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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Here’s the shot heard round Knoxville.

    In a departure from previous comments, Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton said he doesn’t know at this time if Bruce Pearl will be the men’s basketball coach next season.

    “We don’t know the answer today,’’ Hamilton told Knoxville radio station WNML in an interview conducted Tuesday that aired Wednesday.

    “I think that we’ve done a lot of soul-searching about the direction of our program and we’ll continue to do that, and we’ll decide after we’re out of the NCAA tournament what the direction is we’ll go next,’’ Hamilton told the radio station.

    • Mattski

      Hopefully everyone concerned finds this demoralizing as heck and Michigan waltzes Friday. That may be cynical, but if Pearl is going anyway. . . Beilein and Michigan need the win!

    • JimC

      Wow that is a shocker, especially saying that two days before the tournament game!

  • Not sure the link is working on the Sam Maniscalco article, but with Illinois having a class of six recruits already looks like Max Bielfeldt is coming to Michigan. He has the body of a Big Ten player, I just hope he has the talent and skills. With the way Beilein has got the program going, hopefully he won’t have to keep relying on finding diamonds in the rough.

  • Twotone


    Have we found out yet what hotel Michigan will be staying at? Thanks!!

    • Jeff

      Band is staying at Hilton City Centre, and we usually stay in the same hotel as the team

  • Tweeter

    Omg, I had a great long post in response to the Bracket Math article and for some reason when I hit submit it failed and I lost it all. :( Oh well I guess you guys all lose out on the genius of my thoughts and I lose the half an hour I spent typing.

  • mich is boss


  • Chris in NC

    Sooo, you’re saying there’s a chance we could win it all? (the chance is a million to one). I see, so you’re saying there’s a chance…

    • JimC

      That’s right Lloyd (Christmas).

      • Chris in NC

        I’ve got to be positive! I know every game we play here is gravy but still… I looked at the %’s showing 8th seeds getting bounced fast and that was the first thing I though of. There’s a chance… :)

  • Chris in NC

    I asked this on a previous post, but is anyone going to the games? And yes, I said games because I think our team will play Sunday!!!

  • ATLblue

    IS there in any validity to Pearl being fired, i have seen several Tweets

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Sounds like the report saying “his days are numbered and he’s probably out at the end of the year” is moving toward, he’s fired at the end of the year. But it’s unclear whether that is just interpretations of the report.

  • Mattski

    “little big”–nice. Can we get an edit function here? Or do I have to proof my stuff BEFORE I post it?

  • THe One and Only

    Hopefully this doesn’t motivate the team to rally behind the coach and play “for him” one last time…

  • Brian W

    Hopefully the Bruce Pearl situation doesn’t inspire his players like Earl Bruce’s firing from Ohio State many years ago prior to the OSU-Michigan game.

    I don’t remember seeing this… Austin Hatch had 27 points and 11 rebounds in his team’s regional tournament loss last Saturday.

    Since the Lady Wolverines play EMU tomorrow in the WNIT, I guess I’ll mention that UM recruit, Grosse Pointe Woods University Liggett’s Madison Ristovski was named All-State. Ristovski averaged 26 points, 10 assists, 8 rebounds and 3 steals for the season.

    • Charles

      I have to admit while it’s technically right, seeing my high school written out that way is fairly weird. I haven’t gone to see her play since her freshman year(think she’s a Jr this year if I remember correctly), but from what I remember she’s the real deal and it looks like her PPG average has actually come down as she’s gotten better teammates around her(the Lady Knights are playing tomorrow at Breslin in the State semis).

      • Brian W

        The information and school name came from the Lansing State Journal in regards to Madison.

        • Charles

          Oh I wasn’t saying you were wrong, just odd for me to see it put that way(versus just University Liggett School). Madision will be playing in the State finals this Saturday as she attempts to lead Grosse Pointe Woods University Liggett to its first ever girls basketball state championship.

  • Other Matt

    How do we all feel about Texas? I usually put 2 brackets in and I have Kansas over OSU in my “what I think will happen” bracket. I’m putting another one together that goes against the grain and popular sentiment. I kind of like Texas if they get by Oakland in Round 1, but I deeply fear Rick Barnes (who’s an awful, awful coach). I kind of like Syracuse’s ability to match up with OSU, so I took them. I couldn’t talk myself out of Pitt because I hate every other high seed in that bracket until I get to ODU, and I’m not really willing to take them to the Final Four. I also don’t believe in Notre Dame or Louisville or Purdue at this point. I ended up with Pitt over Texas, but those teams are notorious March chokers. Anybody have thoughts?

    • JimC

      I think I picked TX to upset UConn & make the final 4, then losing to OSU. But who knows. Probably only Dylan.

  • TheSolution

    In regards to the agent issue I’d wish to share some quick thoughts and possible solutions. For one, the NCAA is entirely content with the current level of corruption within college sports. Programs, coaches, and high ranking officials benefit greatly when they have the ability to reel in large sums of money without paying their employees. The corruption is accepted and nearly encouraged when all things are considered. This is the norm and it in many ways enhances cartels on top who have the money and connections to dish out small side pots to top talent without completely sharing all of their unearned wealth. The corrupted system is much less concerned with “one and done’s”, who will inherently leave as soon as possible if pay is not being received, then the excess of cash the big boys on top lazily sit on. The solution isn’t unthinkable, although those with money suddenly doling out the properly earned wealth is. Put reasonable stipends within scholarships, create “retirement funds” for players upon graduating, while including incentives within the pensions, and increase the NBA entry age to 21 or 22. The NBA would gain from a system that more properly educates players, both academically and on the court. Although the top hogs might find their wealth decreased considerably, the current system is unsustainable. Crony capitalism will always inevitably fail as the system collapses under the hoarded wealth above.

    • Tweeter

      I dont necessarily disagree with your thoughts regarding pensions. I have toyed with this idea myself and think that there is some promise there. However, the problems arise when you get into Title IX issues. While certainly institutions receiving federal aid get away with funding some sports, mainly football and men’s basketball, disproportionately to other sports, that is often overlooked in regards to Title IX since it does not effect participation across in sports across the board. But if only certain athletes, from certain sports, are receiving these monies from pensions, an argument can be made that this discriminates against other sports and equal participation standards are not met. If you spread all the money out across the board, then what are you really doing?

      I completely agree that the NCAA is overly concerned with making money and often disregards the best interest of the student-athletes when it makes decisions. One clear example are the rules regarding transfers and eligibility.

      I do not agree that the system will inevitably fail and is unsustainable as currently constructed. At least not in regards to the NCAA portion of it. The system is and will continue to provide great opportunities for student athletes to both pursue an academic and athletic future while still making money regardless. At some point interest may wane in certain sports if those that buy into the product continue to find displeasure in the way things are done, but there will always be enough interest to keep it sustainable.

      In terms of raising the entry age for the NBA. That is solely an NBA issue. The NCAA can put pressure on the NBA to change its rules, but its up to the NBA to ultimately decide what is best for its product. I don’t see NBA changing that rule to 21 or 22. While the league itself, in terms of the front office people, would probably like it, since it gives them free marketing for potential picks while they are in college and takes some of the risk out of picks, the players would not agree with it. The current CBA is up after this year but I dont see an agreement being reached that would further limit player mobility and earning potential.

  • Erik

    I think that graph is pretty messed up. First of all, why the probabilities of getting to the Sweet 16? That’s just an arbitrary spot. No team is going into this with the mentality that the Sweet 16 is “good enough”. I think if you re-ran the probabilities for the final four or NC winner, you’d find that the 8/9 seed is better than the 15 seed.

    The bottom line is if you want to win a NC you are probably going to have to defeat at least one #1 seed to get there. Might as well do it in the second round as far as I’m concerned.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      The article has many more graphs, I just chose this one because it was one of the most telling.

  • Kainkitizen

    Lots of stuff is riding on this game for both teams. It will be a tough loss to Coach Pearl’s job and a tough loss to the development of being a top team to Coach Beilein. So many story lines for 1 game. Well I filled out my bracket on yahoo sports and got our boys beating Tennessee, Duke, Oakland, and then losing in the elite 8 game to our former coach and San Diego State. My 3 upsets of the tourney is #13 Oakland beating #4 Texas and then #12 Richmond taking out #5 Vandy. This time of year is every man’s dream!! oh yes, can’t figure out what the third one is……US beating Duke!!!!

  • Bleedin’ Blue

    Doug Gotlieb on MIke and Mike, said Pearl may rally the troops around him and knock off Duke. Our boys are getting no love from the national media…maybe that’s a good thing. From my days at University of Southern Indiana when Pearl was the coach, his teams were always super atheletic, but lacked discipline. They were often beaten by teams that played smart and took care of the basketball. Let’s hope that is still the case. I feel good about our chances with Coach B having nearly a week to prep!
    GO BLUE!

  • Brian W

    Max Bielfeldt is reportedly close to a decision and said that Bruce Weber told him that he still has a scholarship offer. His U-M visit well evidently…

    Sam Webb has an article about Gary Harris in the Detroit News…–MSU-pay-visit-to-five-star-Indiana-hoops-recruit

    Javontae Hawkins and Derek Walton both made the “Bank Hoops Class B All-State Team”…

  • Bill

    I have not reviewed his statistical model, but it obviously requires a lot of modification. He needs to run a credibility study on his model based upon actual tournament experiences. He lists 16 seeds as having almost a 10% chance of making the sweet sixteen even-though they have never even won a game. He should adjust his model and rewrite the article.

    • BlimpyBlue

      His model isn’t estimating the chance of an actual 16 seed making the Sweet 16, but of an Arizona level team making the Sweet 16 if they were put in a 16 seed spot.

  • KAB

    I think TENN. did the right thing by axing Pearl.They really had no choice…

  • TheSolution


    I would agree it would not be the prettiest of transitions, but the concern for other sports is most certianly not the reason we are not seeing necessary change. Other sports will have to realize the truth, which is basketball and football reel in large amounts of profits, while a majortiy of other sports do not. The same sort of ideas could be implemented across the board, but I don’t necessarily see why wealth being produced in basketball should be shared with soccer. Other sports could attempt to do the same and most likely would need to if pensions were impleneted within the large grossers. I think it might unfairly encourage players to play basketball or football, but it would most certianly be more far than the current regime. It’s like when Demorcats argue for an increased tax rate among the wealthiest and Republicans counter by screaming middle class injustice. Obviously the system would by no means be perfect, but those playing college basketball and football need better treatment and this is argubley the best way to provide it.

    I would disagree the entry age issue is solely an NBA issues. I think the NBA and NCAA are very much aligned, much more than many would think. When two enterprises share the same system of hoarding wealth, they are ussually both satisifed with the current standard they simultaneously set. Obviously within this system, raising the entry age to 21 or 22 would been unacceptable among players, but within a fair and just system, the player consensus might yield slightly different results. For one, if players where introduced to an honest system from a young age their general valuing of college, basketball, and education would be far more enhanced then it is now. Currently, players see marketing and finance as the ultimate goals. These ideals are agrubly encouraged, not simply by the consumerism that surrounds us, but by coachs and scouts and others that benefit from their ability. Secondly, if players are being given stipends to support minimal wants and are guaranteed pensions upon graduation, the rush to leave would not be as prevelant. If players were given incentives that would build up pensions, such as a high GPA, All Confrence marks, All American selections, team goals, and so forth, players could find the college game much more intruging and rewarding. Not to mention graduation rates would increase as so many don’t make it to the pros and swell beneath the corrupted system.

    And I would finish by arguing the system will inevitably fail or at least reach a point of utter murkiness. We are already begining to see small pieces of rubber fall of the bus’s underside. A 68 a team expansion? The weakest field possibly ever? Colarado out UAB in? All this to me screams gained wealth at one end, while everybody else is being left with a weaker product, and I do not see why this will not continue. As long as more wealth can be obtained, and it will, the audience continues to watch, and it will, the bus will strive onwards regardless of the fact it needs a new engine, oil change, and paint job.

    • Tweeter

      Again, I am not thoroughly versed on all Title IX issues, but I just believe that it would be a problem with regards to giving basketball players pensions. I do not know this for a fact and I’m not sure that anyone knows for sure as the issue to my knowledge has not come up and almost certainly has not been brought in front of a court.

      I agree with you that changing the age requirement in the NBA would be beneficial to both the NBA and NCAA. However, the change has to be made on the NBA side. That is where the problem is. Players do not want to make that change and especially after all the concessions that the players made in the last CBA, I highly doubt they will allow further changes to be made that limit their overall earning power. A potential college payment plan is not going to compare to the millions and millions of dollars they can make by being in the NBA not just throug their salary but also in endorsement deals.

      I do not think that the weakest field ever is an argument for the inevitable fail of the current system. Almost every single year I hear that same comment that this year’s field is the weakest ever. Yet people still watch the games and sell out arenas. There are certainly many issues and problems with college athletics, some of them will be addressed and others probably will never be changed. But college athletics will always have an audience because it appeals to specific fanbases that are ever present.