To The Point: Selection Sunday Recap Video

Dylan Burkhardt

One final Selection Sunday video from David Merritt because you can never have enough Selection Sunday videos.

Bonus! Here are two more features from the athletic department: a behind the scenes look at Michigan’s trip to Indianapolis from and a closer look at the temporary offices outside of Crisler Arena.

David Merritt is a former Michigan basketball captain and the founder of I Miss You, Inc. & The IMU Brand, an apparel company focused on offering high quality product while spreading happiness and bettering communities. You can reach him through his twitter accountblog, or e-mail.

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  • Eric Bursch

    Good job with the video. What an exciting time in Michigan basketball. We’re back!!

  • Tweeter

    It looked like Horford slept thru the whole thing

  • ryan

    I just watched the one after the Michigan State win at Breslin. if you havent seen it, it is great!

  • ryan

    Also, acording to tennessees scout message board, the Tennessee scout team blue out the starters while playing michigan offense and defense. Not sure if this is the 1-3-1 defense or what.. but kind of interesting.

  • That Guy

    I’m shocked how much people are overlooking the chances for a win over Tennessee. Beating Duke seems like a stretch by why can’t this team beat Tennessee?