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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • JB

    I absolutely love that video of the win of MSU. The celebration shows the camaraderie of this team and that everyone has fully bought into this program. Awesome, just awesome.

    The Victors gave me chills!

  • JB

    the win over* MSU

  • Alex

    That class seems really cool. I wish I could have taken it. I’m not a fan of the Pro game but college hoops are great.

  • peterklima

    I read the Beilfeldt article. I trust Beilein to evaluate accurately (like he did with Novack).

    On a side note, it ocurred to me that, if he came to Michigan, then I think next year Michigan would have a roster that would be “the wealthiest kids” in the B10 (and not in the USC, Kentucky, OSU “pay to play” sense….)

    Bielfeldt, Bartlestein, the sons of NBA greats: Hardaway, Dumars, Horford, Robinson. That is a six man rotation of (presumably) “millionaire sons.” Almost half of the roster would be from very privileged backgrounds.

    Considering the economic situations faced by most people and many basketball players, that “statistic” seems like it might be historic.

    • First time Tito Horford has ever been called a “great”!

      • Beast1530

        You could apply Al Horford to Jon Horford since his brother is doing well in the NBA.

      • jihadistjohn

        tito was a high draft pick in that scripted fake WWE basketball league, so someone thought highly of him at some point

    • Kevine

      Wow, that’s a crazy observation. Really true though.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Posted this in the other thread. Beilein will watch Max tonight.

    John Beilein will be in Peoria tonight watching Max Bielfeldt along with his son Patrick Beilein (asst at Dartmouth). Max has officially visited Dartmouth and unofficially visited Michigan. This all per Cavan Walsh of

    • Amzngcandn

      I was hoping to see confirmation that Belein was going to be in Peoria tonight for the game. I live in the Peoria area and plan on attending Bielfeldt’s game.

      I’m no scout but I can try to give some input on what I think of his game.

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        Awesome. we’d love to hear what you think.

  • billiam

    After watching that video I fell in love with Belein again.

    Man, this guy has really exceeded expectations twice in four years. Last year was rough, but let’s hope next year he exceeds expectations again.

    Go BLUE!

  • I really hate to make a selfish plug, but I took a look at Michigan’s PORPAG specifically here: