Game 25: Northwestern at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

It’s been a busy day today with news about new 2011 prospects, a standard game preview, and an opponent Q&A, but now it’s time to finally play the game. Tip off is 6:30 p.m. on the Big Ten Network with Gus Johnson and Shon Morris on the call. Tickets are still available to so head up to Crisler Arena if you’re in the area.

We’ll be discussing the game in the comments so we encourage you all to join the conversation.

Live chat: David Merritt will be joining us after the game to answer your questions about the game or anything else.

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  • Tweeter

    Ok that is ridiculous. Morgan gets called for that foul all the time. That is clearly an offensive foul, I dont care how squared up the defender is, you cant just shove him to the ground

    • Tweeter

      meant Morris not morgan

  • billiam

    Let the post season speculation resume.

  • Tweeter

    WTF? Thompson just pushed off twice more and no call. That guy gets away with everything. If he was ever good enough to play in the NBA he would foul out of every game in two minutes.

  • DB

    Those 2 FTs by Morris on the 1-1 when they were only up 1 were huge. They could have fallen apart if he missed the front end of them.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Hop over to the post game chat with Merritt and ask a question.

  • Tweeter

    Well got the win and thats what matters, but man, that game should have been over after the first five minutes. Lots of missed layups, unforced turnovers and just silly plays. Really fustrating

  • billiam

    Looking at the stats, and NW shot like 30/20% (3/2 FG) in the first half, then shot 46/44% by the end of the game. Tale of two halves defensivly. But of course, Hardaway showed up too in the second half.