealth shifted to UofM?

          • Tim Kim

            This is in response to the post below this one. That makes no sense. I am saying that it could be argued that that Max may have a slightly easier time getting an offer there than let’s say…any other school. If I was coach weber and I have the option of offering roughly equally talented prospects…why would you not preferentially offer the one whose family has buildings named after them at your school. Belein may have evaluated him and given him an offer on his own merits, which is fine with me even though I think we should bank the scholarship.

  • Kenny

    I think that max is a real competitor and will fit very well into this team. I will welcome him on board just not overly excited. But I had the same feeling about Jordan Morgan and he has surpassed my expectation by miles.

  • Steve

    Its looks like Max will be making his decision on Friday!, if Coach B is sold on him?, then I need to be. Could be bigger version of Novak, I’d take that!


    • Bird

      I can’t help but think of Brian Cardinal when I read about Bielfeldt. That kid was a menace to the entire conference for what seemed like eight years, and you hated him, but mostly because you wished he was on your team. I’d love a guy like that. I think BC was from the same part of Illinois, too.

  • I watched Jovantae Hawkins play again last night and really impressed me. I was not sold on him before, but i was wrong. He is super smooth and super athletic. He reminds me alot of THJ. Sign him up. (Unless there is an athletic Big we can get)

    • Mitch – since we only have two openings for 11 & 12, would you rather take Hawkins and Stauskas next year or Max this year and one of the other two in 2012?

      Is Max good enough to give a scholarship to now, with UM’s program climbing higher and becoming more well know throughout the whole nation?

      • Beast1530

        Would much rather take Hawkins for ’12. IMO, he’s more athletic than Stauskas and has higher ceiling as a player.

      • mitch

        I really like Hawkins. Better athlete, and we need to be more athletic to compete at the elite level.

  • Evan

    I personally would like to have hawkins next year and a good big for next year too

  • Section13Row15

    Do we still have a chance on Jovantae? Where else is he looking?

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    First things first with Javontae Hawkins. He’s planning to transfer to Quality Education Academy for his senior year. That’s the same school that Dom Pointer went to in North Carolina.

    • georgeesq.

      Wow. Pretty obvious that he’s not looking to stay in state, but is hoping for other major D1 offers. May also say something about his grades, although I have not seen anything that raises that as an issue.

      • Beilein’s Bricks

        That’s interesting. He’s not coming to Michigan then. I think that coach was against Dom Pointer coming to Michigan, and we then saw what happened.

        • Beast1530

          Dom Pointer didn’t want to go to Michigan because he doesn’t want to be near his family especially his dad who is a control freak. I don’t’ recall a coach preventing Dom from going to Michigan.

        • Kenny

          I thought that coach was not pushing Pointer to St John either.

  • Bluebufoon

    Nick Stauskas is the key for 2012. There have been reports there are issues with Hawkins recruitment– including the fact he said he won’t decide till the spring of nxt year.

  • grandchamp

    Gonna be a tough game for Trey Burke, Garfield is the top team in Ohio and the 25th nationally according to maxpreps.

  • FL Wolve

    I think it’s pretty safe to say that Hawkins will not be wearing a UM uniform any time within the next few years. A transfer to that school is about as big a red flag as you could possibly have about a kid. Quality Education Academy – are you kidding me?

    • Beast1530

      Didn’t deter Beilein from going after Dom Pointer.

      • georgeesq.

        But it did deter him from getting Pointer. The coach there had other destinations in mind for Pointer.

        • Beast1530

          I don’t think his coach has anything to do with it IMO. His dad has something to do with it that drove Pointer away from Michigan.

  • Johnnyumfan

    Nothing against Dawkins but we have a pretty darn good wing player coming in 2012 in Committment Glen Robinson III. His evaluation on ESPN says Robinson III has a great upside. Read the evaluation, it is quite impressive, even his weaknesses don’t seem to be major issues. IMO he is a carbon copy of THJ.

    • Johnnyumfan

      Correction, Hawkins

    • Beast1530

      Robinson is projected to play at the 4 in the next level and has room to grow to 6’8″.

    • Other Matt

      Not that I’m advocating for or against Hawkins, I’ve never seen him play, but to argue that we don’t need somebody because they’re a “carbon copy of THJ” is insane. I’d like to have about 4 more THJ’s on this roster. As a fan base let’s not get all hyper and start throwing around ridiculous hyperbole.

      • Johnnyumfan

        Agree, the more good players we get the better, but Hawkins going to another HS in North Carolina makes him a longshot at best to get.

  • mitch

    The impressive thing about Hawkins is that he has a high basketball IQ. He would fit right in at UM. The other night vs DCDS he worked his ass off and was very unselfish. The kid has a bright future. I will say I have no idea about his academics.