Game 29: Wisconsin at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Tonight’s tip off is unfortunately at the new Big Ten Network special time of 6:30 p.m. Michigan fans have grown accustomed to Tim Doyle and his Butterfly nickname for Darius Morris, but it doesn’t sound like Doyle will call tonight’s game. The game notes listed Doyle on the call but Mike Rothstein reported on twitter that Doyle would not be doing the game.

Each game thread seems to have a few more comments than the last, so you really have no excuse not to join in the discussion. Here are the standard pregame links:

  • Michigan by 1-10 (71%, 55 Votes)
  • Wisconsin by 1-10 (24%, 19 Votes)
  • Wisconsin by 10+ (5%, 4 Votes)
  • Michigan by 10+ (1%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 78

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  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Please make free throws.

  • SS

    Why the hell did they foul?

    • mike

      why wouldn’t you foul? You’d have the ball with like 6 secs left if they let us run the clock down

      • SS

        versus putting us up 4 (of course, I assume we make FT)

  • JB

    33 seconds to a resume win! FINISH! GO BLUE!

  • billiam

    UM is up by 2 with the ball! 6 team fouls on Wisco!

  • SS

    seems so un-Wisconsin like

  • chris

    doesnt that foul reset the shot clock and enable us to hold the ball for the remainder?

    • blue86

      except i’d rather have gotten a shot than a one and one

  • blue86

    oh dear god make your FTs please. Morgan for the clutch FTs?

  • South Florida Maize Rage


  • Dylan Burkhardt

    That’s not making your free throws. Ugh.

  • chris


  • andrew

    3pts: 7-13 fts: 5-11 ..!?

  • wes

    worst free throw performance I can remember!

  • Greyblue

    Bad foul

  • AG2

    Wisconsin has already won this game as far as I’m concerned.

  • Greyblue

    Didn’t deserve to lose on such a sloppy shot.

  • AG2

    Kalin Lucased’

  • chris

    OF course

  • BeileinsBricks

    Those free throws…everyone here could see what was going to happen.

  • Mattski

    Is that two of our most infamous losses that we’re looking at Stu miles from the shooter? Oh well, love the guy anyway.

    Masterful job by Beilein down the stretch with the fouls, too.

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    This team is cursed.

  • That hurts bad. Missed free throws finally kill us.

  • tin mad dog

    That was disgusting.

  • billiam

    heart. break. er.

  • buddhafrog

    did that really just happen? I’m bewildered right now.

    This team has amazing things in store for them, still. I predict two more wins, then a win or two in the tournament. They’ll sneak into the dance b/c they should – they’re one of the top 64+ teams.

  • MaceoBaston

    Did that really just happen?

  • tin mad dog

    Off the f-ing top of the square…..jeez

  • chris

    its like BeliensBricks said, everyone could feel it coming….we made too many mistakes to pull it out. I feel extremely angry right now.

  • andrew

    i get it.. you want to stop jordan taylor.. but how can you let ANY of them shoot a 3?? we’re up 2… why even let them take a 3. if we go to OT, we go to ot.. but seriously how can you leave someone open like that from 3

    • KRN

      From the way it looked, they were going to shoot the 3 no matter what.

    • Jeff

      For what it’s worth, looks like Douglass called for the switch but hesitated and then was committed to doubling. I don’t think it was the plan to double. Doesn’t really make it any better. Gotta stay positive and take care of Minnesota…

  • Chris

    kids played hard. great coaching down the stretch. couldnt think of a worse way to end it. hope the kids are handling it well, my throat is all dry just watching it. cant imagine how tough it is for them. hail

  • Alex

    I tip my hat to Gasser and the Badgers. I also could see that type of ending. Just really devastating. It’s going to take some real character to stay positive. The team has to remember it’s one game. May have deflated at-large hopes but the team can still make it to .500 in-conference. With that record and some kind of BTT run, you never know. I really hope the guys keep their chins up.

  • SS

    I think we’re going to be okay. I know I am biased but we are a better team than Minn (we’ve been playing pretty well on the road too) and better than sparty especially at home. I think it would underachieving if we didn’t win the next 2. Anyone who has seen sparty recently sees that they’ve become a 2-man and sometimes 1-man show.