2012 Intro: Chris Jenkins


20110223233755_20110223-fl-bm-catholic_league_semifinals04[1]Chris Jenkins is a versatile wing out of U of D Jesuit High School, Jordan Morgan’s alma mater.  I got a chance to talk with him about the recruiting process, what he thinks of Michigan, and his relationship with Morgan. (Photo: Detroit News)

Describe your game. I kind of changed my game from last year. I’m really letting the game come to me. I start the game by shooting a couple of jumpshots to see if my shot’s falling. If it’s not falling, I turn into a slasher — I slash to the basket and I try to get some midrange shots in there and try to take it to the hole to get to the free throw line. But if my shots are falling, then it’s going to be a long day at the 3-point line (laughs).

How’s the high school season gone for you? Well, at the beginning of the season we changed our playing style, so it took me a long time to actually getting used to playing in a motion, dribble-drive offense. But I kind of got the hang of it now the second half of the season and we’re going to the playoffs now. Our season started off kind of rough — the last couple games have been rough — but we’re looking to bounce back in the playoffs.

Michigan coaches have been talking with you, correct? Yes, they have.

Which coaches have primarily been talking to you? Coach Alexander. He’s been the main one contacting me. He’s been to most of my games. I’ve had some contact with coach Jordan, but mainly coach Alexander.

What other schools are showing interest in you? I’ve got offers from U of D Mercy, Duquesne and Central Michigan, currently. But I get a lot of interest from Xavier, Illinois, Providence and U of M.

Have you gotten a chance to visit Michigan? Yeah, I’ve visited a couple times. I went to some football games and hung out with the coaches.

What did you think? I really liked my visit. I know coach Beilein was talking to me about the arena that’s going up there (the Player Development Center), so I’m really looking forward to that.

Any other visits planned for the near future? Oh yeah. Yeah.

What do you like about Michigan? I like how it’s centered in the actual city of Ann Arbor, I really like that. And I like how their primary focus is on education and grades, I really like that also. I also like their style of play.

How do you see yourself fitting into Michigan’s offense? I see myself fitting in perfectly because I can shoot the 3 and I can also get to the basket so I can help at the free throw line.

Anything specific about your game you’re focused on improving right now? I’m currently improving on becoming a slasher. That was what my main focus was this year. Because in the past I’ve been known as a shooter, so this year I’ve really been working on being a slasher, getting to the rim and getting to the free throw line.

Any player people compare you to? Well (pause) there’s Kevin Durant (laughs). And my dad says he sometimes compares me to Paul Pierce because sometimes I feel like controlling the game and I can muscle for position.

What kind of a relationship do you have with Jordan Morgan? I actually played with him my freshman year on varsity at U of D. We have a very good relationship. I really look up to him, ever since I was in seventh and eighth grade and he was in high school, so walking into freshman year it was like, "whoa, I’m playing with Jordan Morgan." I really look up to him as a really good role model in education as well as on the basketball court because of the work ethic he has.

Have you been able to watch him this year? How do you think he’s played? I think he’s playing really well. He’s more calm than he was in high school, not forcing anything. And that’s really good for Michigan.

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  • the_white_tiger

    He sounds like a smart kid and a good prospect.

  • Nick

    Maybe Jenkins can step in for THJ when he goes pro after next season? What do you guys think the odds are that THJ and D-Morris stays 3 or 4 years? I think D-Morris is gone after his junior season and the same for THJ. Wouldn’t it be great to keep those two around for two more seasons!

    • JD

      If that happens, I expect GR III to be the guy who could step in for TH Jr.

      I’d rather see us land another big or hold on to see if we can land a top 30 player.

      Whomever we are after, I hope we hold on to our scholarship at least until next fall to keep options open.

      I think making the tourney this year or even a good run in the NIT will help put us back on the map with higher rated talents.

    • bskurtz

      Darius Morris is having an awesome season,but to think he’ll be ready to go pro after next season is a bit of a reach.He has so much to work on to think about going pro.When he can make a consistent 3 point shot,then yes,and I’d put money on Hardaway staying atleast until his junior year.So my thought is Morris stays all 4 yrs,and Hardaway stays till atleast his jr year.Its awesome to think we finally have some nba caliber talent though.Just think Morris has alot of work to do to get to the next level and theres no pressure on hardaway to make the jump because of money so that helps a ton.

  • Mattski

    Big Harvard-Princeton game Saturday, too. Would be H’s first-ever Ivy League title.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I think Harvard not only has to sweep this weekend but would also have to knock off Princeton in a playoff game.

  • Fred_Ex

    what about these players for 2012: Sherron Dorsey-Walker (recruited by JB) 4* on rivals, the only teams offering are Western, Central, Baylor, Dayton, Indiana and us.

    Jordan Hare form Detroit, 6’8″ offers from Stanford Usc RHode Island. He is intersted in us. 4*

    Marquis Mondy from Grand Rapids, he is another SG, but it seems like he’s just waiting for us to send him an offer so he can commit

    • KRN

      Dorsey-Walker is still being recruited for the lone wing spot in 2012 along with Jenkins, Stauskas, and Hawkins.

      Hare is from Saginaw, not Detroit and is most likely headed out of state according to a lot of people.

      As for Mondy, I haven’t heard much about his recruitment. I would guess that the coaching staff see the wings I mentioned above as bigger priorities right now.

      • Mondy hasn’t played all season. He’s un-recruitable.

        Jenkins probably isn’t a Big Ten player at this juncture. The in-state player he is probably most similar to is Holden Greiner, who starts as a soph for Lehigh.

  • Brian W

    Jenkins sounds like a great kid from the interview.

    Here’s a complete game video from the MHSAA of the 2011 Detroit Catholic High School League A-B Division Championship, with U of D in dark colors. Jenkins is number 11 in the video:


  • billiam

    I can’t get any info on this kid through espn, rivals, or youtube. Anyone got any information on his skills/tape?

  • KRN

    Here’s some new Glenn Robinson III videos:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWfJ4rbdbYI (Game footage)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx_XNO30XlM (Dunk footage)

    BTW, Dylan, do you know if Michigan is looking at Robinson’s 2014 teammate Tyler Wideman? It sounds like he is going to be one of the top players in Indiana for that class.

  • Sophomore James Young had 33 last night with Lavalle Jordan in attendance. Not a huge fan of Jenkins. Saw him play 3 times and he really didn’t stand out.

  • MAS

    I’ve watched Jenkins play about 10 time over the last few years. Last year I really thought he could be a prospect for UofM. After this I really don’t see it. He hasn’t made that jump you would expect out of someone with his ability. JB and BA were at the Catholic League Championship on Sunday watching UofD vs. DeLaSalle.

    SDW has had a ruff year. Not a big fan of his game and I would pass on him.

    Jordan Hare I’m a big fan and I love how his game is developing. If I had to guess he has the highest ceiling of all the prospects in 2012. Unfortunately I hear he is most likely heading out of state.

    If UofM doesn’t get a big in the 2011 class one dark horse candidate for 2012 is Consortium Preps Matt Wilms 6-10. He had to sit out the first half of the season and then had an ankle injury to over come but I watched him Wednesday night and came away impressed with how well he moved and his skill level.

  • Jenkins is a nice player, but not a quality Big Ten recruit. Hare might be a good fit although he is sooo skinny. He looks like a slightly more skilled Horford, but skinnier. We need some size with a little muscle and athletic ability to make that jump to a Big Ten contender.

  • JD


    What about Kaleb Tarczewski? Rivals has this 7’0″, 220 pound center ranked as the #13 Junior and has us on his list. It also says we’ve offered him.

    Any word on or about him?

    • JD

      If we actually have a shot at him, I hope we make a big push. Judging from this video, he’s obviously a lot more athletic and more skilled than Sim Bhullar:


      • fitey

        I would say to JB we need to go after this kid with every thing we got. Offer him a starting spot instantly this kid will be a better college ball player better then any big in the big ten. No more guards we are set at guard for at least 2 yrs.

  • Mfan15

    Hey Dylan! What about Jenkins 2012 Classmate at U of D, Cameron Fowler? I’ve seen him play a couple of times, he’s a skilled guard.

    • JD

      Do we need another guard? I think we can wait until 2013 unless the guy is a McDonald’s All-American type.

      • Mfan15

        by the time he’d join the team we’d have 3 guards [Morris(hopefully), CB, and TB. yes we’d welcome another guard

        • JD

          If nobody leaves, we’d still have TH Jr. and Vogrich, who are more guards than SF’s on a normal team.

  • dongiles

    I was intrigued by his comments about the university being centered in Ann Arbor. He is so right. One of the attractions of this great school is its organic attachment to Ann Arbor.

  • fitey

    The kid has good shoulder on his head I would prefer him over stuaskus and or hawkins but would rather we get that 7’0 center kaleb tar something not even goin to try Love the way he battles in the post.

  • CubFan

    Chris Jenkins would be a solid recruit for Michigan. He is long, athletic and skilled. As he gains strength he will get even better. His best attribute is his mid-range game. With added strength, his range will improve and his ability to finish in traffic. Jenkins can also guard on the perimeter and is a good rebounder from the wing. He is young too…going to fill out and mature over next two years. Has high-major potential.