Video: Tom Izzo After Michigan Loss

Dylan Burkhardt

Tom Izzo discusses the loss in Ann Arbor along with Darius Morris and Kalin Lucas’ exchange on the court after the final horn — around the 2:00 mark. Izzo on the exchange:

“I’ll straighten that (Lucas throwing the ball at Morris) out but at the same time, (Morris) going for a layup with 2 seconds left and talking a lot stuff all game, including at our place, maybe he (Morris) deserved it.” – Tom Izzo

Sorry for the subpar audio quality, turn the volume up and try headphones.

  • skitchbeatz

    Too hard to hear his raspy voice. What did he say about the exchange?

  • KRN


    That is all.

  • Mattski

    When he bangs his fist at the end there he says something like, “Let this rivalry commence!”

  • grandchamp

    Poor Tom. lollllll


    What rivalry clean sweep baby, we own them trolls…

  • ThWard

    In Morris’ defense, he wanted to throw an alley-oop dunk to Jason Richardson to end the game, but everyone knows that’s only a class move when you’re up 60.

    Izzo objecting to a LAYUP when UM is only up 2? Sweet Pete, this season took a toll on him.

    • eschol54

      Agree. It is shocking to me he would say something like that when we were only up 2. If he doesn’t want Morris to lay the ball up, then he should tell his players to get in his way when he drives to the hoop.

      Great to see this rivalry back. Izzo’s stupid comments are only going to fuel it.

    • Bill

      Ditto, he shouldn’t talk.

    • Kenny

      actually we were up by 5, but Morris had no idea of how much time left on the clock when he made the lay-up, could be 7 second, enough for making two baskets.

      • jmblue

        And obviously Darius remembers what happened at PSU when he pulled up instead of taking the layup at the end.

        • CB2009

          exactly what I was thinking. I’m sure beilein said something to Morris about that. Sportsmanship is one thing, but the game was not 100% in the bag, even a state fan should agree with that.

  • Brian W

    Hey Tom, Kalin was smack all game too, so that logic is BS. Angry midget indeed.

  • ThWard

    Oops, meant 5

  • JimC

    Sparty = LOSER.
    The rest of that other trash talk is just a lot of noise. That’s my take.

  • StayHungry

    Yep! He deserved the right to talk stuff…

  • ForeverBlue23

    Ha, ha, ha. What’s that he said about not being able to play everyone the amount of minutes he wanted because of Michigan’s offense? WE DICTATED THE MATCH UPS. JB detractors and system haters, take note.

  • Jeff

    I like Izzo, but sometimes he gets very petulant. It’s like the way he works the ref, he’s so used to having things go his way that he gets a little tantrumy (I made that word up) when things don’t go his way.

    • eschol54

      I don’t like Izzo but respect what he has done. Still, it has been so long since he has had to deal with playing second fiddle and it is funny seeing him get rattled and say stupid stuff.

      • Jeff

        Actually, now that you mention it, it would probably be more accurate to say I respect what he’s done, rather than I like him. I agree with you.

  • Dirtgrain

    Michigan might see them again in the tournament. Maybe Izzo is trying to find a way to get his players pissed off.

  • emmekel

    Was he taking a shot a Brady Hoke when he hit the podium? That seemed very sarcastic.

    • SteinerBlue

      You know, now that you mention it, I can see that being very likely.

      • billiam

        why would a basketball coach take a shot at the football coach of the other team? I know its a rivalry, but lets take this win in stride.

        • emmekel

          I just asked the question. I don’t what my statement has to do with taking the win in stride or not. If you don’t think so, that is fine.

  • Teddy

    He has no room to talk especially since Lucas was talking all kinds of smack going back to last year. Also did he forget about Cleaves throwing an alley-opp with like 30 seconds to go while they were up by 60…

    Go Blue!!!

  • Rb

    So izzo is allowed to talk junk about us after senior night, but players aren’t? Also this is the same guy who didn’t mind running the score up on us when he was trying to establish his program. This guy isn’t the model of class that he’s been portrayed as all these years. True character shows up in adversity. He hasn’t had much in the last decade, but we’ll be seeing more of the true izzo in the upcoming years if he doesn’t bail.

  • bryemye

    Get the f*ck off my court.

    • Is that what he said? Nice. We need some swagger again. I think trash talk that doesn’t attack other players personally or their families but focuses on on-court performance is pretty great. It ratchets up the competitive nature of the game.

    • lavell99

      AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Is that what he said????? Beautiful!!! I love it!

  • bronxblue

    I am surprised that someone like Izzo, with all those wins and all those accolades, would stoop to taking potshots at kids who are really excited about a big win against a rival, a rival that makes a point to talk “smack” to UM whenever they can. Lucas was talking a whole lot both games as well as last year’s win, and I don’t remember Izzo saying anything. I respect what he’s done at MSU, but maybe he’s losing his fastball a little bit and hates the idea that *shock* his team just lost to a better squad for the second time this year.

  • Kenny

    I wrote here a couple month earlier that Sparties has been a bully of BT in last decades, they do not showing respect to the refs and other teams, and always get away from their sometimes ferocious actions. Once they are down and other teams no longer fear factor, everyone will smack them without mercy. Tom Izzo had a good image because he was winning and above criticism but now his true stuff shows up when his program is down and be criticized. His crying for innocence is no better than Appling and Payne’s. The trouble will continue in east lansing, and we will sweep them again next year, so will be many other big ten teams.

  • Classless, Izzo.

    To condone your own player’s lack of composure (as hypocritical as your comments were, as pointed out above) is shocking. As Chris Balas said in his article after Izzo said that at the conference: “With that, the media sat stunned in silence.”

    Those comments have no place in basketball, certainly not in the Big Ten. Shame on you.

  • Credit

    I wonder did anyone ask Izzo about Lucas throwing an intentional elbow for a second straight year at our place? Then he throws the ball at one of our players after the game? Sounds like a dirty player to me. Maybe he deserved to be sworn at.

  • JD

    L to the Izzo

  • Fred_Ex

    Kalin Lucas is like Tom Izzo incarnate, or something. He always has that stupid smile on his face, when a call doesn’t go his way he’ll go up put is arm around the ref, it’s gross. And I don’t think he (Morris) was running the score up, they were guarding him all the way up the court when he went behind the back past two players. He went coast to coast and probably thought, “man there playing defense and I’m right at the basket, better score this easy bucket.”

  • Jeremy

    My theory is as long as the other team is playing defense, there’s nothing wrong with scoring. If State had gone to their end and conceded, scoring would have been pretty classless. As it is, they were still trying to win. As long as the other team is trying to win, you should continue to play your hardest.

  • JB

    I agree with the comments. We have blown too many close games, and Morris remembers PSU and not taking the layup. Sparty was playing D! Of course you are going to score. If they concede, you don’t try to score, but they didn’t, The Butterfly scored, and two competitive kids talked a little smack, not the end of the world. But we all know Kalin has been taking his smack, and backing it up, for a few years now.

    That was a bad press conference for Izzo, who I respect a lot for the what he has done. He just looked and sounded bad,a and the comments about Morris just make him sound like a really sore loser.

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  • mark

    MSU is weak.