Bubble Updates: March 9th, 2011

Dylan Burkhardt

It was a good day for bubble teams across the country yesterday as Butler managed to knock off Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the Horizon League Championship. Butler was a likely at-large in most brackets while Milwaukee occupied the Horizon League automatic qualifier spot in most brackets. The Butler win means that the bubble actually grew a spot last night, as Milwaukee does not have the resume to qualify as an at large.

Other notable results include Oakland over Oral Roberts in the Summit League championship, a game which provides a slight boost to Michigan’s computer numbers. Princeton also beat Penn, which sets the stage for an Ivy League playoff on Saturday: Harvard vs. Princeton. Not only is that game a chance for Tommy Amaker to clinch an NCAA tournament berth, it’s a very important game for Michigan’s resume as well. Slowly but surely, the mid-major “bid stealing” conferences are wrapping up their tournaments. There are still more mid-major autobids to hand out but the damage has been minimal thus far. That means the major conference action is about to pick up. With 11 Big East bids all but locked up, today is the day to cheer against Big XII bubble teams. Things will truly start to heat up Thursday as there are at least seven games of utmost bubble importance.

For now, here’s your Wednesday viewing guide and updated bracketology roundup (after the jump).

Cheer For Cheer Against Notes
Iowa St. Colorado Colorado is right around the cut line and a loss to Iowa State (sub 100 RPI) would be crippling.
Oklahoma St. Nebraska Nebraska is outside of most brackets but a loss would send them even further down the S-curve.
Oklahoma Baylor An almost identical situation to Nebraska, Baylor needs a tournament run to revive its dancing chances.

Now, here’s a rundown of the latest bracketology updates:

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  • Mattski

    Nicely done, Dylan. Where do I go to nominate umhoops for the best sports site on the inets?

  • JimC

    Different subject, but I know lots of us are following this…

    Grant Freking of the The Lantern indicts Tressel:

    “At this point OSU has given Tressel a slap on the wrist. The NCAA should break his arm”
    -from the student newspaper!?

    • Kenny

      I do worry about Freking’s safety. I am sure that he already got a lot of hate emails. What chills me is not what Tressel did but Gee’s comments: “I hope that the coach doesn’t dismiss me.” This is a new low for an academic institute.

      • Trevor

        That comment by Gee was also the most shocking thing for me to come out of the press conference. Ohio State academics often get referred to as a joke in Michigan circles, something that I’ve always thought was unfair given the numerous very talented faculty they have in various departments and their generally pretty high rankings.

        If I were one of those very talented faculty, I would not be at all happy about Gee insinuating that OSU the scholarly institution is subordinate to OSU the football team.

        /sorry for off-topicality; go Iowa State; Fred Hoiberg for mayor!

        • AG2

          Wasn’t he also the one who called TCU little sisters of the poor or something? He’s starting to sound like USC’s former athletic director right before they fired him.

  • Tweeter

    I like how that Michigan v. SDSU matchup in the second round, keeps popping up in brackets. Today could be huge for Michigan. If Colorado, Baylor and Nebraska all go down, the chances of making the tournament regardless of outcome on Friday, jump up quite a bit. Colorado is really the key one, as they have a decent resume plus a relatively easy path in the B12 tourney. But a loss to Iowa St would probably crippling. The other two might need to make the finals of the B12 to have a good shot.

    • billiam

      Talk about coincidence. Fischer (the guy who coached UM’s Fab5) is the coach at SDSU. Within weeks we could A.) seal a bid into the tourney B.) see a documentary on the Fab5, and C.) play against the guy who coached our Fab5. Nice

  • Chris

    great viewing guide. love spending the say rooting for/against teams i otherwise wouldnt care about. go blue

  • AG2

    If either Colorado or Baylor lose that could all but seal a bid for us, barring a late push by the committee to consider VCU and Missouri State again. Plus, there’s still Conference USA and the ever dangerous Utah State lurking.

    Utah State has only won 1 WAC Tournament. 3 of the last 5 years they’ve lost in the final as the #1 seed on the other team’s home court. I have to believe the WAC had that in mind when they redid their tournament structure to have it on a neutral court and give the #1 seed a double-bye. If Utah State can’t win now that the event has been customized just for their notoriously road-averse team they don’t deserve a bid.

    As for Nova, maybe they’re still in, but at the very least the committee has a very deserving candidate for a 10 seed in Tuscon.

  • ZRL

    It doesn’t appear as though Harvard will get an at-large should they lose, but I think they should be in the discussion. Strong rpi, 2 quality non-conference wins against fellow bubble teams Colorado and Boston College, only 1 bad loss all year (@ yale by a point), and tied for first in their conference. Anyone know why they aren’t getting any consideration? I thought they passed the eye test at Crisler.

    • blue86

      it’s obvious isn’t it? it’s because they play in the ivy league where not a single team harvard played would have made the tourney without the autobid. they only have three top 100 wins. sucks because they scheduled a pretty solid non conference, but that’s the way it is. though i have no idea then why saint mary’s gets any consideration. they lucked out by beating st johns before st johns got really good and it was on Nov 15 for god’s sake. otherwise, they only have two other rpi top 100 wins: at gonzaga (55) and long beach state at home (90). that is an absolute joke. they also lost to a four win rpi 317 team.

      • Tweeter

        yea i dont understand the St Mary’s thing either. Their resume is almost identical to Mizzu St with the exception of the St Johns game. But otherwise I think they have the same number of top 100 wins, Mizzu St is higher in rpi and slightly lower in SOS. Also, Mizzu St does not have that terrrible loss that St Marys has. Yet most predictors St Mary’s in with ease and Mizzu State barely gets mentioned.

      • mike

        dont tell dicky v that St. Marys doesnt deserve to be in, he will freak out. I agree its a joke to have them in regardless of just having 8 losses.

    • JimC

      My colleague, who graduated from Cornell, told me today that Ivy League schools do not have any athletic scholarships.

      I did not know that.

      • catwoman

        Didn’t NFL player Isaiah Kacyvenski get a scholarship from Harvard? It could have been academic, he was pre-med & an honors student.

      • Tweeter

        that is correct. They do not give out athletic scholarships, but they do find ways to give aid to some athletes. However, it is still very limited.

  • KAB

    Nebraska NIT bound…

  • Kenny

    Nebraska is out.

    • Tyler

      Even if we lose, the commmittee is running out of teams to replace us with. Lets hope the other big 12 bubble teams lose either today or tomo as well.

  • Chris

    outside the lines on espn right now has everything you’d want as a wolverine. talking about tressel and how terrible he is, as well as the Fab 5.

    • Aaron

      Tressel drinks wine coolers.

      • Tweeter

        shhhh, dont tell anyone. That information is confidential and he’s not sure who he should tell about it.

  • evan

    if anyone is bored you can watch the Colorado Iowa State game on ESPN3

    • sven

      I can’t watch anything on ESPN3 because I don’t have one of the chosen ISP’s.

      • JimC

        I guess Dylan needs the Donate button, plus a new
        “Donate so Sven can get the good ISPs out there in the country” button.
        I’ll put in a dollar.

  • KAB

    Colorado down at the half..

  • Mith

    I hate when officials swallow the whistle at the end of games. Two obvious fouls not called on St.John’s during the last 10 seconds of the SJU/Rutgers game.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Hey, it helped us versus Michigan State :-)

      • Alex

        I think MSU may have gotten the same treatment at the end of the Crisler game from last season. Regardless officials are human but the mistakes in that game were pretty absurd. Let’s beat Illinois in 40 hours or so.

    • Mith

      Plus they ended the game 1.3 seconds early.

      • evan

        that was the worst minute of officiating i have seen in a while

    • Tweeter

      holy f. That was terrible. 1.7 seconds left on the clock when the guy is clearly out of bounds. Not to mention that even if you miss his foot being all the way out of bounds, he took four steps before he hurled the ball into the crowd. Unbelievable.

      • Joel

        Yeah, should have been a technical called on the St Johns player, so 2 FTs for Rutgers + the ball with 1.7 seconds left, and a good chance to win or tie. Absurd that the refs just run off the court – reminded me of the Nebraska/Michigan Alamo Bowl from ’05 or something. Kind of hope Syracuse destroys St Johns tomorrow (as they probably would have done to Rutgers) so that it’s a non-factor the rest of the BE tournament. Plus that would help our RPI :)

  • Adam

    Baylor is getting rocked. It’s too bad that Iowa State lost today. They were leading most of the game.