2012 Intro: Sim Bhullar


Sim Bhullar is an enormous Canadian big man prospect out of Toronto. He stands 7-foot-4 and is graduating in the class of 2012. Sim has recently popped up on Michigan’s radar and is working on a potential visit. Here’s what he had to say about his game and his recruitment:

Describe your game. I’m a 7-4 post player. I’m better mostly in the post on the block. I’m a very good passer.

Have you been in contact with any Michigan coaches? Yeah, Coach Alexander.

Has he been to any of your practices or games? Yeah, Coach Alexander was at our game last month or a couple weeks ago.

What did you and Coach Alexander talk about? Just, like regular recruiting stuff. What I like in a school, what they have at Michigan, how they want me to come visit, come play for them. Pretty much that kind of stuff.

What other schools have you been contacted by? Georgetown, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Xavier, Cincinnati, USC and that’s pretty much it.

Do you have these schools ranked at all? I’m just pretty much open. I’m just going to look at all the schools and figure stuff out.

Planning on visiting Michigan any time soon? Yeah, I was planning on going there over spring break.

Anything specific about your game you’re focused on improving? Right now I’m trying to get my body in shape to get ready for the college level. Just cutting the fat down and building strength.

What are some specific things you’re looking for in a school? I’m just looking for four years in college, but if I can get to the NBA, which is my final goal, then I could leave early. I’d try to go to a school that has a great history with big men, where I’d receive the ball in the post a lot and a place where I’ll fit in.

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  • How could any high school kid guard this guy?

    • Mattski

      I know; it’s like a laughing game of keep-away.

  • Kevin B

    It’s funny that he’s wearing #2.

  • Kenny

    WOW, a monster that will head to NBA. Very good coordination for 7’4 but extreme long shot for us.

  • tin mad dog

    I don’t know if I’d say he’s that coordinated. He can dunk. Can he run the floor, pass, shoot outside of 3 feet? You can’t tell any of that from the video. I don’t think he had anyone taller than maybe 6’6″ covering him in that video. I’m also not sure why he brings the ball down for a dribble when he’s two feet away from the hoop. Just go up and dunk it.

    It looks like his brother, while 2 inches shorter, may be a little more mobile & skilled.

    Sim certainly doesn’t look athletic but he’s only 16 or 17 so I guess there’s some stuff he can work on and improve before he jumps to the college level.

    You can’t teach 7’4″ and he has size too so he’s certainly worth a look. At worst, you’ve got a space eater that can block some shots, which Michigan can use.

  • mgocanada

    Whoa. Can you imagine us having a beast like this? Not many players demand a tuba accompaniment, but this dude does. Continent-sized post players don’t seem to be an UM priority, but it would take some pressure off our shooters to have a must-double-team threat down low like that — the fact that he emphasizes passing in his brief interview is encouraging to that end. We all know that Trey Burke knows how to feed dominant bigs. Quite frankly, I’m not sure it matters if he can shoot from more than 3 feet away; actually, it looks like he’s got some pretty good hands, and he certainly isn’t skinny, for a change — this guy makes Bob Traylor look small. Take.

    • Mattski

      I think you’ve come up with our nickname for him–The Continental.

  • Alex

    It would be really cool if he came to Michigan but those are some really big names in the NCAA that are calling. Sounds like he’s interested in giving Michigan a look over. Wherever he ends up I see some triple doubles in his future.

    • tin mad dog

      I wonder if any of those schools have offered him a scholarship?

  • Tweeter

    Would love to get this kid. Beilein doesnt seem to have a great reputation for building big men, but honestly, if I was a big, Beilein would be one of the first people I would want to coach me. The thing he is best at, is improving skill. A big guy like this is going to dominate down low at college, but if he wants to make the NBA he needs to have some skill as well. With Coach Alexander here also, I think the coaches here at Michigan could do wonders with this kid.

    This kid plus an athletic wing forward and I would say the recruiting over the next two years could put this program over the top.

    • rlc

      This paragraph (from the SI article) sounds like the reason we have hope:

      “[Bhullar’s prep coach] Freedman genuinely believes the best comparison for Bhullar is Lithuanian legend Arvydas Sabonis, one of the most skilled passing-and-shooting 7-footers of all-time. The Kiski coach says Bhullar has Sabonis-like range well beyond the college three-point line, although he didn’t have the green light to display it in the high-pressure FIBA environment, where he was strictly a behemoth shuffling around the paint in size-22 Nikes. One imagines the college teams who’ve shown interest in Sim — he says the list is West Virginia, Cincinnati, Washington, Washington State, Duke, Texas, USC and Indiana — are more interested in his size than his potential as a gunner.”

  • Tweeter

    Btw, if you want to read more about this kid, here is an SI article from last summer. It might have been posted around these parts last time this guys name came up, but I dont remember.


  • grandchamp

    What a beast! Any idea on his free throw shooting? What nationality is this guy?

    • Tweeter


  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Here’s another video of him:

  • Tweeter

    An additional aside, I am surprised UM is not recruiting his teammate, Stefan Jankovic as well. I just noticed him at the end of that highlight, then went and watched a couple of his vids on youtube. That guy is 6’9ish and has some pretty good skills. Reminds me a lot of Andre Kirilenko. He is also a 2012 kid and has a pretty solid offer sheet.

    • Kenny

      Jankovic is impressive too, I am sure that the coaches have their eyes on him too.

      • Kenny

        I was wrong, Jankovic is now at Huntington Prep too.

    • Kenny

      A little more googling found that the Jankovic are no longer a teammate with Bhullar brothers, who transferred to Huntington Prep at WV last Thanksgiving.

      • Colby

        If you look at Lavall Jordan’s twitter and who he is following Stefan Jankovic is listed so we have probably inquired. He is the type of PF that JB’s system needs.

        Hoping the staff looks at another Canadian Anthony Bennett who is skilled and athletic.

  • KRN

    Let’s get after his brother Tanveer too. He’s listed as 7’3 in the class of 2013. That basketball team must be ridiculous with a 7’4, 7’3, and 6’9 guy all on it.

  • tin mad dog
  • grandchamp

    The Fab Five “30 for 30” documentary that is slated to air March 13th at 9pm could have a very positive impact on our recruiting. Hopefully they focus more on the good times than the other junk.

    • mgocanada

      Sweet, didn’t know there was such a 30 for 30. Hopefully it’s as good the one about THE U. The fab five were to basketball in the early 90s what the miami hurricanes were to football in the late 80s, no exaggeration.

  • What skills are ideal for a 5 in Beilein’s system? Post presence doesn’t seem to be one of them, but then again we’ve never had one!

  • JB

    I noticed a mention of Michigan in ESPN’s Weekly Watch under the heading More Teams That Impressed Us.

    “Michigan: Do we dare say the Wolverines are making a late push for a bid? Michigan is 16-10 overall and now 6-7 in the Big Ten after sweeping Northwestern and Indiana at home. What if the Wolverines win out and finish 11-7? Go at least 4-1 and we might have something to talk about.”

    If we win out and finish 11-7 I can’t see how we could be left out. If we go 4-1 and are 10-8 heading into the BTT I still think we’d be on the safe side of the bubble depending on our BTT performance. Most speculation I’m seeing here and at Mgo is that 3-2 finish would put us on the bubble, but are we too optimistic based on ESPN’s national view of things?

    • JB
    • James

      If Michigan goes 4-1 they could lose by 30 points in the opening round of the BTT and still be a lock for the dance. They probably don’t need a BTT win if they’re 9-9 in conference, but they’d still be a “bubble” team.

    • Mith

      Wow, I think they are a little harsh. I honestly gotta believe that 10-8 would be a lock for the tourney. 20-11 with a strong strength of schedule and some nice road wins and possibly a big win over Wisconsin? That’d be pretty tough to leave out.

  • sullycu

    Imagine what a great team we’d have with Sim Bhullar and Patrick Heckmann or Larry Nance Jr. I’m getting a little ahead but that would be great…

  • Mattski

    I’m smelling national championships.

  • Section13Row15

    Deshawn Sims was a fairly dominant post player for us last year when he averaged 16 pts per game. We actually ran our offense through him in the post at times. However, if Bhullar watches this year’s tape (minus the Northwestern game), he’ll definitely think we don’t allow the bigs to get the ball in the post much. Imagine him on the pick and roll with Morris though…you can’t miss him – wow!

  • billiam

    Big names and the fact that he wants a dominant post presence offense make me think he ain’t coming. Still, there’s hope.

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    All this highlight tape really shows is that he can one thing well–score in the post. Now, obviously that’s nice but I’d like to see if this kid can run the floor, pass or just move. This kid is a beast in the post but can he sit high screens in JB’s system? Can he effectively pass? Did you see him toss the ball at the kid after he dunked on him? LOL. Plays with a mean streak.

  • rated M

    7’4 nuff said–since he’s indian i hope we’ve got the inside track since we’ve got more indian students than all those schools, except for maybe duke–but our girls are hotter


    • Paul

      LOL – my thoughts too

  • TJ

    Sim is far more athletic and better than Tanveer. While Sim will usually dunk when the opportunity is there, I’ve never seen Tanveer dunk. I saw the Bhullars along with Janckovic in Connecticut in November of 2009 and last November while they were at Kiski Prep. I sent a text to a lot of coaches asking if they were interested in a 7’4 sophomore and his 7’2 younger brother. The responses I got were hilarious.

    He put up a triple double with Huntington Prep at Flyin’ to the Hoop a month ago and was very efficient around the basket, a patient passer, and what’s the point in shooting from outside of 5 feet when you can’t be stopped in the deep post.

    Michigan has known about Jancovic since the spring of 2009 and I pointed him out to Mike Jackson at the adidas Take 5 in Cincy that July.

    They’re all from Toronto so geographically Ann Arbor would be a good fit.