Michigan 75, Tennessee 45

Dylan Burkhardt


  • NT

    WOOOOOOOOOO!!!! GO BLUE!!!!!! what a great performance!!!!

    Screw it, bring on Duke…we are playing with house money, its the NCAA Tournament, here we go!!!

  • JB


  • maizeandbluebasketball
    • Chris

      i love it. maybe a 30 point blow out will finally get U of M respect…oh wait, its not that U of M played well, its that Tenn was distracted.

    • Mith

      Nice prediction, Joey Brackets. LOL, you couldn’t have been more wrong.

    • jmblue

      Wow, that was awful. I’m not sure Lunardi understands just what a “breakdown” is.

  • SubAlum_06

    Anybody know if the post game pressers get streamed?

  • Biiliam

    Great news after an ochem final!

  • DC

    Game summary: The Volunteers forgot their “distractions” for fourteen minutes. Then they remembered. :-)

    • Gary

      Yeah, that comment from the announcers killed me. Give Michigan some credit – UT was giving them problems, UM adjusted and crushed them. No “distractions”” there.

  • ks

    absolutely amazing.

  • JB…

    float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

    • JDR

      Don’t you mean “Float like a floatbot, sting like an automatic stinging machine”?

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    Anybody know what time Blue plays on Sunday? GO HAMPTON!

    • Jon

      It will be announced after all games are completed tonight. Keep in mind that on Sunday, only two games will be in the afternoon. The rest will start at 5 or later.

  • Eric

    I don’t think Vogrich can play in the Big Ten, he is too slow defensively and can’t create any looks for himself… and Beilein’s system doesn’t work either

    • Nick

      go away eric.

      • Eric


      • UMQuasi

        Did you really not pick up on that sarcasm?

        • Junderground

          I can see asking him to go away if you DID get the sarcasm. The game wasn’t in the Big Ten and Vogrich didn’t creae looks for himself. I’m happy and I give respect to Vogrich, but in terms of his performance, it’s one game.

  • Other Matt

    That was AWESOME! The behind-the-back bounce pass to Stu for a dunk was the icing on this season. I feel like that kid in the YouTube video coming home from the dentist, “is this real life?”

    This team is on my short list of all time favorite teams in any sport.

    • Nick

      I didn’t know Stuey had ups like that! Wow!

      • JD

        I think he was saving up 3 years of not dunking for that one dunk. Incredible!

  • bronxblue

    Amazing game, and by far the most dominant performance I’ve seen from this team. Bring on the articulate Dukies.

  • grandchamp

    I love this team, bring on Duke!!

  • zach

    Playing Duke seems like the total opposite of Tennessee.

  • Chris

    love the distributed scoring. And above all, I was impressed to see THJ let the game come to him. Aside from a few forced shots (some of which he actually made), he did an awesome job of being a team player and waiting for his shot. I love his maturity throughout the year and glad to see a win. Lunardi expected mich to get beat by double digits..ha!

  • Chris

    and vogrich was 5-5 in 16 mins…spectacular

  • Azad

    I am so happy we’ve got more basketball to play! This team is certainly one of the 32 best in the country and really deserves to be there in the Round of 32. Now Beilein gets to prepare us for Duke; we’re going to be ready.


    It irritates me that all the news around this game will be about Pearl and explaining Tennessee’s loss on that. While I think it definitely contributed to how big the score margin was, I think Michigan would have won this game anyways. They shut down Harris, who was Tennessee’s only real threat in the first half. Aside from that, Michigan was still hitting contested shots and shot like 75% from the field. Amazing.

    • MATTIZ

      Shut down Harris and shot 75% from the field in the second half, that is.

  • Fred_Ex

    I think it’s time for some career analysts to eat crow. Including Lunardi, I posted that video before the game, but in my defense no expected a 30 point win. I’m going to slap Charles Barkley. He bring up the Tennessee distraction excuse. OK still, we won by 30. Then despite having known the Vols had these distractions, Barkley still picks them to win the game. Then he says, “can we get back to basketball”. You brought it up. Great win for the Baby Blues.

    • JD

      At least he said, “I don’t think Michigan is 30 points better than Tennessee.” and didn’t say they would’ve won.

      • Fred_Ex

        Uh, he predicted them (Tennessee) to win pre-game, when all the distractions were still there. Never cared for Barkley, don’t know why he’s doing college basketball. Stick to the NBA.


    Beilein has a good record against Duke — bring it. Baby Blues vs Blue Devils.

    P.S. Is this what the committee wanted — Michigan vs Duke — in light of all this “controversy” surrounding Jalen Rose’s comments towards Grant Hill (and Hill’s subsequent and rather whiny rebuttal).

    • MATTIZ

      My point is: MORE VIEWERS YAY.

  • Chad

    Doug Gottleib “Tennessee beat Tennessee” that is total B.S. What more does Michigan have to do to get any respect. We beat the shit out of Pearl. BTW Gottleib picked Tenn. Experts seriously are morons.

    • Mith

      Seriously, Gottleib? Tennessee made all those shots go in for Michigan? What a tool.

    • MATTIZ

      Yea, no credit to this Michigan team. No respect for them. Tennessee was completely outplayed and anybody who watched it could see that. Gottleib is a dope.

  • JD


  • The days of Michigan being an also ran are over. We will be reckoned with!!! victories of this magnitdude certainly help with recruiting. Go Blue!!!

  • Devin

    WOOOOOO BABBBBBY, YEEEEEAAAH! Best Michigan game I have ever watched, second half was sooooo fun!! Capitalized by a Stuuuuuuuu posterization, get me a copy of that!

  • umhoopsreader

    No more analysis from me right now – I’m so happy for these boys. What a great team

  • skitchbeatz

    Maybe we’ll get some UNC fans rooting our way on Sunday?

    • Stu C

      That is definitely happening.

    • Chris in NC

      Yes, I can promise that the stadium will be 40% UNC fans, 40% Duke fans and the cheers will be 60% for Michigan and 40% for Duke. Duke is hated by everyone around here but Duke fans.

  • Gary

    Please, please, please don’t let the next round be on TruTV! I don’t get it on Comcast and the on-demand feed sucks.

    • Bodnar

      That’s why they have sports bars

    • Junderground

      That would happen only if Hampton upsets Duke, and even then maybe not.

    • Jengoblue

      You might want to check and see if you TV listings list “CourtTV.” I was convinced I didn’t have it either until someone told me that what is listed as “CourtTV” (on Comcast) is now TruTV.

  • grandchamp

    Never been more proud of a team then I have this season.


    One thing that does suck is having to play Duke in Charlotte. Who the hell scheduled that? Do you think the NCAA and its selection committee have a Duke bias? (“Obvious” Fark tag needed.)

    • Tweeter

      they are the 1 seed. I dont have an issue with the committee rewarding great seasons and putting top seeds close to home.

    • Azad

      We’re not playing them in Cameron Indoor. We will have fans there. Even if it’s 70/30, so be it. If we play well, the neutral fans will get behind us, + whatever anti-Duke fans are there. Bring ’em on.

      • Tweeter

        I think this was mentioned before, but UNC is also playing in that building on Sunday assuming they win. You gotta imagine that their fans will be all over us.

    • BAY

      It is a common technique to place the #1 seeds close to home for round 1&2. It’s the same reason Ohio St is playing its’ games in Cleveland.

      • MATTIZ

        True. I was thinking they’d be playing there thru the Elite 8 but they would go to Anaheim after Charlotte. Argument conceded.

  • AG2

    Michigan won because we were the better playing team. Michigan won by 30 because Tennessee quit. But we had to *make* them quit first. This could have easily been a post-game story about how Tobias Harris didn’t want his coach to go out like that and took over the game. Instead, Michigan showed Tennessee that even their best wasn’t good enough.

  • mgocanada

    DOMINATION. No other word for it. For the first time this season, we showed no mercy. Now crush duke.

  • Eric

    I saw this little fact at the bottom of the recap page on espn.com. I though it was interesting!! Go Blue!!! Bring on those little devils!!

    Research NotesFrom Elias: Michigan’s 30-point win is the largest ever in a game between an 8 and 9 seed… the previous record was a 24-point win by 9-seed Purdue over LSU in the first round in 2003…

    Michigan’s 75-45 win over Tennessee is the largest victory ever by an 8 seed in the Men’s Basketball Championship, besting the previous record by 7 points. Of the 4 other 8 seeds to win a game by at least 20 points, 1998 Rhode Island and 2002 UCLA proceeded to knock off the region’s top seed in the Round of 32.

    ESPN Stats & Information

  • Mattski

    The balanced scoring was a marvelous augury for the future. We are going to be very, very deep, and other teams are gonna have a very hard time game-planning for Michigan.

    I don’t think Pearl was the issue until we had them completely whipped. Give them 5-10 points back, I don’t care. Being corrupt SHOULD count against you in the score.