Video: 2011 Michigan Commits In Action

Dylan Burkhardt

It seems that we have too much recruiting video to handle lately but I can’t see a problem with posting some more Here is footage of Carlton Brundidge versus West Bloomfield and Trey Burke versus Groveport in the first round of the Ohio playoffs.

Michigan Prep Stars passed along this video of Brundidge (also on YouTube), who had 17 points and 14 rebounds in this loss to West Bloomfield.

25 points and eight assists in a blowout, 87-27, win over Groveport in the first round of the OHSAA playoffs. It’s safe to say that the competition might get a little tougher going forward. Here are some highlights from Ty Kish and City League Hoops TV:

Cap City Preps also posted footage of the same game from another angle:

  • Dylan (Bob)

    I think Trey will make a great addition!!! He can really knock down the 3, even 3′-4′ behind the line, and the he seems to have great poise with eyes everywhere on the court! I’m excited!!!

  • SJWolv

    Dang, The Journey was following us this week because of the Dan Tan/Darius Morris story. That means they were in the locker room after the loss, so I’m expecting that somber piano theme as JB gives his post-game speech.

    It’s also similar to The Journey episode this season after the NW loss where he told the team this group of players they will make the NCAA tourney one day. Also similar to this:, fast forward to the 24:04 mark and relive the pain. Manny’s face during the JB speech says it all.

    Luckily The Journey episode on the BTT focused on Evan Turner after the shot, so we didn’t have the dramatic Michigan loss moment. We always seem to end that show with the somber piano music and a loss, except when we won at Breslin this year! They showed Novak and Horford with a little bounce in their step on the way to the bus.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      The worst was the lockerroom after the MSU loss last year.

      • gpsimms

        seriously. i love the journey, it’s a great show. but they seem to only catch us on the worst. day. ever.

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          They were at the MSU game this year though.

          • gpsimms

            that’s true. but they didn’t let us taste their tears of unfathomable sadness. no msu locker room footage. i imagine that producer is like “man, that michigan team is heart wrenching gold every year, let’s follow them around.”

  • Both great looking threats inside and out. Should add some nice versatility and the ability to take it to the tin, looking forward to these great additions to an already strong team!

  • AG2

    So we’ve got 3 commits for the next two years: 2 guards who can attack the rim and an athletic 4. Sounds like just what we need.

  • KAB

    I really like the way Brundidge attacks the basket..

  • grandchamp21
    • SJWolv

      It’s hard for us to compete with Kansas, I’m not worried about Iowa State or Wake. Our advantages over Kansas are proximity to Canada (assuming he is from Ontario and not BC) and playing time. Out of SDW, Hawkins and Stauskas, I’d take Stauskas because I think he has the best all-around game. SDW looks like a streak shooter and Hawkins is a great athlete but I’m not sure about his basketball skills.

      • Beast1530

        I’d take Hawkins over all of the remaining prospects. Michigan needs athletic slasher.

        • Beast – was just wondering have you seen Hawkins play much? I have not, but by watching his statistics and hearing others comments, some people don’t think he is Big Ten material.

          Again, I don’t have any personal knowledge, but I do get a little concerned when isn’t tearing it up in high school ball. What are your thoughts?

          • Beast1530

            I saw him play a few times. His HS teams have a few players who can play in college level so scoring will be almost evenly distributed. He is the kind of athlete who can get to the hoop which is what Michigan needs more than anything IMO. AAU is a bit more important toward evaluating guards/wings prospect because the competition are stiffer and you see how they stack against other players who will be playing D1.

            From looking at Stauskas, I have reservations about his ability to play in D1 level especially when he’s not the best athlete on the floor. He may have trouble doing things in college level that he was able to do in HS level.

          • Sam

            I don’t know how Beast can say he has reservations about Stauskas’s ability to play at the D1 level when teams like Kansas start offering him.

            I have also seen Hawkins play, and while he is very athletic, he didn’t show a whole lot of ability to drive to the rack. He picked up a lot of points inside off of nice rebounds and shot the ball very well, but he didn’t have a lot of in-between game. That’s not to say that he can’t develop it though.

  • Suavdaddy

    So are we going after Nance or the dude from IL? I say take the flyer on the athletic kid who might grow. Both are a bit of a risk, but Nance seems to have a very high upside if he grows 3 inches or more.

  • J.D.

    I’am kind of interested to see what Trey Burke’s role will be in the offense In terms of minutes. But what really has me curious is who improves over the off season and where some of our bench player specifically those with some height and size shake out. It seems like McLimans and Horford seen little playing time this year, and made very little improvement, it would seem like developing one of them to to be J-Mo’s true back up would make more sense than having Smot battle against centers on defense. Is our starting five obviously set for next season with everyone returning or is Burke the kind of player who starts?

    The way I see it we look pretty deep off the bench, at guard (1&2) and if we can use Smot as a 3/4 off the bench, Horford as a 4/5 and try to develop McLimans into a true center it would add a lot more depth to the bench. Vogrich and Smot have already proven to be fairly productive scorers off the bench so…. my point is if I never have to see Smot guard a true center on defense that would be fine by me, and it might be worth it to have Horford and McLimans compete during the off season for who becomes J-Mo’s back-up at the 5 spot

    • billiam

      I’m being a pessimist here, but I just don’t see McLimans being the back-up 5. I see it this way:

      Set in stone: Morris, THJ (at the 3) and Morgan (at 5). Then, it depends on Smot. If the dude can play well he’s the 4 (because he’s the prototypical 4 for a Belein offense) and that moves Novak to the 2 (because Novak ALWAYS starts.)

      Either way you stack it, we’ll have plenty of depth in the back-court (CB, Burke, Stu backing the starters up) and that means that the 4 and 5 are the positions that need to be taken care of in the off-season. Morgan is solid, so that’s now on the 4. Smot, you listening? Seriously, Smot’s development will be the key issue next year. (I’ll listen to you if you think I’m wrong, but until I get a good response that’s my reasoning.)

      • J.D.

        Yeah that’s one scenario. But I don’t see the starting lineup deviating to far from what it is right now. But even if Smot makes it into the starting lineup, we’re still back to my original point of lacking a physical presence underneath, to replace Morgan when he gets in foul trouble or just needs a breath. It seems like at the beginning of the season JB was was using McLimans, then didn’t see him until the second meeting with Iowa. I’m just a little concerned about rebounding, it seemed like in Wednesdays game there was a possession where Wisconsin had like 5 offensive rebounds. (and I’m done talking about that loss, I know free throws)

  • Brian W

    Michigan’s women’s team just forced overtime with a miracle three pointer from Veronica Hicks. Opposite end of court as last night. Tim, Stu and others in the house.

  • Brian W

    Women lost in double overtime to Minny.

  • JimC

    Dylan/Joe, I’m glad you didn’t do a “5 Key Plays” from that game we shall not speak of.
    I’m just now getting back to life as normal again. And it is gonna be so good for these guys just to get on the court tomorrow….must keep focused on what’s ahead!

  • Beast1530

    Anybody excited to watch Fab 5 documentary in March 9th? This is going to be really good for Michigan recruiting IMO. The current and future recruits don’t remember the Fab 5 since they weren’t born at that time. Like Miami football documentary, it raised the profile of Miami football and will only help recruiting down the road. I feel that it will be the same for Michigan basketball.

  • fitey

    Is Michigan recruiting the to post players on Burkes team those two kids are athletic and have some serious balling skills.