Friday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Mitchigan

    Dylan thanks for the updates this year. The site is looking better than ever. There is a really annoying Bowflex popup though right now. If you can take it off that would be great so we can read more great content. Thanks again! Go Blue!

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I’ve been trying to talk to networks about the ads but it’s hard for me to see anything. If you refresh the page you will usually see a different ad. I’ll try to get it removed.

  • Mitchigan

    Also, not sure if you saw this article yet, but it is do or die for us tomorrow – let’s do this!|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

  • Kenny

    An article on Sai Tummala, the 6’7 wing 2011 class walk-on

    He is somehow not listed on this website under 2011 recruits.

  • Tom

    Thank you Dylan for the excellent links as usual. You do a fantastic job with this site and it is a nice daily diversion for me and many others! Thank you!!!

  • Brian W

    Just fyi. Michigan women’s team plays Illinois at 2 p.m. in the Big Ten Tournament. Game is on the Big Ten Network.

  • Reggie

    So if I don’t live in the midwest I will not be able to watch this game on tv? If I go to a sports bar they should have all the CBS fees right?

    • Brian W

      A sports bar probably subscribes to a sports package from DirecTV. I’d suggest calling ahead to see if the place you want to visit has it. We’ve done that in the past in Florida, Nashville, and others.

      • Steve K

        If you suscribe to Premier or Sportspack from Directv you get access to all CBS feeds for regional games. A sports bar (a good one at least) would have Directv sportspack and would have the game.

    • Mattski

      Also, if you haven’t tried watching a game on your computer recently, you might want to give it a try. (Find some random game on CBS or ESPN3 tonight to see if the picture’s acceptable to you.)

      I just got a new HD laptop and the picture is better than it was on my old TV. Even on my old Toshiba netbook–outputted to my desktop–the picture was quite good (if variable) through Comcast. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to watch at home. . .

  • Steve K

    Forgot the channel. It’s around 725 on Directv.

  • KAB

    Lunardi still has us in the dance as of today..

  • Azad

    Just random thoughts on the game… how do we defend Kalin Lucas tomorrow? He torched us in the first meeting, and I really don’t know what the best approach is to match up with him…

    • Laura

      He torched us and we won. He has been great against everyone he is great player. We did the same thing as last night and not let anyone else beat us. He can score 30 if everybody else only scores 20 like what has happened in some of their other games.

  • rlc

    re: defending Lucas –

    Will Burke or Brundidge become our top perimeter defender, the guy who slows down Jordan Taylor, Aaron Craft, et al? And if so, how soon?

    • Kenny

      Burke suppose to be a good defender. We will see.

  • Kainkitizen

    I forgot about Sai being a preferred walk-on. This really puts a spinning loop on if Coach asks Nance Jr. to come as a preferred walk-on if Max commits with his scholarship to us. If Max does not commit does Coach give the scholarship to Nance Jr?

    Excellent Job Dylan! You have become one heck of a journalist for our basketball team and Coach Belien’s program. Congrats to you!