Big Ten Roundup: February 21st, 2011

Team W L Poss. Off. Eff Def. Eff Eff. Margin
Purdue 11 3 65 1.13 1.01 0.12
Wisconsin 10 4 57 1.18 1.06 0.12
Ohio State 12 2 63 1.13 1.02 0.11
Illinois 7 7 64 1.06 1.01 0.05
Minnesota 6 8 62 1.06 1.07 -0.01
Penn State 7 8 58 1.08 1.10 -0.02
Michigan 7 8 61 1.06 1.11 -0.05
Michigan State 7 7 63 1.04 1.09 -0.05
Northwestern 6 9 63 1.07 1.14 -0.07
Indiana 3 11 64 1.04 1.11 -0.07
Iowa 3 12 65 0.99 1.10 -0.11

The updated scatterplot of this chart lives here.

One team continues to prove critics and writers wrong. Matt Painter’s Purdue Boilermakers continue to prove that they are surviving just fine without Robbie Hummel. In fact, it becomes scary to consider how good the Boilers could be with Robbie Hummel. Bloggers and writers (myself included) scoffed at seemingly radical Purdue fans that claimed the Purdue offense wouldn’t miss a beat and would even be better without Hummel. Now with just two weeks remaining in conference play, the Boilermakers are just a game out of first place and tied with Wisconsin for the league’s best efficiency margin. That Purdue offense that was ripped in the pre-season is averaging 1.13 points per trip, .08 more than last year’s iteration. Sure, E’Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson – both likely First Team All Big Ten performers – are a nice fall back plan to Hummel but Matt Painter should be the favorite for the Big Ten Coach of the Year Award.

The middle of the the Big Ten remains muddled. Illinois, Michigan State, Minnesota, Michigan, and Penn State are all tough to pick apart and are apparently in the thick of this week’s bubble talk. Illinois remains the most efficient of the bunch but still has to play road games at Purdue and Ohio State. There will be plenty of opportunity to settle the differences over the final two weeks of the regular season. – Dylan Burkhardt

Surprise of the week: Northwestern beating Indiana at Assembly Hall (box). This is no disrespect to the Wildcats, but Assembly Hall is always an extremely tough place to play and Northwestern has only won there twice in the school’s history. Now, it’s true Indiana had hit a rough patch before this game, losing to Iowa at home before dropping games against Purdue and Michigan on the road, but if you’re a Hoosier fan you have to expect to beat Northwestern at home even given those circumstances. Northwestern itself was coming off a stretch of losses to Michigan and Penn State before beating Iowa at home. The Wildcats held a 10-point lead at halftime and from that point had to stave off numerous runs from Indiana. But it wasn’t enough for the Hoosiers, who managed to tie the game but never could regain the lead. Michael Thompson had 22 for Northwestern and Jon Shurna had 19. – Joe Stapleton

Disappointment of the week: Minnesota losing at Penn State (box). I wouldn’t categorize this as a total surprise, Penn State is 6-2 at home this season, but this was a win that Minnesota could have really used. The Gophers, playing without injured point guard Al Nolen, have lost four of their last five games and are scrambling down the stretch. Minnesota really struggled offensively in the first half and Penn State opened up a 10-point lead about halfway through the second half. The Gophers clawed their way back into the game, but a late 8-0 run by the Nittany Lions that included a Talor Battle 3-pointer put the game away. – Joe Stapleton

Unsung hero: It will probably get lost in the shuffle this week, but Kalin Lucas’s 25-point performance against Illinois was pretty impressive (box). He got next to no help from his teammates (not one other Spartan registered double digits) and even though he took quite a few shots (19), he carried Michigan State. Whenever it seemed like Illinois would take control, the senior seemed to hit a big shot and take away their momentum. Lucas was the reason the Spartans won that game against the Illini at home, a game they couldn’t afford to lose. A vintage Lucas performance against Illinois provides hope for Michigan State fans and Tom Izzo, who called the last three weeks Lucas’ “best overall stretch” since arriving in East Lansing. – Joe Stapleton

Stat Line: The Michigan side of me would love to go with Tim Hardaway Jr., but E’Twaun Moore wouldn’t allow it (box). The senior guard simply dominated Ohio State, hanging 38 points on the Buckeyes while turning the ball over only three times. Moore hit seven 3-pointers and hit big shot after big shot. He was just in a zone all night, and the No. 2 team in the country couldn’t stop him. There are two really remarkable things about what Moore did, besides just the point total: one, he scored 38 points on 18 shots. 18 shots. Second, he scored the vast majority of them on David Lighty, one of the best defensive guards in the Big Ten. Just a masterful performance by Moore to cap what was quite a week for the Boilermakers, who beat Wisconsin and Ohio State in a seven-day span. – Joe Stapleton

Game of the week: It may not have been pretty at times, but Michigan’s game on the road against Iowa was a heck of a game. These were two teams that know each other very well going at it, with the road team down two at the end of regulation and sending a 53 percent free throw shooter to the charity stripe to force overtime. And while the first half was about as ugly as it gets, we’ve all seen the entertaining plays made by Jordan Morgan and Tim Hardaway Jr. in the second half. – Joe Stapleton

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  • wayman britt

    A little off topic, but looking ahead to Wednesday. We know that UW will overplay on the perimeter, get in our face on D and not let anybody get a good look at a three.

    Thus, it’s outside their comfort zone, but we need Zack and Stu to dribble dive. Even if they don’t go all the way to the basket, a pull up jumper would help us defeat UW. Driving to the basket will be imperative for everybody.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Teams have been doing this quite a bit lately… Stu and (especially) Zack have really been aggressive trying to drive. It hasn’t always led to positive results but it has quite often. Novak’s also been successful with the backcut quite a bit… another sign that teams are playing him very tight while respecting his jumper. Ideally I think we want people to play that over aggressive style because it opens up other dimensions of the game.

  • KAB

    Dylan,do you know if there are only single tickets left for the Wisky game?

    • Brian W

      Not Dylan, but yeah, you can get tickets at while they last.

      • Merlin

        looks like lots of seats still available

      • Brian W

        I should probably clarify. When I mean tickets, I mean you can get seats together. They’ve been pushing the tickets on the radio, so I can’t say for how long it will be before it’s just single seats.

  • J.D.

    A little off topic like Britt’s comment, but there has been some D-Mo draft talk, and I’m kinda over it so, would anyone like to comment on JaJuan Johnson in the NBA? I was thinking early first round. Also, what is CJ Lee doing for the Wolverines now I thought I seen him on the bench Saturday?

  • Alex

    On a separate note, I am salivating over the Maui 2011 field. Talk about resume builders. There could always be letdowns but it should be the strongest field in some time. It’s cool Michigan won in 1988.

    • ChathaM

      Yes. I love that M will be a part of this field. I think that Beilein scheduled well this year, given the building nature of the team, and I hope that 2-3 non-conference beauties, in addition to the big time Maui competition, will be in store next year. I like to think that we’re building towards a program that annually plays a very tough non-conference slate.

  • Section13Row15

    U-M in the Maui next year is amazing! Wish I could somewhow be there for the games…Does anyone know who else we play next year out of conference? I think our home and home with Kansas is over, and the ACC / Big10 Challenge games don’t get announced until late summer I think. PS: I’m pretty sure CJ Lee was hired as an administrative assistant prior to the season or right when Brian Townsend got promoted and Travis Conlan backfilled Brian’s spot.

  • KAB

    DMO said on BT pulse,(We are all comming back next season).

  • Kenny

    What I love about the current situation regarding postseason perspective is that the destiny is in our own hands. Not only we are hosting a Wisconsin team that presents a opportunity for a good win, but we will face two other bubble teams, by beat whom will have the effect felt both ways.

  • KAB

    Agreed,one game at a time..