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Dylan Burkhardt

KenPom Predicted Overall Wins: Nov. 22, 2010 vs. Feb. 8, 2011

  • The graphs above demonstrate the difference in the shift in expectations since Thanksgiving. Michigan’s most likely win total then was 14 and there was less than a 50% chance that Michigan won over 14 games. Now the Wolverines sit at 14-10 with seven games to play the most likely win total is 17 games with ~37% chance of 18+ wins.
  • All Access Video: Zack Novak at Penn State
    This kind of got dragged down by other content but this is a great video from David Merritt with Zack Novak before and after the Penn State game.
  • Manny Harris: Undrafted to Starter
    Harris is actually seeing his playing time rolled back a bit, with several Cavs starters getting healthy, but he’s having a solid rookie season.
  • Decision to bench Tim Frazier and Andrew Jones with 2 fouls led to Penn State’s NCAA-crippling home loss to Michigan
    This is apparently the world that Penn State fans live in. The author fails to note that two of Michigan’s biggest buckets, a pair Darius Morris of layups in the final minutes, came at the expense of Tim Frazier playing with four fouls. He also talks about “handing the Boy Scouts open standstill threes” despite the fact that Penn State attempted 28 threes to Michigan’s 19.
  • ESPN Bracketology: February 7th
    The Big Ten is down to just 5 teams with Michigan State being one of the first four out.
  • Crashing the Dance: February 7th
    Michigan is just barely in the picture for teams that are almost on the bubble, if that makes sense.
  • On the Dime: The Lucious Effect
    The Only Colors breaks down the loss of Lucious. The shocking stat to me is that 81% of Durrell Summers’ field goals this season have been assisted. Summers doesn’t return the favor with an assist rate of just 3.8% — meaning he assists just 3.8% of his teammates’ makes while he’s on the floor.
  • Q+A With Tim Hardaway
    Hardaway Sr. discusses an array of subjects, including his son.
  • Big Ten power rankings: Week 7
    Inside the Hall ranks Michigan eighth in the league

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  • evan

    I think that the Penn State author was mad that we probably just ended their tournament hopes

  • Deacon Blues

    Wow–that writer really doesn’t care for our club. “One-trick Michigan team … pallid driveway shooters … paperboy 3-bombers … worthless inside … mak(e) them put it on the deck where they’re toothless.”

    • Mith

      He’s probably just mad because our “worthless and toothless” team swept them. :>)

    • the_white_tiger

      Sweep sweep sweep

      Battle’s their only great player, and they’ll be bad next year.

      • MichBall2010

        I will say that they have pleasantly surprised me and most people this year (including their own fans) but I think bad may be an understatement when talking about next years team.

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          Yeah.. Battle, Brooks, and Jackson are all gone.

          • Jeff

            Jones too. I think they’re in the cellar next year.

          • Mith

            Yeah, but at least they’ve got Trey Bur- oops, nevermind.

  • gpsimms

    5 teams in the tournament for the best conference, bleh. The rpi is such a messed up metric. OSU is ruining the big ten’s chances by taking all the wins. I think the selection committee should be made up of ken pomeroy. He seems pretty smart….though I’m not sure he would have included us in 2008.

  • Alex

    When it is all said and done I think the Big Ten will get six teams in the Dance. Whoever can get to 9-9 in conference should have a pretty good shot. Our team needs to focus on one game at a time.

  • Kenny

    Ohio state can do a favor to a big ten bubble team by losing. Very unfortunately we used up our chances.