NCAA Tournament 2011: Michigan vs. Duke Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Photo: Freep

Michigan will play its 35th game of the season for an opportunity to play a 36th. Tip off is scheduled for 30 minutes after the UNC-Washington game concludes, which is estimated around 2:45 pm. The game will be nationally televised on CBS or you can stream the game on As always, we encourage you to join the discussion in the comments during the game and check out our various pre-game features.

  • maizeandbluebasketball

    do you think we’ll be in the preseason top 25 next year?

    • Beast1530

      Some people are predicting preseason top 10 but top 15 is much more realistic for Michigan IMO. I’m so pumped for next season!

      • I would say closer to 15 as well. Surely we’ll have a more successful year than the last time we were ranked 15 in a preseason poll. Next season can’t get here quick enough!

  • PeteM

    Incredible effort. From 1-6 to a shot from the sweet 16 is an accomplishment.

    Watched the game in Tucson. In a strange turn of events, we met Josh Gasser’s (sp?) — the Wisconsin kid who beat us in the final seconds — at the bar watching the game

  • SubAlum_06

    Just missed the end of our part of a presser. Coach K extremely complimentary of Beilein and the team in his opening remarks.

  • PeteM

    Oops — that should be “Josh Gasser’s parents”

  • mich is boss

    25-7 and a trip to the elite eight. thats my guess for next year. I’m so proud of the team and resilliance they showed this year and theyre only going to get better. hold your heads high blue!

  • Mattski

    Five guys in double figure again. Next year we will be able to beat people so many ways.

  • Tweeter

    Coach K with some great comments about Michigan in the post game press conference. Said Michigan has played like a top ten team for the past several weeks. Said that Michigan was an unconventional team, not in the sense that they are strange or off, but that Beilein does a remarkable job of preparing a team to play at a high level with things that are tough to defend. Stressed that Beilein has a really high status in the coaching profession.

  • jarrett

    Dont think we would have lost Morris either way but I can’t see him leaving after having this chip on his shoulder.

  • JD

    Great season. Great comeback and almost a great upset. I’m upset we lost but what a great season and we have to be left with a bad taste that should make us even hungrier next year.

    As for the game:
    The refs were pretty bad in the first 25 minutes of the game. dook was allowed to handcheck the shit out of us and we got whistled for the same thing on the other end.

    The refs were okay the rest of the way. Smot’s 5th was a little ticky-tack but other than that, everything looked legit.

    It would’ve been nice if Morris had seen TH Jr. on the wing but I can’t blame him for taking that shot. He’d made some tough ones down the stretch.

    I can’t wait for November!

    GO BLUE!

  • Hardaway was just getting into his zone. I would have loved Morris to kickback a pass to him trailing the play for a 3 to win but after watching it about 5 times, TH2 was going up the left wing to the hoop. Stew was open for a 3 on the right wing but he had not done much all game. The shot Morris got was as good a shot as one could get. With his momentum going forward, I wish he would have gone off the board. It was an awesome game and I am super proud of the boys. There was a look of panic on the Duke bench in the last couple of minutes. Then after the game, back in the studio, Kenny Smith says that Duke just knows what to do in the last minute of close games. Kenny, what they did was get lucky that UM did not beat them!!!

    • Other Matt

      I thought the pass should have gone to Novak. I watched about 10 times, and I think Singler took away the pass against both Novak and Douglass (because Stu was fading towards Singler). Hardaway broke open cutting to the hoop but that happened at about the same time Morris committed to shoot. After watching it, I’m convinced that Morris took the best opportunity that was available to us. He was really, really good in the second half. I’m so proud of this team.

      • Mattski

        He had a clear look for the win; I don’t think you can fault it.

        • Mattski

          My bed; would have tied it, huh?

          • Other Matt

            Yeah, my comment should have said, “I originally thought the pass should have gone to Novak.”

            My point remains the same, Darius did the right thing and its hard to fault him because without him, we’re not even talking about missing a chance to force OT.

        • bskurtz

          I thinkl morris could have went all the way to the rack for a possible lay-up and a 3 point play to win it,cause duke’s big guy might have followed morris in that situation.I just cant get it out of my head that we could have won that game to go the sweet sixteen.What an awesome season.

          • bskurtz

            What a hearbreaker though.Since last year in the confrence tourny and this year all year long,we have endured a bunch of heartbreaking losses,have to think that next year we will be on the other side of these tough losses.

          • JD

            the dookie looked poised to take a charge so I think pulling up was the right move.

          • Gary

            Really easy to second-guess these things, but the fact is that Morris had a great high-percentage shot for the tie, and it just didn’t go down. If he had passed it for the three and we missed, people would say he should have taken the easy two. If he had gone in for the layup and gotten a charge or been blocked (both high probabilities given where the Duke player was) people would said he was out of control. Sometimes you do everything right and it just doesn’t work.

  • bskurtz

    on the replay hardaway was wide open for a dunk if morris would have seen him.Ime torturing myself,but I keep picturing morris kicking it out to douglass or novak for a 3 to win the game at the buzzer.Oh well,that was an awesome game,couldnt be more proud of these guys.Next year is gonna be fun.

  • bskurtz

    There is going to be some very high expectations next year for this team.They will probably be ranked inside the top fifteen to start the season and I know this team will rise to the challenge.

  • Quick Darshan

    Hope they invite Beilein to do analysis in-studio as the tournament goes on. Duke, OSU, Purdue (probably), Wisconsin, Kansas/Illinois, Syracuse (possibly) will all be in the Sweet 16.

    Nice publicity for the program if they have him on.

    • Good observation.

  • bleedin’ blue

    great game! there were times in the first half wheen i was piccturing trey or cb breakin down the d for a shot. when morris was out we struggled to get to the rim. anyhow, what a great group of guys! tons of heart and really play well together. is it november yet?
    GO BLUE!