Video: Hardaway, Morgan, Douglass and Bacari Alexander Talk NCAAs

Dylan Burkhardt

Lots and lots of videos tonight. We already posted videos of Zack Novak, Darius Morris, and John Beilein but here are a few more. Tim Hardaway Jr., Jordan Morgan, Stu Douglass and the gregarious Bacari Alexander also took time to discuss Michigan’s inclusion in the field of 68.

  • Brian W

    Thanks for posting the videos. Good stuff.

    It looks like the Big Ten is going to examine where to host its future championship games, whether to keep them in Indianapolis or not.

  • AG2

    Watching the Fab Five documentary. Man this takes me back.

    • jmblue

      I love that, right after the Fab Five documentary comes out, we might get a crack at Duke. Like old times.

      • Polisci

        Heck of a documentary. Any alum who sent hate mail to them is a piece of garbage.

        I was in high school those two years and my family had two season tickets in the second row from the top. Greatest sporting events I’ve ever attended. Crisler can rock when we have fans filling it up.

        • ForeverBlue23

          I’d really like to know how many of those hate letters claiming to be written by alum were actually written by alum.

          • JD

            Since they put their names down, it wouldn’t be too tough to verify.

      • JD

        It’s interesting that in the above video, Coach Alexander mentions every Fab 5 member but Webber. He’s probably been instructed not to mention him at least until 2013.

        • Justin

          dont think he mentioned Rose

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    RT @sbell021: Michigan’s game Friday vs. Tennessee will be at 12:40 PM EST.

  • AG2

    Well, that’s nice I’ll get to see the game I wouldn’t have been able to if it was at night. That Fab Five documentary was pretty good. Those guys were like rockstars, but it felt kinda like a greek tragedy. I miss Coach Fisher and I am glad he’s doing well at San Diego State, but I’m also proud of what Coach Beilein has been able to accomplish with what was thought of as a beaten-down program.

  • Chris in NC

    And the game is less than a 45 minute drive!!!!! THANK YOU NCAA!!! I’m already bidding on my tickets. I WILL be there screaming for this team. From the expected 10th or 11th in the Big 10 to an 8th seed in the big dance. Lifetime contract for coach B!!! Can’t wait til Friday!!!

    • Alex

      Do us and the team proud on Friday.

      • Alex

        Edit: Sunday as well if the team advances past Tennessee.

  • Tweeter

    With UAB and VCU getting in and Gene Smith’s comments, it seems that the committee has sent a pretty clear message: win road games. Both those teams won a lot of games on the road (UAB-9, VCU-8), whereas Colorado only won 3 (one against Cal State Bakersfield), Virginia tech won 4 (one against UNC greensboro), Saint Mary’s won 6 (but only one against a decent team, Gonzaga), Alabama won 4 (but two of those were against awful LSU and Auburn teams).

    Note to future bubble teams, win road games. Either win a whole bunch or beat some a couple quality teams on the road.

    Though it is pretty interesting to consider that as a major criteria. I heard Ken Pom on a radio show a couple nights ago talking about the factors that show which teams can do damage in the tournament. While he qualified his statements by saying that he is a stat nerd, he pointed that winning on the road does not necessarily correlate to winning in the tournament. I have not done any research on this so I will take his word that the tournament history backs this up. Just something interesting to think about considering the committee put so much weight on that factor yet it appears as if it is not a very good predictor of success.

  • Mattski

    What UM’s high seeding might mean:

    1. A fundamental reassessment by the committee—differing from that of the mainstream media—about the power of the B10 this year (that the conference is strong). It’s really not so hard, in my mind, to believe that UM is one of the 32 best teams in the country.

    2. The possibility that the people actually making the decisions operate with less awareness—or judge from fewer facts/a more limited # of data sets–than those scrutinizing them… in a crazy world where the fan is inundated with so much info.

    3. Michigan’s close games with the very best teams DID count with the committee, despite peoples’ insistence they would not.

    4. Michigan’s late-season surge also counted for something in the committee’s judgement.

    These last two, in my view, SHOULD be factored.

    Seven of the schools in our bracket were ranked in the top ten nationally during the course of the year: Duke, San Diego State, Connecticut, Texas, Arizona, Tennessee, and Missouri. Hope everyone finds their shooting touch this week!

  • KAB

    The line on the UM and Voll’s game is a pick…

  • KAB

    I am in Cancun is there a video stream for the game friday???

  • AG2

    I do believe MarchMadnessOnDemand is still available from CBS, but it might not be in foreign countries.

    And fwiw, the line is moving in Tennessee’s favor.

  • Tim Kim

    This is a really tough draw for us….but if there is anything we have learned it is not to bet against our boys.

  • Mason