Selection Sunday Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

The Selection Show will air at 6 p.m. eastern time on CBS. We’ll leave this thread open for discussion during the show whether you are at home in front of your TV or at Crisler Arena posting from your cellphone. Make sure to stream the Crisler Arena event here.

For those of you still needing reassurance, here are the final Michigan projections:

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  • ForeverBlue23

    Am I the first to say here that I’m amped, hyped, psyched up to hear the Wolverines name?

  • KRN

    LOL at LaVall Jordan in that picture.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    As was mentioned in the Chait article on, I’d be very scared/disappointed if I drew Michigan. This team has played some great clubs down to the wire, and really knows how to slow things down and execute a game plan.

    Plus, they are, hands down, the most mentally tough Michigan team I’ve seen since the Fab Five. Novak refuses to let them quit.

    • Other Matt

      I agree. We’ve been in almost every game we played this year . Off the top of my head, the games at NW and IU were the only games it never felt like we were in it in the 2nd half. I try really hard not to be a homer and there are certainly some potential first round matchups out there that would be scary (ODU, for one), but this team just feels dangerous to me.

    • Definitely not the mediocre BCS 10 or 11 seed that most 6 or 7 seeds are looking to see. This team is rising fast, and they could easily steal one or two.

  • Devin

    Alright, heading down to Crisler, hope to see some people there.

  • Mattski

    Turned on the PSU/OSU bout just long enough to see the ref hand the ball back to OSU on an out-of-bounds play that was clearly off of OSU. . . just as PSU embarked on a 9-0 run. Sullinger scored on the next play and drew the foul as well. Are they the anointed or what?

    Given what Tressel is going through, you’d think the media would treat them just a LITTLE bit gingerly, but no. The slurpfest continues.

    Much as I love the B1G, I will be rooting against OSU throughout.

    Do I sound bitter? Maybe I sound a little bit bitter.

    • ForeverBlue23

      I’ve really never hated Ohio State basketball (football always) until this season. There is just somthing really smug about this group and I can’t wait to see somebody wipe that look off their faces.

      • Alex

        George Mason hopefully.

  • AG2

    Arkansas fired John Pelphrey today, what will become of his big time recruiting class?

    • j-turn14

      Unfortunately for teams hoping to steal a recruit, 3 or 4 of those 5 guys are from Arkansas so I would guess they probably are committed to more than the coach.

      • rlc

        Memphis is just across the river from Arkansas; they could easily poach Arkansas kids.

  • KRN

    Here we go!

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Here we go…

  • AG2

    CBS has cameras at Clemson and PSU, they have to be in right? That’d be just cruel otherwise, like a “Im taking my talents to south beach” moment.

    • Jeff

      They usually try to include one school that won’t get in, so they can jam the camera in the players faces after the last school is announced.

  • Jlloyd

    I think Clemson & PSU are both in; cameras also at St. Mary’s. I’d be nervous as a SMC fan. I’d put Georgia ahead of them.

  • DB

    Wow, UAB

    • Jeff

      Yep, somebody’s out.

  • DB

    Georgia, that’s two out of Lunardi’s

  • ChiGoBlueChicago

    Kentucky and Princeton…wow! What an interesting matchup! Xavier and Marquette is going to be a GREAT matchup!! Go Blue!

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Uhm Georgia as a 10. That’s not good. UAB in the dance as well. Scary first region.

  • rlc

    Only one Big Ten team in the first region – still getting 7 overall?

    • ZRL

      I have a feeling someone from the B10 is getting snubbed…

  • Jeff

    Tough start for Lunardi.

  • gpsimms

    im feeling someone from the big ten, maybe two, are gonna get screwed. just hope its not us

  • chad

    Not good guys. GA at 10?! Probably means Alabama is in

  • DB

    Holy Crap! 8!

    • ryan


  • Jeff

    Tennessee has a ton of talent and size. Don’t always come to play though. I think it’s a tough draw.

  • gpsimms

    man, i hate being 8/9 seeds. maybe the fab five film will get us channeling our duke hatred.

  • Eric

    was that in Cleveland?

  • Gary

    Wow an 8 seed – I would have never guessed.

    Gotta beat Pearl!

  • gpsimms

    hooray for penn state! im real happy for those seniors.

  • DB

    8 seed in North Carolina on Friday. If we win, then Duke on Sunday…in Charlotte

  • ChiGoBlueChicago

    LOL…we draw Tennessee and then we get to play Duke IN NORTH CAROLINA!!?? Gene Smith figured out some way to F?!% us over, didn’t he! ;)

  • Josh

    Cannot wait for the matchup with Fisher and SDSU to get into the final four…

    • Jeff

      I like your optimism!

  • Brad

    shoot…Penn St. gets Temple then SDSU…Cincinatti at the 7 in D.C….wanted Mich as a 10 there…coudlve made the regional final from there….tough, tough draw for Mich…time for the guys to get ready to battle!

  • DB

    Tennessee isn’t a bad draw in the first round. Kenpom has them at 55 (we are 40), which is pretty low for a 9 seed.

  • rlc

    Lotta seeding love for the SEC.

  • DB

    Wow, VCU!

  • Slim

    Wow…Wisconsin just drew Belmont. Smells like an upset to me.

  • DB

    Colorado biggest snub. Poor Va Tech, it happened again.

  • Jlloyd

    It’s a disgrace to have UAB in over Colorado. Obviously, none of the committee members were watching basketball…

  • Tweeter

    Seems like we got bumped up a spot or two for bracket purposes, but I love the first round matchup. Tennessee, while very athletic, is also poorly coached and they have virtually no defense nor shot selection. Duke in Charlotte though sucks balls.

    PSU and MSU got very winnable draws to the sweet sixteen. Probably would rather be in either of their spots.

    In terms of snubs, don’t think anyone should really be complaining about being left out of a 68 team field. All of the teams in the last few in and last few out had big minuses.

    • North Carolina fans will be rooting against Duke for us, no question. They’re in Charlotte as well.