2011 Big Ten Tournament Bracket

Dylan Burkhardt

This is an old Big Ten Tournament bracket. For the current 2012 Big Ten Tournament Bracket, click here.

The Big Ten Tournament bracket has been finalized. Michigan will play around 2:30 p.m. on Friday as the #4 seed versus #5 Illinois. Michigan’s last first round bye was 7 years ago in 2004, when the Wolverines knocked off Iowa.


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  • Steve Kim

    Illinois game will be real tough…but I think the boys are playing at a real high level and should make it a great contest. The OSU draw in round 2 is daunting but we’ll cross that bridge if and when we get there.

    Is the consensus that we are most likely in now (70% or so) but need the win against illinois to be a lock?

    • Aaron

      I think so

      • Mattski

        OSU can’t hit 93% of their 3-pointers throughout the tourney like they did today, can they?

    • paul r

      Michigan is in..no way you finsih top 5 in #2 RPI conference xand get left out

      • Peter

        um…Penn State?

        • Steve Kim

          We unfortunately do not have any signature wins that the committee seems to like and some funky things are happening in other conference tournies. I think we need to win the illinois game, otherwise I think that we are play-in game bound at best.

      • paul r

        make that the #4 seed. 8-2 in last 10 games. a lot going FOR UM right now

        • jmblue

          But we’re in a four-way tie for fourth place, so that’s a little different. We’re probably in but a win would be a big relief (and would probably allow us to miss the dreaded “First Four” matchup).

  • JayRich

    I have never been such a huge Iowa fan!

    Go Blue, beat the Illini

    • Ryan

      As much as I would love to see MSU lose to Iowa and send them packing (not really) for a home game in the NIT, I think that them losing will hurt us. That would for sure move them out of the top 50 RPI.
      Am I wrong….?

      • Jeff

        I think you’re right, if they lose, there goes two top-50 wins (which we don’t have many of), and possibly two wins over a team that is also in the dance (which we also don’t have many of).

  • um-nyc

    So glad we got the bye… those first round games have upset written all over them.

  • Chad

    Picked to finish anywhere from 9-11th, this team finished 4th. WOW.

  • JeremyS

    I would not be suprised to see Michigan win this tournament. They are playing really good basketball right now and they have been so close at beating top teams. Now they get their chance at top teams again. Lets see what they can do.

    I’m predicting a win against Illinois and an upset of Ohio State. A 3rd win against Purdue or Wisconsin may be asking a little much, but I bet Michigan gets 2 wins next weekend.

    • JB

      I hope you’re right!

  • I welcome the game against Illinois, especially at a neutral site. That is a very winnable game.

    • grandchamp


  • Alex

    All I ask is for Michigan to continue to give this effort. They have been fun to watch and should be fun to listen to in the car on my way back to Michigan. Go Blue.

  • Kainkitizen

    Oh WOW!! We are the #4 seed. Hot DANG!!! Well I wanted to do the MN at the end but didn’t want it to be deleted. It was Daniel Horton and boys to skip day 1 of the conference tournament. They had a good year with 20+ wins that year and won the NIT! Hopefully we don’t end up in the NIT because of some team winning there conference tournament that went on a miracle run and takes an at-large bid away from teams that deserve one. I feel like we can make it to Sunday and the team and fans will be watching selection Sunday at Conseco Fieldhouse.

  • Brian W

    I like U-M’s chances in its side of the bracket. I’d rather play OSU than Purdue on day two. Won’t be easy, but I think they can make it to Sunday’s game.

    • gpsimms

      that’s what i was saying all last week. then purdue lost to iowa, and osu crushed wiscy. hopefully osu hit all their thress for the next few days and we can take them.

      anyway, just beat illinois.

      • Brian W

        I agree. Need to beat Illinois. I like looking ahead, but I’d hope the bball team isn’t getting ahead of itself. Don’t need to have the men’s team get upset in the Big Ten Tournament like the women’s team.

  • Kenny

    vs Illinois, the hungrier team wins. I think we need the game more
    than them.

  • JimC

    Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of these next two weeks should just be deleted from the calendar. But of course, these days will drag on ad infinitum.

    Any good ideas on how to make boring week days go faster?

    • Mattski

      You could finish my dissertation for me; I told my chair I’d get it to him April 7.

      • JimC

        Send it over Jerome!

  • gpsimms

    i’m really going to be pulling for penn state. i think it would be a real shame for the ncaa tournament to never get to see talor battle. i could see him going all steph curry for a couple of games.

  • Brian W

    Wisconsin will be a tough matchup for Penn State on day two. PSU would need Wisconsin to look past them a little, but who knows, maybe Wisconsin is a little out of it mentally since they just got shallacked by OSU. I like Battle too, kinda a poorman’s Allen Iverson.

    Even though Purdue lost to Iowa, Purdue is the team that scares me. Johnson is a bad matchup for U-M, so I’m glad Michigan won’t face them til the end if they make it that far. I think Purdue is a Final Four team in the NCAA tourney this year.

    • mike

      I don’t think wisconsin is a tough matchup at all for Penn St, I think its a really favorable matchup for State.They have the bigs down low to cover the bigs of wisky. Along with having battle whos a better player then jordan taylor. I see PSU winning that game if they get by the hoosiers.

  • Fred_Ex

    Michigan is a squad I wouldn’t want to run against right now, they’ve done everything to get in the tournament and I don’t know if Illinois is really matching us right now, despite the loss they handed us. I don’t think Michigan has what it takes to win the Big Ten Tournament and it’s not because we have to play Ohio State. I’m calling a win on Friday and if we get past OSU, we’ll likely be playing Purdue or Wisky, two teams we don’t match-up well against. Even though it would be surreal to have a string of victories against MSU (rival) Illini (quality win) OSU (rival top 10 win) and capped off with a redemption victory/first win for JB against Bo Ryan for the conference title. If I were a betting man I would put my money on Purdue to win the BTT. They were my preseason pick for conference champs outright.

    • bird

      Despite the win we handed them.

    • Kenny

      Purdue’s Johnson will give us a lot of matchup problems because he is long and quick. I think that we played Wisconsin well, I am not afraid of them. We played OSU tough twice this season but they are clearly the better team and at the end of the game it shows.

      IMO, this year’s team is a lot better than the tournament team two years ago, with more balanced attack and a deeper bench. If we get into the dance and avoid a bad draw, there is a good chance to make a small run.

  • Joel

    Just please, please, PLEASE beat Illinois, then I think there’s no way we aren’t in the dance. If we lose that game I will be a nervous wreck for 2 days.

  • Mattski

    Going to be on the road during this one, drat. Will look forward to downloading the torrent.

  • Applejack

    I want them in the dance, however I will not be down if they play in the NIT. That will give them more games and more development. They should win ILL and give OH all they can handle.

  • AG2

    If ever there was an appropriate time for our first EVER win vs. Illinois in the Big Ten Tournament, now is the time. Illinois will probably try that “jam the lane with 3 7-footers” trick again so will need some excellent ball movement to find Morgan inside amongst the trees. If somehow we could get Tisdale into foul trouble I think we have a shot.

  • KJay

    If we can beat MSU, we can certainly beat Illinois. They deserve respect, but l’m not sure why people believe this is tougher matchup for us than MSU. If we play with the defensive intensity we played with on Saturday and can hit a few 3’s, I think we win.

  • rlc

    Pat Forde picks Michigan to win the Big Ten tournament:

    Unfortunately, Pat Forde is just barely skilled enough to pick a pair of socks that match…

  • Bill

    I don’t understand why they don’t reseed the bracket after the first and second games. Why is UM a 4 seed playing OSU a 1 seed, where MSU a 7 seed is playing PSU a 6 seed?

    • rlc

      There’s not enough time to reseed when the games are played on consecutive days. For instance, it would be extremely unfair for a team that won the late game on Friday to be re-seeded into the early game on Saturday.