Video: Max Bielfeldt Talks Recruiting

Dylan Burkhardt

Max Bielfeldt updates his recruitment with the Central Illinois Newscenter. Bielfeldt talks recruiting, his Michigan visit, his actual height, and his current season.

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  • MikeSal

    so it’s settled…6’8

  • xavier

    a poor man’s smotchritz?

  • JimC

    I’m certainly no recruiting expert, but I can’t get too excited about a 2-star, who was rated something like the #2 unsigned PF in Ohio, IIRC.

    • sven

      He’s from Illinois. You are thinking of Larry Nance Jr. He went under the radar because he had a late growth spurt.

  • Tweeter

    Sounds like a real good kid with a good head on his shoulders. Would love for him to become part of the Michigan family. Whether he gets a scholarship or not depends on how good he is. I trust Beilein to make the right decision on him, whatever that is. Personally, I think getting a wing athlete is more important right now than getting another guy who looks like a 5.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

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    • JimC

      fyi, my PopUp block is On in IE8, but I just got a John Deer ad that popped up (it looked like a popup anyway, but was still within the original browser frame).

      • Cadillac Rob

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        • KRN

          I got a pop up from the Victory motorcycle ad just like the Transformers one complete with noise. It also keeps popping up when you move your mouse over it.

  • billiam

    About Robinson and behind a paywall, but we really need to make sure this kid stays with us, as he’s having a monster year:

    To summarize, he just scored 39 against the #6 team in IN, while his team is only 8-7 (not sure how high ranked). Anyone know when the earliest we can sign him is? I’m always nervous about recruits, and if he keeps on doing this, he’s gonna be a top 50 player soon. He’s right now #86 on ESPN FYI.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Yeah, Robinson is playing well. Mentioned his 39 point game in our recruiting round up earlier this week. Didn’t realize East Chicago was the No. 6 team in the state though.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Is it just me or did that Rivals article updating readers on the 2011 prospects sound exactly like the article(s) Dylan wrote over the past few days?


    Interesting thread over at MGo about who the better prospect is. Personally I don’t think it matters who the better prospect is coming in, but who is the better one going out. With that being said it seems like Burke is quickly rising while Brundidge has slipped a bit in the rankings. What do you folks think?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I posted this over there, but here’s a look at the two of them at their best in these videos:



      • Mattski

        Don’t know if either will prove as inspired a playmaking guard as the guy we got now, but they both look great. I could see Burke a little more ready to take the reins, Brundidge coming in and sparking the crowd. Some of his passing looks pretty good, too. These guys with eyes all around their head are priceless.

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          Yeah.. I kind of see Carlton playing a bit of a microwave role. Comes on the floor and gets buckets in spurts.

      • billiam

        Ah Ha! So now I know what youre user name is Dylan! Will be stalking you over there, as I stalk posts over here. Creepy? Maybe, but UM BB above all else!

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          I rarely post over there so feel free to stalk.

  • Gary

    I am as much a fan as anyone, but I can’t see much point in speculating on which of two recruits at two different positions is better. I am just looking forward to seeing them on the court contributing to a winning season next year.

  • Paul

    If Bielfeldt truly is J Morgan II (after last night’s Northwestern game especially) then I’m sold!