Video: Douglass, Novak and Vogrich After Wisconsin Heartbreak


Video of Matt Vogrich, Stu Douglass and Zack Novak discussing Michigan’s last-second loss to Wisconsin.

  • Aaron

    Interesting to hear it was a botched switch that left Gasser open and not the playcall to double Taylor as Tim Doyle suggested in the post game.

    Obviously important in evaluating Beilein’s call in what was otherwise a tribute to the truly magnificent job he’s done with these guys in the last month. The defensive effort and execution was just excellent – we made them earn everything they got

    • J.D.

      There is no denying Beilein has done a lot with the Baby Blues, in last ten games or so. (I was debating with someone whether or not he was a GREAT coach) I’m looking for someone to blame but it’s tough. Free throws in this game parallel how I feel about those early season losses to Northwestern and Indiana. I bet the team wishes they could do it over again. On one hand JB made the right call but on the other hand I was yelling at my television “what are you doing” running the clock down to 5 seconds. I guess part of me thought if we let Wisconsin set up the offense they would go for two and at worst tie the game giving us a chance at a last second shot or OT; or miss the shot and force them to put us on the line. Anyway it was probably the right call.

  • steve

    you can hear the hurt in their voices… shake it off boys and go get a W on saturday…

  • josh

    —-in response to what you said Aaron, obviously that wasn’t a “playcall” to double Taylor. Tough loss but that was ours to win and we gave it to ’em.

    And doyle is an idiot-putting the game on mute when he is commentating is infinitely better.

  • Brian

    Shake it off fellaz. We still control our own destiny. Starting with Saturday against a struggling Gopher team.

  • Maizeyanks

    Just want to get this Minny game and head into the finale with something on the line (getting to .500 in conf. play) vs. that other school.