Video: Trey Burke Leads Northland to District Championship

Dylan Burkhardt

Trey Burke had team-high 19 points on 6 of 13 (1-2 3pt) shooting with four assists and four steals, leading Northland to a District Championship win over Westerville Central. Next up for Northland is a Wednesday game versus Gahanna Lincoln. Video from Capital City Preps.

  • Paul

    I’m excited – Burke looks great! :)

  • Brian W

    Trey’s crossover move to free up the open shot was sweet.

    Larry Nance Jr. had 18 in his team’s loss…

  • Mattski

    Lunardi has us as a 10 seed in the Southeast playing 7 seed UNLV in a first-round matchup in Tulsa, Okla.

    Andy Glockner, has us as the 11 seed playing 6 seed Temple in D.C.

    Jerry Palm has us as a 10 seed playing 7 seed Georgetown in Charlotte, N.C.

    Jordan Schwartz of has us as an 11 seed playing 6 seed Texas A&M in D.C.

    Who might it be best/worst to play?

    (from The DetNews:–U-M–MSU-are-in–but-where-and-against-who?#ixzz1GUTdNuMt)

    • Matt

      DetNews published that with old data. I believe those were the projections prior to us losing yesterday. I don’t feel it will change that much though as far as seeding.

      As far as those teams listed based on what I have seen throughout the year, I would rank them in the order of UNLV, A&M, Temple, and Georgetown, as far as who would be the best draw for Michigan.

      I think A&M and Temple are interchangeable really, but I would hope for UNLV and hate to see Georgetown, especially if they got their PG back.

  • Tweeter

    Sick crossover at 1:06. Love this kid. If Beilein can somehow add Stauskas for next year, that gives this team three guys who can absolutely create their own shot out of nothing.

  • mich is boss

    hope fully he will take stu’s place as the other point

  • fitey

    There was some serious talent on the floor that night for bot teams. I really like #40 on burkes team down low can play face to basket and back to it and that number 10 for the other team has got a nice stroke.

    • j-turn14

      Seriously, does anyone know anything about #10 on Westerville? He hit at least 5 threes just in those highlights.

      Burke has a great pull-up jumper. You don’t see that out of a high schooler very often.

      • MATTIZ

        I dunno, are you talking about the kid who pounded his chest after every three he made? Pretty cocky and annoying if you ask me.

    • Slim

      yeah your talking about devon scott. Hes a stud. Wouldnt mind bringing him in next year.

  • BeileinsBricks

    The guy with the dreads on the other team looked pretty good also. Seems like a really good game. Hope Trey and his team go all the way, and I hope he gets serious consideration for Mr. Basketball in Ohio.

  • Johnnyumfan

    6 -13 shooting is decent for Burke but I went to Marion Indiana saturday to watch some regional high school basketball and saw the best pure shooter I have seen all year. Remember this name, Kellen Dunham, a 6’4″ junior guard out of Pendlton Heights, IN put on a show. He had 41 points, including 4 straight 3 – pointers and was 17 for 17 from the foul line in a 58 – 53 semifinal victory. The kid is a taller version of Steve Alford. He is pure.

    In the regional championship game which was played the same day at 8:00 pm against an all black team Kokomo which was deeper and more athletic Dunham still scored 29 points in a 55 – 52 loss despite being double teamed most of the game. Dunham has great form on his jump shot, he is not a set shooter,

    The kid is an early commitment to Butler. I talked to an IU fan and said how come this kid is not going to IU. He said Creamer is on the hot seat and Alumni and fans are disgusted with him.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Former Michigan target.

      • Johnnyumfan

        Thanks Dylan.