Video: John Beilein Discusses Michigan’s Sweep Over Michigan State


Here’s video of John Beilein’s post-game press conference after completing the sweep of Michigan State. His team beat the Spartans in Crisler Arena 70-63. Notes and quotes are after the jump.

  • “When you have a week off, you hope to get out to a good start and that your guys are ready.” Said the good start held up despite Michigan State’s ability to score and rebound. “We made just enough shots to win and we beat a very good team.”
  • “We’ve loved these kids.” Said he thinks the bonding that occurred in Europe is showing through now and that his pride in the team has been pretty constant throughout the season. “They’re in it for each other, and that makes a big difference.”
  • On getting past the Wisconsin defeat and winning two straight to end the regular season: “It’s a coach’s job to get them to move on, but you’ve got to have young men who are willing to move on.”
  • On the defense: “I really love what we had from Stu Douglass and Darius Morris.” Both were “very sick” for the game.
  • On how this affects recruiting: “Michigan State does a wonderful job recruiting, and I believe in the fututre we’ll be doing a wonderful job recruiting … We want guys who’ll come running through those doors because they want to come to the University of Michigan.”
  • On Evan Smotrycz: he did “almost no” work in the post in September/October because they were trying to get him ready to play as a perimeter four. In the past month and a half, they’ve focused on developing his post game and it’s showed.
  • On NCAA Tournament chances: “You never want to say one game puts you in until it’s all said and done … We’ll find out. We won’t hurry that.” Likes that whoever Michigan plays in the Big Ten Tournament will also be playing their first game.
  • Could he see a fifth-place (possibly fourth) finish when his team was sitting at 1-6 in the Big Ten? “No, I couldn’t have seen that … I felt strongly that our team could compete with anybody in the league.”
  • On Tim Hardaway Jr.’s spurt in the second half: “That’s the way he’s been. He’s ready to roll coming back out there.”
  • On whether of not the rivalry is back: “4-18. That was the record (Michigan vs. Michigan State) since the late 90’s.” Said there’s a “lot of evening up to go.”
  • Jon Horford wasn’t able to go with a bruised knee.
  • JimC

    So Stu and The Butterfly were sick? Wow that’s gutsy.

    Also, if you go look at ESPN’s college bball front page, nice pic of Metrics
    (until they change their front page)

  • ForeverBlue23

    So they went to center court to sing the fight song after the game? I hope to see some video.

    • JimC

      Yes, after the handshakes, the PA announcer told everyone to stay in their seats, then the team sang The Victors (except they had to slow down to the band’s tempo). Pretty cool.

  • bronxblue

    I like that Beilein noted that UM still has a ways to go before they’ll be spoken of like MSU has been since the mid-90’s. He gets that this is still a program with growing pains, and that is refreshing to hear instead of a coach proclaiming the rivalry “back” after a couple of wins.

  • Dustin

    Who was the new guy who suited up for Michigan? I saw him warming up and sitting on the bench. I think he was wearing #40

    • MichBall2010

      His name is Brandon Verlinden. He is a student manager who has been practicing with the team because of injuries, illnesses, etc and dressing today was a kind gesture from the coaching staff as a way of thanking him.

      • Dustin


      • Ken S.

        Thanks! I was wondering the same thing, good jump shot in warm-ups. Hopefully its a good thing if the managers can shoot too.

  • Kenny

    Iowa takes down Purdue, McCaffery is doing a great job there and whoever plays them the first round of BTT should be worried. Anyone knows who has the tie break to be the 7th seed if Penn State wins tomorrow.

    • Giddings

      I believe that if PSU wins tomorrow, they will grab the 6 seed and MSU will fall to the 7 seed. The tiebreak procedure would go like this: (I believe)

      Mich, Ill, MSU, PSU all 9-9
      – Mich 4-1 vs. the group (4 seed)
      – Ill 3-2 vs. the group (5 seed)
      – PSU 2-4 vs. the group
      – MSU 2-4 vs. the group

      1st tiebreaker: MSU, PSU split head-to-head
      2nd tiebreaker: MSU 0-1, PSU 0-2 vs. OSU (0-1 is NOT considered better than 0-1)
      3rd tiebreaker: MSU and PSU both 0-2 vs. Purdue
      4th tiebreaker: MSU and PSU both 1-1 vs. Wisconsin
      5th tiebreaker: MSU and PSU both 0-2 vs. Michigan
      6th tiebreaker: MSU and PSU both 1-1 vs. Illinois
      7th tiebreaker: MSU and PSU both 2-0 vs. Minnesota
      8th tiebreaker: MSU and PSU both 2-0 vs. Northwestern
      9th tiebreaker: MSU 1-1, PSU 1-0 vs. Iowa (PSU wins!)

      That was fun…

      • Giddings

        I meant “(0-1 is NOT considered better than 0-2)”

  • The ability to get past the Wisconsin defeat and get two quality wins shows the amazing mental toughness of these young guys. Great victory! Let’s win the Big Ten Tourney!

  • Evan

    Go blue beat Illinois and were set for the tourney

  • Jeff

    Harvard beat Princeton, so I think they’ll stay in the top-50. I believe they’ll have a one-game playoff with Princeton now. Every little bit helps.

  • Kevin in GR

    Check out this tweet from Jay Bilas on March 2…….Accomplished, yes. Class act? Seriously?

    Outstanding career by MSU’s Kalin Lucas. Class act, and one of the most accomplished players in Spartan history. He’s been a winner.
    Wednesday, March 02, 2011 8:27:42 PM via web

  • Mattski

    Question: If you lose a play-in game for the tournament were you not in the tournament?

  • ScottGoBlue

    Classy wrap up by Coach B.

  • TRUBLU78

    Jay Bilas……HA thats funny stuff………Class and Lucas mabyee he ment to say NO Class. Eat it Sparty………….