Max Bielfeldt Talks Recruiting


I finally was able to chat with Max Bielfeldt, a 2011 big man from Peoria, Illinois who Michigan has been talking to over the past couple months. Michigan coaches gave him an official offer about a week ago but asked him to keep it on the low until yesterday. Max also holds an offer from Illinois, and his decision will be between those two schools. Here’s what Max had to say.

Describe your game. I like to play inside mostly, but I can go out and stretch the defense and hit a 3 as well.

How’s the high school season gone? We just had our first regional game this past week. We had an undefeated season at 26-0 and we just won our first playoff game and we’re headed to round two for the regional championship.

How has the season gone for you personally? Really, it couldn’t have been better. Winning helps so much. I led the team in scoring and rebounding and blocked shots, but we’ve got a great group of guards who make me look a lot better, too.

When did you start talking with Michigan? Probably about a couple months ago.

And who from Michigan have you been talking to? Coach Meyer mostly and then Coach Beilein has, too.

When did you get the offer from Michigan? He offered me a week ago, but he asked me to keep it quiet for a little bit so he could talk to the other (players who Michigan was considering offering).

You’ve visited, correct? Yeah, I took an unofficial at the end of January.

Are you planning on making an official visit soon? We’re still undecided on that. You know, with the postseason going on and everything, it’s a little more difficult.

I know Illinois wants an answer sooner rather than later. Have they given you a timeline? They never gave me anything specific, so I’m going to try to just figure it out and figure out what I’m doing next, probably within the next couple weeks.

How do you see yourself fitting into Michigan’s offense? I play the four, and I think they like to run an in-and-out along with post-ups. And that can get the guards open, too.

Anything specific about your game you’re trying to improve right now? Over the summer, I’m really going to be improving my explosiveness and quickness and everything.

Is there a player people have compared you to? Yeah, a lot of people have compared me to Luke Harangody, you know, an undersized big but strong and someone who knows how to use his body.

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  • sven

    I’m really hoping I have tomorrow night off. If I do I’m gonna go to Peoria and watch him play.

    • sven

      Also Max sounds like a real smart kid with a good grasp of his own strengths and weaknesses.

    • Azad

      He says he plays 4…does he have the skills to project to a 4 for us? All the talk I’ve read thus far has been as him being someone else to step in at the 5.

      • sven

        He also says he mostly plays inside. He’d be a 5 in our offense which is a little different than most.

        • Azad

          haha “I can go out and stretch the defense and hit a 3” sounds about like what I’m sure McLimans and Horford would have told us a year ago…

          • paul r

            I think Blake and Horford will be big time players for UM before their 4 yrs are up. Remember….Morgan had a year to work on game and get stronger.

          • Azad

            I agree, I think they will be better for sure, I just don’t know if i’m ever going to be too excited to watch them shoot 3s, I’d be thrilled to eat my words on this though…

          • rlc

            paul r – McLimans red-shirted last season, too – and he wasn’t injured like Morgan.

            That said, I’m not going to give up on the guy when he has three years of eligibility remaining; he still has a long way to go, though.

      • Kenny

        How do you see yourself fitting into Michigan’s offense? “I play the four, and I think they like to run an in-and-out along with post-ups. And that can get the guards open, too.”

        I am pretty sure that Beilein has told him about his position.

    • Amzngcandn

      If you head to Peoria remember to go to Big Als.

  • JD

    Luke Harangody is somebody that popped into my head when watching him. If he could be anything close to the player Luke was at ND, that would work for me.

  • Come to the MSU game, Max! Nobody in their right mind would turn down a free ticket to this game!

  • wayman britt

    Would be nice to get Max and sounds like some think he is an automatic for UM, but let’s not forget the power and pressure of family in the decision making process. When your family name and money is with UI, the pressure to stay home will be immense.

    I know I have got this wrong in the past, but if we take someone in 2011 we only have one scholarship for 2012, right?

    • grandchamp


      • UM Hoops Fan

        Slight amendment — yes, assuming Morris stays for his senior year, Hardaway for his junior year, and there is no other attrition. Which might not be the worst problem to have.

        • lavell99

          Technically we still have two schollies for 2012 after taking a third guy in 2011. Robinson has one of them. So we’d still have one left to hand out for 2012. If we don’t use a third 2011 schollie, we’ll have two to add to the 2012 class in addition to Robinson.

    • Kenny

      I am pretty sure that there is no pressure on him from the family. And I think that he actually may not feel comfortable in Champagne. Because he is not a high caliber 4 star player, a lot Illinois fans doesn’t want him and wonder if the offer is through his family connection, actually a very awkward situation that nobody wants to get in, and he can never tell how much Bruce Weber really wants him or it is more about his family name and pressure from someone in the offices of the AD and the president.

      Now he has an offer from a great coach at a great university who is really interested in him and values players like Novak, and has a system that he can fit in. Not saying that he is an automatic, but if Beilein really after Max hard, I don’t see him not coming.

  • DB

    Can he shoot? We don’t need him to be a 3 point shooter, but being able to hit mid-range would spread the floor enough from a post position to make him very useful.

  • Brian W

    Hopefully Max can make the drive to the Michigan-MSU game on Saturday. The game should have an incredible atmosphere.

    Glenn Robinson III had 29 points in his team’s sectional win last night…

    Carlton Brundidge is one of five candidates for Mr. Basketball in Michigan…–three-from-Metro-Detroit

    • Sven

      He has a game Friday night and will probably have practice Saturday since they’ll play again on Tuesday.

      • Brian W

        Hopefully CBS’ regional coverage map goes down to Illinois on Saturday if that’s the case… If you end up going to watch Max on Friday, feel free to report how it goes.

        • Sven

          It does. I’m 60 miles south of Peoria and the game is on here.

  • Joe

    I don’t like to read that article about Glen Robinson to see Matt Painter was at his game. He is already committed….back off!!!

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Believe that it was most likely to see Tyler Wideman, Robinson’s freshman teammate.

      • bskurtz

        How firm do you think Robinson’s commitment is?

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          His commitment is firm. The word has always been that he wants to “blaze his own trail” … Purdue is recruiting his teammate, freshman Tyler Wideman, very hard.


    I like Sim Bhullar potential, he has nice foot work for a kid that size, also he apparently has nba range on his three ball…Wow…But as much as his potential looks promising, I think I like his 7’2 285 pound 15 yr old brother Tanveer Bhullar a Whole lot better. He has a similar skill set but with a special passing ability that mimics the ex-Portland Trailblazers big man Sobonis. I just wonder if Coach Beilien is only really recruiting Sim to get favor from the younger sibling, but in any case I would take either one and definitely both.

  • AG2

    With Leuer in foul trouble, Jordan Taylor career high 34 points and counting. 6-7 from 3. The man’s a straight killa.

    • AG2

      Make that 37 points and 7-8 from 3. Could he go pro after his Jr Year?

      • billiam

        We can only hope.

  • Fred_Ex

    I’m really not even that impressed with Nance Jr. or Biefeldt. I say bank the scholarship for next season an go after a more talented 2012 graduate. Michigan needs to throw their hat in the ring because Indiana is out there working to pull in some good recruits

    • billiam

      You and me both. Question though…what type of talent do you see us getting next year? If it’s just an average guy, would you rethink your decision?

      One more thing. I started thinking about how good Coach B is at evaluating talent. He did a great job with:
      Novak, Morgan and THJ
      (possibly) Cronin

      I’m starting to think we should give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. (Also, there was a debate on this idea over in the last article. Other people said some great points too.)

  • Wojak

    Michigan needs a PF with Zack Novak graduating after next year. Smotrycz will never be close to Novak in defensive ability, Horford is more of a center (one who needs to hit the weight room) and McLimans appears to be a four year project.