Recruiting Roundup: March 2nd, 2011

Dylan Burkhardt

The latest notes, quotes, stats, and video pertaining to Michigan’s current recruiting targets and commitments.

Class of 2011

Larry Nance Jr.

22620113231_3099_full[1]John Beilein made the trip down to Akron last night to watch Nance score 18 points and grab 12 rebounds in a 67-58 win over Buchtel (now 16-2). We questioned the level of competition that Nance was facing earlier in the year but Buchtel is a top 3 team in OHSAA Division II and this was an impressive win for Revere.

Michigan has yet to offer Nance or Bielfeldt, the most notable 2011 recruits remaining, but it appears that an offer could be extended soon. Beilein has now seen both players live and will have to make up his mind. Nance would be a four in this system while Bielfeldt would play the five.

Nance also scored 14 points in a 60-56 win over Green last week. (Photo: SportsInk)

Trey Burke – Commit

Burke had 16 points, 10 assists, and five steals in a 75-36 playoff win over Franklin Heights. Burke was also named the Player of the Year in the Central Ohio District.

Carlton Brundidge – Commit

Brundidge had 15 points in a 46-41 win over Lathrup on Saturday.

Max Bielfeldt

It appeared that Bielfeldt committing to Illinois was inevitable after Bruce Weber extended an offer. Bielfeldt’s family has donated significant amounts of money to Illinois and it’s the local option. However, the fact that Bielfeldt visited Illinois over the weekend and did not commit has raised some eyebrows. Bielfeldt is now expected to visit Michigan a second time this weekend.

Bielfeldt had 14 points, seven rebounds and four blocks in a 73-43 win over Richwoods last night, moving Notre Dame to 27-0. He also recently scored 25 points and grabbed 13 rebounds in a win over Galesburg.

Sim Bhullar – 2011/2012

Beilein made the trip ($) to see the massive, 7-foot-5 280 pound, Sim Bhullar over the weekend. Bhullar finished with 11 points, four rebounds and three blocks in a 69-39 win over Struthers. There has been speculation that Bhullar, originally a member of the class of 2012, could graduate early with the class of 2011. That’s an option but it doesn’t appear that any concrete decision has been made.

Class of 2012

Glenn Robinson III – Commit

We posted a full video interview, scouting report, and highlight film of Robinson versus Hammond Morton from our our friend Joe Eberhardt. Robinson also added 21 points in a double overtime win over La Porte.

Javontae Hawkins

Hawkins had 20 points, nine rebounds, and four steals in an 83-65 win over Fenton. He also added 28 points, nine rebounds and four steals in an overtime win over Flushing.

Nick Stauskas

Stauskas had 15 points in a 65-53 win over Brooks.

Sherron Dorsey-Walker

Dorsey-Walker had 15 points in a 73-69 loss to Saginaw Arthur Hill.

Jordan Hare

Hare had 17 points, 13 rebounds, six assists, and five blocks in a 73-69 win over Detroit Pershing.

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  • JimC

    Sry off topic, but Saturday’s game is a Maize Out…spread the word.

  • Colby

    Dylan, do you think JB could wait until the end of the season to see who might be available after coaching changes. Also any news on visitors this weekend? Thanks

  • Mark

    The thought of having a guy like Bhullar at Center for UM makes me giddy. Can you imagine actually getting guys to play their actual positions? Morgan could actually play the 4 and Novak could play the 3 and TH Jr could play the 2.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I’m just not sure what would change Morgan from a five to a four? He still doesn’t have the ball skills to play on the perimeter.

      Bhullar is an intriguing prospect because of his size but he also needs to continue to get in shape. Can he get up and down the floor fast enough for the college game?

      • gpsimms

        it seems like they should not push bhullar to graduate early. watching him, he seems like he could use two “redshirt” years. one more in hs, one when he gets to college. especially it would be nice to be able to evaluate him again next season, see if his skills/fitness have caught up to his body at all.

        • Kenny

          The problem with Bhullar is, if he gets in shape, he will be grabbed by NBA after a year of good college ball.

          • billiam

            What did you see on his film that makes you say that? Not trying to knock you, but I didn’t see anything besides him dunking on middle schoolers. Kid COULD be a baller, but he isn’t yet. (That being said, I don’t know his work ethic either. He might end up putting a lot of time in.)

          • Kenny

            Billiam, I am sure that these are high schoolers made like middle schoolers by a 7’5, 300 pounder. There are not a lot of Muresans in the world and NBA teams like to take gambles with an extra pick in hand to spare. I am not saying that he is NBA ready now, but if he gets in shape, and has a good year of college ball, his name will show up on the mock draft board faster than D-Mo and THJ. I am not saying that he will be one and done but don’t expect him contribute for more than one year.

  • Beilein’s Bricks

    Morgan will never play the 4. JB’s 4 is a player who can go inside/outside (preferably a good 3 point shooter). I doubt you will ever see JB play two post players at once. It’s just not his offense.

    • Kenny

      Agree but I would rephrase it as Beilein would never play two post players if neither has parameter skills. McLimans aside, Smotrysz is getting some post skills and Beilein praised Horford for his 3pt shooting in the past.

  • Dylan Burkhardt
    • JimC

      Bruce Weber: “…we just had to teach him a new word: pass.”

  • Bob

    Trey Burke named District Player of the year!!!! Congratulation Trey, can’t wait to see you in Maize and Blue!

  • suavdaddy

    I am still a believer in Nance. He is much more atlhletic than Biefeldt and may even grow more. I prefer the upside potential over the low ceiling, high polish guy. Biefeldt is never going to be a world beater because of his limited athleticism.

  • billiam

    I don’t know what everyone sees in Nance that says 4. I agree with Beilein’s Bricks in saying that the 4 is more of a Dirk Nowitsky/Evan Smot type player. Nance is not that. If you look at his videos he’s only outside the lane on one play, and didn’t really drive too well on it. It seems like he’s a post player.

    Dillon, I think you said we’re recruiting him as a 4, but based on the (admitedly, only ONE) video I’ve seen, he only posts up. I don’t think we need another 5, especially if he’s 6-7, so…uh…why are we recruiting him? (I hope for the best for the kid, just want to know where he fits in the scheme.)

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Nance has some perimeter skill. Not a ton but he’d be more of a defensive minded player at the four spot.

      • georgeesq.

        Seems like a slightly taller Colton Christian if that’s the case.

        • The same Colton Christian who grabbed 3 boards against Minnesota?

      • billiam

        I still don’t like what I see on the video. Kid’s shooting 50% from FT, like 35% from 3. The thing that worries me the most is against this sub-par team he’s not driving. If he can’t drive on these bad players, how’s he going to compare against good players?

        Mr. Negative.

    • billiam

      just double-checked. Dillon, you called him “a potential four man.” How do you see this? (Am I just crazy?)

      • Tweeter

        I thought based on that first highlight vid that got posted here several weeks back, that he looked like a 3/4 type. He played inside some, but he did a lot of facing up on the perimeter and even led some fast breaks. I did not think his skill level was all that high, but dribbling can be taught, being 6’7 and able to jump out of the gym cannot.

        I stated this in an earlier thread, but I think either of these kids (Bielfeldt or Nance) would fit in great with the team atmosphere that has developed at UM. They both seem like great kids and would be solid additions.

      • billiam

        This double check and post was seconds after Dylan posted. (For any who are wondering why it looks anachronistic.)

    • UM Hoops Fan

      I think Nance played point guard (or at least some guard position) until his growth spurt. He plays inside because he’s the tallest guy on his team. I haven’t seen enough film on him to know just how good his ball skills are, especially because, like you say, he seems to play inside for his squad, but there may be more than you’ve seen. Hopefully JB and his Assts have seen more film, perhaps had the chance to see Nance do some stuff in a practice setting, or perhaps before of after the game.

  • Dylan I hate to bring up sophomore James Young of Troy up again, but I think you might want to add him to your list of possible recruits. I’ve seen Dwayne Stephens and Mark Montgomery at multiple games this year, and I know Izzo really likes him. Purdue has been after him. I know for a fact that Beilein left tickets for him and Maceo Jr. for the Indiana game, so I know there is some level of interest. He’s is going to be the #1 player in the state as a senior, so I think we need to start recognizing him a little bit. Just a thought. Keep up the good work

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Yeah. Young has had a huge season. 2013 list needs to be updated. Just tough with the season in full swing.

  • MH20

    On Rivals’ recruiting roundup this morning, they indicated that Bhullar was more like 340 (350 at one point), and had some semi-serious conditioning issues.

  • Brian W

    Sam Webb described Max Bielfeldt as being similar to Brian Cardinal, who played at Purdue. Brian wasn’t the most athletic guy, but he was a good player who provided a lot of grit, leadership and hustle while shooting a decent percentage from three and pulling down rebounds. I could see how a player like that could mesh well in the future when Novak is gone.

    Nance would provide some athleticism and shot blocking. There’s still the chance that he grows too.

    If Beilein decides to offer Bielfeldt or Nance, that would be fine with me.

  • JD

    Beyond this year’s class, I’m thinking maybe we should start targeting some really big fish.
    If we make the Big Dance, kids are going to start to take notice that things are turning around and we have a really young team. Couple that with the PDC and I think we can return to landing a McDonald’s All-American type or two.

  • ScottGoBlue

    On Bielfeldt vs. Nance: seems to me a guy who COULD play 4 makes more sense for our roster than a sure-fire 5. We’ve got 3 guys at the 5 in the class ahead of these guys. Sure, they may redshirt next year no matter what. But I still think a 4 makes more sense. Plus, Nance’s potential to put on another inch and figure out his body makes him a better bet in my book.

    That said, we might be better off passing on both guys. With the momentum we’re generating at the end of the season, might it make more sense to go after better recruits in the next class(es)?

    Hey, I’m excited about Saturday. Our destiny is in our hands. Win Saturday and we play Illinois in the 4/5 game (barring them losing to Indiana in their season finale). Win that 4/5 game, and we should be dancing. Who would have thunk it? Go Blue!

    • Brian W

      Yeah, I can understand holding on to the scholarship, especially if it means getting someone like Jordan Hare.

      At this point, I’m not sold on McLimans or Christian as being consistent contributors in the future. If either Bielfeldt or Nance can bring more skill off the bench next year and project to be valuable players in the future, then I can see why Beilein would offer one of them.

      We’ll know pretty soon.

  • SJWolv

    CB played well last night, 21 points and 4-7 from three:

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    I just feel like this big guy is Syracuse’s Fab Melo all over again. Melo was once projected to be a top 10 pick in the next draft now he barely plays for Syracuse because he is just big and uncoordinated. Like Dylan said, you gotta be able to get up and down the court. Not sure this big monster of a dude can do that. That is especially important in Beilen’s system. Can he set those high screens and roll like Jordan Morgan does? A lot of question marks here…

    • sven

      A very poor mans Fab Melo. Melo at least has some athleticism. Bhullar moves like 75 year old dad.

      And I’ve heard he has to play in VERY short stretches because his conditioning is beyond pathetic.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Nance on Beilein:

    Michigan coach John Beilein was in attendance Tuesday at Buchtel to watch Nance help Revere win 67-58.

    “I have talked to him quite a bit,´´ Nance said. “They are definitely showing interest and I hope it continues.´´

    Nance, 6-foot-7, said Duquesne and Wake Forest are also interested along with most of the Mid-American Conference schools, especially Toledo and Central Michigan.

  • Johnnyumfan

    JB has a decision to make. The fact that Bielfeldt hasn’t commited yet to Illinois is interesting. Maybe more PT at UM is more intriging to Bielfeldt. But Beilein has a huge need at the 4, Larry Nance Jr.’s position, especially if he continues to grow to 6’9″ or 6’10” like his father.

    I too hope LNJ gets offered, but if JB likes Bielfeldt more than I will trust his judgement that Max B is a better fit for his team.

    It might be that Beilein likes both players but only has 1 scholarship to offer.

  • Mike

    He may be just trying to sell scout prescriptions, but Sam Webb says Michigan is still in the mix for Gary Harris, and is in good position with his teammate SG Zak Irvin.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I think we are in good shape with Irvin (along with IU) but I’m not buying that we have a great shot at Gary Harris.

      • To be fair to Webb, he didn’t say we have a great shot at Harris, just that we’re still in it, and have not, as has been reported by some, been eliminated from consideration. Apparently Harris has really taken notice of Hardaway’s development.