Thursday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • KAB

    Kemba Walker is a stud!!!

  • kevin

    did novak straighten his hair for the interview?

  • sven

    I sat next to Maniscalco’s family at a high school all-star game back when he was a senior.

  • Pat Forde’s an idiot (and I’m not saying this because he picked us), but really? I hope he’s right but damn, that would be quite a run.

  • Jeff

    It was a completely meaningless game, but Virginia blew a 10 pt lead with 42 seconds to go against Miami. They couldn’t inbound the ball, turning it over four times and several times giving it to Miami right under their basket. That has to be the biggest collapse I’ve ever heard of.

  • AG2

    Remember the Duke/Maryland miracle minute?

    The irony is that this exact same thing almost happened to Miami vs. Georgia Tech. They kept inbounding the ball to the same coffin corner and Miami committed 28 turnovers almost blowing a 20 point lead.

    I have a feeling the only team not afraid of Ohio State in this tournament right now, is Northwestern…

  • Mattski

    Wierdness, the State game was listed among this afternoon’s offerings on ESPN3, then disappeared. It’s still on their sidebar but the “live” link has also gone missing. WT?

    • ToBlav