Video: John Beilein After NCAA Selection Show

Dylan Burkhardt

John Beilein talked with the media after Michigan was selected to the NCAA Tournament field. Here is this two part video, as well as a bonus clip from the Big Ten Network.

Bonus. BTN interview:

  • um basketball fan

    Great stuff. Go Blue!

  • DC

    Wisconsin got put into a fascinating sub-regional.
    First they play Belmont. The winner gets the winner
    of Utah State vs. Kansas State. Any one of those
    four could come out the winner of that sub-region.

  • Mattski

    What UM’s high seeding might mean:

    1. A fundamental reassessment—differing from that of the mainstream media—about the power of the B10 this year (i.e. that the conference is strong). It’s really not so hard, in my mind, to believe that UM is one of the 32 best teams in the country.

    2. The possibility that in a world where so many outsiders (like us) are poring over the minutiae so carefully, the people who actually make decisions operate with less awareness—or judge from fewer facts/a more limited # of data sets–than those scrutinizing them.

    3. Michigan’s close games with the very best teams DID count with the committee, despite many peoples’ insistence they would not.

    4. Michigan’s late-season surge also counted for something in the committee’s judgement.

    These last two, in my view, SHOULD be factored.