BTT Semifinals: Michigan vs. Ohio State Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Photo: MGoBlue

Tip off is scheduled for 1:40 p.m. on CBS with Jim Nantz and Billy Packer on the call. You can also stream the game online here. Make sure to read the game preview and here’s a link to the updated Big Ten Tournament bracket as well. It’s also worth noting that your officials today are Ted Valentine, Ed Hightower and Gene Steratore.

We encourage you all to join the in-game discussion thread and I also included a run-down of this morning’s bracketology updates, most of which have Michigan as a 10 seed, after the jump.

Bracketology Updates:

  • Tweeter

    Alright regroup. Lets make one more run at this thing

  • steve

    of course 10-0 run right after those two calls…

  • AG2

    10-0 OSU run started with that terrible out of bounds call off Sullinger.

  • Tweeter

    Morgan wow. Have to finish that over craft

  • Fred_Ex

    Tough day for Michigan the refs like I’ve been saying. Inconsistent or bad calls. Not even getting good shots tons of turnovers.

  • tonerone

    It hurts, but we had a good run…those two calls didn’t help.

  • slim

    I honestly hope Ted Valentine has a heart attack and dies. I will not take that back and mean that from the deepest depths of my heart.

    • Alex

      Made some bad calls but it’s never good to wish ill on somebody else. Just not worth it. I understand your frustration though as I am also mad at them. This doesn’t matter and will only make the team better.

      • slim


  • mattkast

    this is getting uglllyyyy

  • Tweeter

    wow wheels just came off. The whole team just lost composure. the refs got in our heads and then the misses started building on that.

  • AG2

    In 3 years, I don’t think I have ever seen William Buford miss a mid-range jump shot.

    • Tweeter

      dude is good. Hopefully he jumps to the NBA after this season

  • BeileinsBricks

    The non-calls got into the kids’ heads, especially Darius…sad to see it end like this, but c’est la vie!


    Okay, they lost this game, and they’re at fault. But one thing bugs me — we were down two (47-45) and built momentum when Hardaway Jr was called for a foul that SHOULD HAVE been called a charge against Sullinger. At that point they started falling apart. Decent ref’ing overall throughout the game, but this call was terrible and occurred at he post pivotal part of the game. If the charge was called, like it should have been, Michigan could’ve tied up the game instead of going down 4, then 6, then 9 etc. Arg. Farking refs.

  • slim

    So n thy wanna give fouls to us. After screwin us over the entire game.

  • Tweeter

    Its times like these that i love Beilein. This team looked like it had thrown in the towel and he just keeps motivating them to play harder

  • mattkast


  • Chris

    Well that ending made me feel a lot better about the game.

    • Tweeter

      just wish the team had been able to steady themselves a couple minutes earlier in that long OSU run. You think about all those possessions that were wasted on quick shots that didnt really have a chance at going in. We get a few of those back and then maybe that late run puts us in position to win.

  • slim

    We get screwed by the refs but still come back big. I love this team. And Jared Sullinger is a disgusting slob.

  • tonerone

    But why does he go so hard on Morris; other players make mistakes but they still play through it…

    • Tweeter

      just depends on the guy and the time. I remember earlier this year when Smotrycz went thru a stretch where he would play one minute make a mistake and sit the rest of the half. Its all part of the learning experience and Morris is still learning. Beilein knows what he is doing, he has been doing this for thirty plus years.

  • Brian W

    Hopefully they have the tournament selection watch party at Crisler tomorrow. The last time was fun.

  • Aaron

    Beilein ripping into Valentine, could read his lips: “both of those calls”

    Guy should be reffing high school.

    • Brad

    • Eric

      Yup read his lips there too, he said “missed the out of bounds call and charge”

  • KRN

    The fact that we went on that run just makes you all the more angrier at Valentine.

    • slim

      Yes, it does.

    • Tweeter

      actually it makes me angrier at our players for failing to right the ship sooner. Yea the refs were terrible. But the refs didnt make Morris commit two meaningless fouls or other guys jack up bad shots. The team could have responded, but they didnt, at least not soon enough

  • GoBlue1980

    Another Michigan/Ohio State game, another Michigan loss….sigh. Are we ever going to beat these guys again? I’m just so tired of it.

    • Tweeter

      beat them last year…

  • Chad

    Turning point in the game. Michigan down 2, get a stop ball goes off Sullinger they give the buckeyes the ball he scores buckeyes go up 4, went downhill from there. And where THJ took a charge and they called a block. Its one thing to have to beat the number 1 team, but the refs seriously give all the calls to him.

  • Michael4

    I don’t blame sullinger but he seems to get all the calls to go his way…. Even when he touches last going out of bound they got the ball back on an obviously bad call??? That being said we have to make more shots to win a game like this….

  • Alex

    This is a learning experience. Our team will learn and only get better. I am very proud of them for their hard work.

    • Brian W

      Yup. This whole weekend should help them prepare for the upcoming tournament game. The ‘never say die’ attitude is an asset in tight games.

  • maxwell’s demon

    NCAA taking a page from David Stern’s book: How to Manufacture a Star.

    • Brian W

      I think Tim Donaghy was the co-author of that book.

  • mbballfan11

    Didn’t really have high expectations for this game(especially looking at who was reffing it) but I wouldn’t have been surprised had Michigan won. All in all, if they made just a couple shots, they would’ve been in this game all the way. Still proud of our boys and look forward to the NCAA tourney.

  • Laura

    Proud of our team. So close. We lose no one. This season was a sucess.
    Gotta love our coach and team. I think Morris came out so he didnt get a tech.

  • Fred

    Lost composure for a second and Buford goes HAM, we get a couple calls going the other way and it’s a ballgame.

    Loved seeing the fight. Just wish they had started it earlier.

  • JD

    Thought I’d stay off-line since that worked yesterday.

    Good effort but tough day by the boys. Some terrible calls there too (Sully’s out of position flop in the first half, the ball going off of his hands in the 2nd half that they gave to the Tats and the charge he got away with on TH Jr.) but Tattoo U was probably going to win anyway. Nice to see that we never quit.

    It just wasn’t our day.

    Still, we should be solidly in the 64 and maybe an 11 seed will be a blessing in disguise for us, since we’ll avoid playing a #1 or #2 seed in the 2nd round, should we advance.

  • snoopblue

    Sullinger is going to be the second coming of Greg Oden in the NBA. Oden had the nagging knee injury and Sullinger will not be able to handle the money, partying and also not being the focal point of a team in a point guard’s league.

  • Joel

    Just seeing us storm back like that at the end, cut it to 4, and scare the crap out of every Buckeye in the building, was almost a win in and of itself. I LOVE this team and can’t wait to see them (hopefully) in the tournament. Will be interesting to see who we play.


    On the positive side of things. we’re not the fans staring straight down a pipeline of imminent football sanctions, firings, and controversy. This provides me with some solace.