Game 28: Michigan at Iowa Recap

Dylan Burkhardt

Any team can win when everyone plays well and every shot finds the net. It takes significantly more willpower and mental toughness to win a game when nothing comes easy. Michigan managed to escape Iowa City with an overtime win despite a first half that was filled with mistakes, fouls, and chaos. Things started spiraling out of control as Michigan’s offense stagnated and player after player went to the bench due to foul trouble. Bryce Cartwright’s 60-footer banking in at the buzzer felt like the culmination of a perfect storm of disaster. Luckily, Michigan’s fortunes would begin to shift at halftime as that basket was waved off and despite a forgettable half that couldn’t have gone much worse, the Wolverines trailed by just eight points at the break.

When the going gets tough, somebody has to put the team on their back. Today, it was Tim Hardaway Jr… again. The freshman wing has carried this team to past victories but did everything in his power to one-up himself tonight. Hardaway scored 30 points on just 14 shots and made big play after big play to will Michigan back into the game. Darius Morris and Jordan Morgan provided ample amounts of support, scoring 20 and 18 points respectively. When all was said and done, Hardaway, Morris and Morgan combined to score 68 of Michigan’s 75 points and the Wolverines escaped with a narrow overtime victory.

While all three played tremendous games, the biggest play of the game wasn’t one of Morris’ dazzling passes or Hardaway’s lethal three pointers. It was Jordan Morgan calmly hitting a pair of free throws to tie the game with :12 seconds remaining in regulation. Those are clutch makes for any player but for Morgan, a 53% free throw shooter, to step up and hit those shots on the road is impressive.

Michigan’s “big three” carried the offense but they did it efficiently, combining to make 22 of 33 shots for an effective field goal percentage of 77%. The rest of Michigan’s roster scored just 7 points on 2 of 19 shooting. Despite 91% of Michigan’s offensive production coming from just three players, the Wolverines managed to score a solid 1.08 points per possession. Free throws were paramount for Michigan’s offense, especially in the second half, as Michigan made 19 of 24 free throws. Michigan turned the ball over on 19% of its possessions and only rebounded a quarter of its misses.

Michigan’s defense was far from perfect but tough enough to get a few clutch stops. The Hawkeyes scored 1.04 points per possession and shot 59% on twos and 12% on threes. The Wolverines did a good job forcing turnovers as Iowa coughed it up on 23% of their possessions leading to 23 Michigan points. Fouls and subpar defensive rebounding consistently plagued the Wolverine defense. The Hawkeyes rebounded 41% of their misses and scored 11 second chance points. Iowa also made 18 of 22 free throws and Michigan’s fouls not only gave Iowa easy points but put starters on the bench.

As we’ve seen all season, this game was a hodgepodge compilation of both great and awful stretches. No road win is too ugly and Michigan simply couldn’t afford to lose this game. Now it’s on to a tough closing stretch of schedule – Wisconsin, at Minnesota, and Michigan State – that provide the opportunity for quality wins that Michigan needs.


Player Bullets:

  • Darius Morris: Morris played with great swagger and confidence in the second half, not only making his teammates better with smooth no look passes in transition, but also scoring on his won. He finished the game with 20 points (8-12 fg), nine assists, five rebounds, three turnovers, and two steals. It was a monster performance from Darius and he carried Michigan through several tough stretches of the game. The complaint that Morris “doesn’t finish well around the hoop” needs to stop. Morris was 8 of 12 (66%) today and is shooting over 55% on twos, better than most guards.
  • Tim Hardaway Jr.: It’s tough not to drool about the future when Tim plays like this: 30 points on 9 of 14 (5-7 3pt) shooting is impressive by anyone, let alone a true freshman on the road. Hardaway is shooting the ball well from distance but the array of moves that he’s began to use when converting in the lane is equally as impressive. When he has the ball in an isolation situation coming from left-to-right, it’s tough not to expect a positive result.
  • Jordan Morgan: Morgan’s free throws at the end of the game were huge but he was solid throughout, finishing with 18 points on 6 of 7 shooting (6-9 FT) with eight rebounds. He made some mistakes (3 TOs) but did a great job finishing, usually with authority. Morgan picked up some cheap fouls early but did a great job of playing under control with three fouls for most of the second half and overtime.
  • Zack Novak: Novak just had a brutal night, fouling out with 2 points on 0-10 shooting. Novak battled Basabe in the post but wasn’t very effective at stopping him (19 points on 8-10 shooting) and just couldn’t find the bottom of the basket. Four of Novak’s five fouls occurred while he was trying to take a charge and they all appeared to be calls that could go either way.
  • Stu Douglass: Another painful game for Douglass, who couldn’t find his shot (1-5) and also had a couple frustrating turnovers. Michigan needs production out of Douglass or Novak and right now they aren’t providing it. Hopefully a return trip to more familiar scenery can help snap both juniors out of their funk.
  • Evan Smotrycz:Evan missed a pair of threes, turned the ball over twice, looked relatively hopeless trying to guard Basabe on the block in his nine minutes of playing time.
  • Matt Vogrich: Vogrich played 13 minutes but was overmatched and not able to find an open shot. What appeared to be one of his best plays, a deflected pass, turned out to be a killer as he saved the ball back to Iowa who ended up with an alley oop dunk.
  • Blake McLimans:  McLimans seemed to do an ok job defensively but I’m not sure why he still attempts threes and he’s still a liability on the defensive glass.
  • Jon Horford: Blake played a bit more than Horford, who didn’t play enough to really do anything.
  • Colton Christian: Christian is a liability offensively but did grab two defensive rebounds in 5 minutes. I do think there’s a role for him down the line as a defensive stopper/rebounder at the four position.
  • jmblue

    Maybe the most incredible thing about Hardaway is how much better his shot selection has gotten over the course of the season. It used to take him 15 shots to score 15 points. Now he’s picking his spots like a veteran.

    • Kenny

      He was less involved in the offense the first half of the season, mostly catch and shoot at the baseline. Recently he is much more involved, gets the ball at the top a lot where he is most dangerous. If he improves his handle, he will be a great player. Maybe Tim Sr can spend the summer to work with Jr on improve his handling.

      • lavell99

        Imagine if he could make the same leap in improvement from year to year as Morris did. You’re right. If he improves his handles, he’ll be unstoppable.

  • AC1997

    I thought the hated Eddie Hightower was calling anything and everything a foul for a while and when I saw the practice squad on the floor late in the first half I thought we were screwed. I don’t think there were a ton of blatantly bad calls, but in general it was a choppy, uneven performance from the refs.

    One thing that nearly cost Michigan the game was the lack of charging calls. Several of Michigan’s players compensate for their lack of athleticism or shot blocking ability by taking charges. Until the Morgan call very late in the game not a single charge was called and that nearly lost the game. Novak, Douglas, Morgan, and Hardaway all got steam rolled at times and you’d hope that at least a couple of those would get called in our favor. It was appropriate that the call Morgan finally got at the end sort of sealed the game.

  • tyler

    I don’t know who he is saying Daruis is a poor finisher, but Im with you I don’t see it at all. Granted, I have seen him take some reckless offbalance shots in the paint, but for the most part I think he is a good finsher.

    Great job from Hardaway, Morgan, and Morris today. That being said we are going to need more players to step up the next three games. Smotrycz is going to have to play better, but at least he has the excuse of being a freshman. Douglass and Novak don’t have the inexperience excuse. They need to step up and now.

  • georgeesq.

    I don’t agree on Vogrich’s play being a cardinal sin. He was 25 feet from the basket on the sideline and tried to bounce the ball off of Marble’s leg. Instead, Marble corraled it. But he was still 25 feet from the basket.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Yeah… that might be a little harsh. Changed it a bit.

      • champswest

        His bigger mistake was letting the inbounds pass roll on the floor to (save the clock) while being closely guarded, right before the half. That almost cost us the game. That was a bone head play.

    • bryemye

      And it still ended up as an alley-oop. If you aren’t totally sure you can save it to a teammate on your own end, then just let it go out.

  • tin mad dog

    Timmy is a stud. You’ve got to love Morris & Morgan too. It’s going to be fun watching them next year.

  • tin mad dog


    I heard on the radio yesterday that Sim Bhullar already has enough credits to graduate from high school a year early. Any feeling on whether he will?

    • lavell99

      Webb talked about Bhullar on the recruiting roundup friday. Said it is still undetermined whether he will classify as 2011 or 2012. It sure would be nice to add some size to burke and brundidge. It is just a huge drop-off on inside defensive presence right now when Morgan sits. That was abundantly clear last night.

      • Mattski

        Horford will offer that next year. As with Smotrycz–and Morris last year–it is just damned hard even for very promising players to come in and contribute as freshmen. Not saying that another interior presence isn’t needed, just like we need one-two guys who are more consistent from outside. You just have to walk before you run. They are tantalizingly close.

        Another year and Novak and Stu will be better too, I hope. I don’t ask much more from Novak, but I do hope Stu can have a great senior year.

  • GoBlue1980

    Tim Hardaway Jr. is a future 1st team All American in my book. Bad game by the Wolverines, Michigan didn’t play well in the first half, but Iowa didn’t take advantage to put the game away early. Bad refing calling all touch fouls and no charges. Just a terrible group of refs. Ed Hightower is a moron. I’m sorry, it had to be said.Consistently the worst ref, serving up the most home cooking of any ref in the Big Ten. I’d like to say he’s on the take, but he’s so consistently bad, there’s no way he can be. Guy needs to be absolutely barred from the sport.The announcers were terrible too. Jimmy Jackson I never noticed how awful he was before until this game. A win is a win 17-11 overall and 7-8 in the Big Ten. Now we need to beat MSU the last game of the year and split with Wisconsin and Minnesota and that will get us to 19-12 overall and 9-9 in the Big 10. Win 1 in the Big Ten tourney and we are 50/50 on the bubble IMO. Win 2 and we are in the dance. I think we definitely need to beat Wisconsin more so than Minnesota though for a nice quality win.

  • maizeandbluebasketball

    Over the past couple of weeks I grown to love this team even more than I used to, whether by the mental toughness of a close win, or by watching Darius Morris and seeing his complete transformation on the court, and I even give him props for his technical against IU, because he was standing up for someone on his team and becoming a leader. And I know its “fluff”, but the story about Darius’ friendship with Dan Tan who had a neurological disease that ultimately killed him just made me respect the guy even more. Also watching Tim Hardaway , Jr., on the Journey and watching Zack Novak get emotional at Michigan St. made me all in for this team.

    … Oh yeah, and seeing Blake McLimans get pumped up on the bench every time someone hits a big three always makes me laugh (in a good way).

    I know everyone will hopefully be back next year, but I’ll still strangely miss them all mostly being underclassmen

    This win was one of the weirdest of the season, but its over now and 2-1 and 1-1 in the BTT could get us in to the tournament, granted we get a “signature” win. (Wisconsin?)

  • Paul

    I ALMOST wish the game hadn’t been on TV (well, the Big Ten Network, anyway…) because it is painful to watch random refereeing. Those poor players (on BOTH teams) couldn’t possibly know what they could & couldn’t do.

  • Greyblue

    A tough and ugly game, but a happy ending.

    We will see what they got in these next three games. We need a rodent patrol-Badgers, Gophers and Spartans. Oops, only two out of three technically qualify for the rodent patrol.

    Sometimes it does seem some of the Spartan fans qualify, but certainly not their hoops teams who will be looking to rub the Wolverines nose in it, and seemed to have righted the ship.

    What we need win wise is two out of three in any combination. Probably tough sledding, but it would be nice to have some momentum going into the B10 tourney. Good chance to earn some recognition, and the big dance.

    Bring on the Badgers!

    • JimC

      Maybe IL can rise to the occasion and make this a perfect day in college hoops in Michigan.

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        I really think we want Michigan State to win this game.

  • Kenny

    I was curious why Christian/Horford was not in the game when Morgan shot his second FT. They are better rebounders and better one to commit a foul had Morgan missed.

  • billiam

    Morris is one of the great points in the league right now as a sophomore. He’s great at giving assists, and is the team’s leading scorer.

    However, I was wondering why he never dunks? Morgan and Hardaway dunk. The kid is 6’4. What’s up?

    • tin mad dog

      He’s done it a couple of times but, as the PG I really don’t mind him saving his energy for other more important aspects of the game.

    • Brick

      Did you see his attempted dunk on a backdoor cut a few games back (I think it was Indiana)? Beilein goofed on him for missing it. He can dunk but he’s better at layups.

      • TheYooper

        Morgan is four inches taller and a better jumper. Hardaway Jr. is an inch or two taller, longer arms, and he has some explosive hops. From what I’ve seen, Morris does not jump well at all so I don’t mind the layups.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Post game videos:

  • Tom

    Such a great win. Win 3 of our next 4 (guaranteed) games and we’re in the dance in my opinion. I think we can pull it off though it will depend on the play of Novak and Douglass more than our youngsters. Here’s hoping that they step it up the next 3 games. Good win today. Eases the pain of Wed.

  • CJD

    I do not know who says Morris is not good at finishing around the rim because that is simply not the case; in fact that is what he does best. Does he on occasion have stretches in games where he does not value the basketball yes, does he at times dribble the air out of the ball yes, does he fling that one handed pass not tight spots at times yes; but lack finishing ability in the paint not a chance.

    As for THJ; his progress continues to impress everyone. As mentioned in game chat I hope his fathers financial issues do not force his hand into the NBA too early. If his skills come along he will be an NBA player in time; but he still has a lot of work to do on his ball handling.

    I for one (and probably many others) just do not see Smot ever being more than a jump shooter. His lack of athletic ability an foot speed will be his downfall; that said will probably develop into a situational.

    As for Morgan; he has come a long way. We can only hope that he turns into what JJ said during broadcast another Maurice Taylor.

    • jihadistjohn

      i’m in the minority here, but i enjoy jimmy jackson’s work…BUT…i disagree with the maurice taylor comparison…mo was an incredibly athletic 4 that could constantly play above the rim, abuse defenders in the post with quickness/finesse and also crash the boards at a rate we’ve yet to see from morgan…i liken his upside more to a “shorter-armed tractor traylor,” but redshirting him last season (although partly forced by injury) looks as though it was a pure genius move

      • ZRL

        I think Morgan is like a poor man’s Dejaun Blair

  • Ferramamos

    Is it time to abort the Stu Douglass starting experiment? Seems like he was playing better coming off the bench. This has also hurt Evan.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Interesting question but I don’t think so. Evan was struggling beforehand, which prompted the move, and I think benching Stu now would hurt his confidence.

    • UMHoops Fan

      Are we 3-1 in those 4 games or 1-3?

      • jihadistjohn

        that’s why it’s an interesting question…the team has a winning record since the line-up change, but going strictly by the “eye test,” it seems to have negatively affected the performance of both evan and stu…i like the idea someone else brought up of extending christian’s minutes…at this point, he won’t be any more of a liability on offense than evan and, more importantly, he’ll reduce the turnovers, play solid D and hold his own on the boards…might be worth experimenting with…every team can use a mike griffin

        • Mattski

          I just don’t think Smotrycz is effective when he’s in. I will be surprised if they go back. In all the things they do off the ball, Stu is more effective. And although he goofs, he can run the offense, too. Though he looked like a sheep among wolves when he got fleeced yesterday, he doesn’t really screw up that much.

          Wish he could get confident about his shot, but as Beard’s piece in the Det News yesterday pointed out, the outside shooters are being challenged more. Now, if you tell me Evan will go in and rain treys. . .

        • bryemye

          I don’t think Evan was good before the switch. To be honest I think it’s more that Evan was playing poorly than Stu deserved to start.

    • the_white_tiger

      We’ve been getting off to good starts in these games.

  • Tweeter

    Didnt see the game or hear it on the radio, so I cant really comment on anything except the stats (which like, where are the stats? Dylan? How am I supposed to know who won the four factors?). Glad to see our guys respond and battle to the end to win a game on the road.

    I thought at the start of the week that Michigan needed to get a split this week and they did, so that is good. However, assuming Wisky beats PSU tomorrow, that game on Wednesday is huge. Hopefully we come to play and get that win.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Waiting for StatSheet to update… Sorry guys.

      • Tweeter

        lol. jk. there is never anything for you to apologize for. Great write up as usual.

  • wayman britt

    Good to get a win. This team does not give up. That’s a good trait.

    To have a chance against the next three teams though, we need Novak and Stu to return to their old form. I hope Beilein runs a set play for Novak to get him an easy look against UW. If he makes a layup early that will boost his confindence. He also needs to go straight up on his three’s rather than leaning back.

    • Azad

      is there such a thing as an easy look against Wisconsin?

      • jihadistjohn

        it’s NEVER easy to merely look at wisconsin period…consistently fugly playing style with a neverending supply of mouth-breathing neanderthal east dakota clods…they’re nothing without bo ryan’s brilliance and ability to intimidate officials

  • Rob in AA

    I couldn’t agree more about your call on play of the game. Morgan’s free throws were huge. Has to hit them both to give the team a chance to do something in overtime. Money. Big time play for a young guy on the road. Go Blue!

  • JimC

    Great game & great game!

    What a season this has been, after the huge disappointment of last year. Raise your hand if, last month, you thought we’d be bubblewatching until March.
    Not me.

    • JimC

      i meant “great game & great writeup”
      But was distracted by the IL-MSU game.
      That’s just sad.

  • BeileinsBricks

    That Tim Hardaway dunk off the Morris assist has to be one of the five key plays. It was simply beautiful.

  • Eric

    Really don’t mean to be a pessimist after such a great win and a season of exceeding expectations, but just wanted to pass this link on from – Morris now on the draft board for 2011 in the second round as well

    • tin mad dog

      I’m not sure why he’d want to go if he’s projected as a 2nd rounder (and the last player drafted to boot). 2nd round picks don’t get guaranteed contracts and he’s still got to be able to make a college distance 3 with some consistency before any NBA team is going to take a serious look at him.

      • Eric

        I wouldn’t understand it either, but Manny didn’t get drafted along with Donovan Warren who both left early so who knows.. Sure hope he doesn’t though, still has a lot of room for improvement (jump shot, left hand)

      • jihadistjohn

        what, pray tell, is this “NBA” you guys speak of??…never heard of it

    • jmblue

      He can be a first-rounder with another year of improvement.

    • JB

      More concerning is that the list claims “Morris is said to be leaning towards entering the draft.”

      I really hope that isn’t true.

      • Mattski

        If we had a nickle for every person who ragged on him early in the year we could probably pay his NBA minimum and keep him around for a year.

    • lavell99

      NBA talk is silly. You have to be sure fire lottery pick to leave after your soph year. Also, I know one of the factors in choosing Michigan was the prestige of our B-school. If he’s in our B-school (not sure if he is), he’ll stay four years.

      • CJD

        As I mentioned above; THJ now has a profile on that page as well. THJ may have a financial reason to come out early but I have no clue what the Morris family financial situation is like????????

        • UMQuasi

          The son of a former NBA all-star may have a financial reason to leave college? Your comment confuses me

          • Chris

            THSr. has financial problems. Like, their house was foreclosed on level of financial problems.

            Morris has an older brother playing in Europe and otherwise seems plain old middle class from the little shreds I’ve seen in various places.

    • Jeff

      Being listed as a 2nd rounder isn’t a big deal, especially considering most mock-drafts don’t list him at all. Lucas and Summers have been listed as 2nd rounders since they were freshman. I’d be shocked if he leaves after this year.

      • Kenny

        Just want to say that Chris is dead wrong on the financial problem of Tim Sr. The hardaway house was not foreclosed, he sold it to Heat by shy of 2m and the family still live there until Heat find someone to buy it. The asking price is 2.4m. He owe IRS some money 120K, I read, and I would guess that he has some other personal debt and a lot of his investment went south. But as i said, Tim Sr still have a job and steady income.

        • rlc

          Florida real estate is an excellent way to lose lots of money, fast…

  • the_white_tiger

    Tim Hardaway has the team on his back!

    But seriously, I’d rather see Christian on the floor instead of Smotrycz. He doesn’t do anything on offense but he doesn’t ever turn it over and he plays much better defense.

    • michiganvic

      I cannot believe Tim hardaway. The dude is a stud with a hell of a personality. Class act. Morgan ncould b a beast. Just needs to watch the careless Gould when he is obviously beat to the basket. Go blue. Definitely a top 20 team next year if we can keep everyone.

  • tin mad dog

    We’re going to need some contribution from another big if we are going to beat Wisky.

    • billiam

      Just ask the player’s dads to come.

      • the_white_tiger

        Or Al Horford.

  • brenks

    i really think akunne should get sum more play time honestly he looked good runnin the floor the the 5 minutes he played no turnovers n had a real nice layup in transition he was a stud in high school i really hope belien gives him more minutes

  • ScottGoBlue

    So, I’m with everyone else, talking about how nice it is to be doing this well this late into the season, etc. This team is great to watch and cheer for. I’m excited to see them play for the next couple years. Great job, Coach B. Etc.

    News flash: if we win the last 3 games (I know, I know), we finish 5th in the B10. Probably face Illinois in the first round of the BTT (winnable, in my opinion). Then Ohio State (probably). Who’s with me on rooting for this absurd outcome? ;-)

    It’s amazing what an overtime win over Iowa can do for one’s optimism.

    Go Blue!

  • lavell99

    Great writeup Dylan. Nailed it. Huge win for the team psyche.

  • MaizeNBlueJ

    I’m a little late on this one, but the Illinois torrent is up at

    I’ll have the Iowa one up as soon as I get enough copies of this one distributed that I’m not needed to seed any more. Probably look for it tomorrow evening.

    • CJD

      What is this site and what is a torrent?

      • Kenny

        it is file sharing. google bittorrent, install whatever the software, then you can download the game (and upload to others at the same time).

  • El Capitan

    It may be the pessimist in me, but I think going 2-1 in the last three games and winning the first game of the BTT is not going to be enough to get into the tournament. That would put us at 20-12 with our biggest win being one of these final games(MINN or WIS). We have a great SOS but I’m afraid they’ll take a mediocre team with a big win over us. Example: Nebraska beat Texas last night, which I believe officially puts them into the bubble talk.

    Can somebody please convince me otherwise?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I don’t think it would be a lock and it’s important that one of the wins is over Wisconsin because that would provide a top 25 RPI win.

      If Michigan wins 2 of 3 that means 4 RPI top 50 wins with one coming over an RPI top 25 team. That’s not great but it should have Michigan in the conversation especially when there is a top 20 SOS, 4 road wins, and probably 9 top 100 wins.

      A team like Nebraska got a great win but even with that win, they are still just 2-5 against RPI top 50 with a worse RPI than us and a SOS in the 80s.

    • maxwell’s demon

      Nebraska’s non-conference is really weak and the B12 is not the B10. Big win for them vs. Texas but they’ll need to finish above .500 in conference to get in (they are .500 now). I think what happens within our conference is most important. If we are to win 2 of the next 3 and one of those is MSU, I think a 3 way (maybe even 4 way) tie at 9-9 is pretty likely. Ill, us, and either MSU or Minny although both could get there. I think PSU drops out of the picture. I definitely don’t think this conference sends 7 or 8 so it’s going to be close. Splitting with Minny would help our head to head there and obviously sweeping MSU.

  • CJD

    Latest draft update on Morris:

    39th pick going to Milwaukee – Darius Morris – 6/4 – 190 – PG – Michigan – Soph

    Note he is now rated higher than McCamey from Ill.

  • KAB

    Dylan,good post like always.This was a huge win and gives us something to play for down the stretch.I hope the Wisky game sells out.

  • Brian W

    Glenn Robinson III went 8-for-8 from the line and had 15 points on Friday….

    If your last name was Sims, yesterday was a good day. Desahwn had 20 points and Courtney had 25 points in the D-League all-star game.

  • AG2

    Going pro after your sophomore year during a work stoppage that will probably cancel the Summer League is not a good idea. I mean with Battle, Lucas, McCamey, and maybe Buford gone Morris could contend for PoY next year that could make him a first rounder.

  • BBallJunkie

    The performance of the upper classman -Stu and Zack – is what will determine the fate of the team. The young studs are playing at high and consistent level. Hopefully Stu and Zack can close out the year strong. Go blue!

  • JimC

    Agree w/above 2 posts.
    You can worry about a lot of stuff, but not Darius leaving this early.

    Wisc. is the golden opportunity game now, and Stu & Zack have to play better.

  • bird

    If the NIT was the reasonable goal, goal met. Although I’d love a little gravy…

  • shane

    Nice win yesterday.

    I’m a Michigan fan from Kentucky (yes, Kentucky) and I’m happy I found this site. I’m interested in buying some UM game DVDs from the 1990s and early 2000s. If anyone here has any, or can point me in the right direction, I’d greatly appreciate it. I apologize in advance if this isn’t the proper venue for such business.

    Go Blue!

  • Section13Row15

    I’m glad other people noticed the poor officiating. I try not to use that as an excuse, but this year has been worse than others. What I don’t understand is the calls where someone gets past their man with very little impediment and instead of just letting them play, they blow the whistle. The other call that bothered me was the one on Horford trying to get an offensive board. He and the Iowa player got to the ball at the same time and instead of just calling the ball out of bounds on Horford, they called the foul. It also seems like whenever someone trips or falls, its an automatic call this year. Putting teams in the bonus early affects the outcome of the game.

  • michiganvic

    If our guys r smart everyone will stay. So with that being said we should b a top 20 team to start next year. Go blue