2011 Recruiting: Not Done Yet?

Dylan Burkhardt

Greg Stewart of the PJ Star published a report today that Michigan hosted Peoria Notre Dame (IL) big man, 6-6/6-7/6-8 Max Bielfeldt on an unofficial visit over the weekend. Stewart quotes Bielfeldt that Michigan has not offered him a scholarship but continues to pursue 2011 prospects.

Michigan assistant Jeff Meyer attended Notre Dame’s 58-51 victory at Manual on Jan. 28. The next day, following the Irish’s 55-39 win at Bloomington, Bielfeldt hopped in the car and made the six-hour drive to Ann Arbor.

“It was pretty cool,” Bielfeldt said. “I really, really liked what I saw there.”

Bielfeldt continued to say that was not given a scholarship offer that weekend, but that he would certainly be interested if Michigan did offer. He was told that Wolverines head coach John Beilein plans to watch an upcoming game and that Michigan has narrowed down its final scholarship offer in the Class of 2011 to Bielfeldt and another player (who he didn’t know).

Bielfeldt has been posting gaudy numbers this season against quality competition, including 39 points and 13 rebounds versus 2012 Purdue commit Jay Simpson. Illinois and Valparaiso also recently hosted Max on unofficial visits. Illinois has offered Bielfeldt a preferred walk-on slot. Michigan has already taken Sai Tummala as a preferred walk-on and has been very aggressive with the walk-on program, so that is also a possibility. We’ll have more on Bielfeldt when we get the chance to catch up with him.

Whether Bielfeldt gets an offer (or a preferred walk-on offer) or not, this does prove that Michigan is continuing to pursue 2011 prospects and is not opposed to adding one more member to the class.

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  • Tom – Chicago

    Peoria, IL and one of the best b-ball conferences in the country

  • Paul

    Yikes – ESPN has him listed as only a 2 star recruit who is considering: Illinois-Chicago Flames, Ball State Cardinals, Western Michigan Broncos, Wright State Raiders, Dartmouth Big Green. Can’t we recruit at least 3 star kids who other top programs are also targeting?

  • Kenny

    Interesting prospect, skill forward with limited potential. Illinois wants him as a preferred walk-on. The athletic administration building of ILL is named after his grandparents.

  • ypsituckyboy

    Pretty big kid. Looks like he lacks B10 athleticism, but plays smart. Lots of nice head fakes, good footwork, and decent looking “jump” shot (Terry Mills/Sam Perkins version). If he drops a few pounds, and turns the rest of his weight into muscle, I’m sure he could increase his athleticism somewhat. Not sure he’s quick enough or has enough hops to compete with the guys in the B10. I guess I could see him turning out to be a Jordan Morgan II, though.

    • Paul

      Right on! He’s Jordan Morgan II

  • Dylan

    I deleted the other video. Here’s a link to some clips on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Max+Bielfeldt+&aq=f

    • ypsituckyboy

      That is, hands down, one of the weirdest “highlight” videos I’ve ever seen. The ubiquitous use of that color effect, plus the fact that they don’t show whether he made the shots he took, is just strange.

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        Yeah, it’s pretty bizarre. There are some from what looks to be his junior year on YouTube as well.

      • Tweeter

        yea i couldnt watch more than two plays of the video. It managed to both put me to sleep and give me a headache.

        In terms of the bielfeldt, certainly looks like he would be a nice addition as a preferred walk-on. Not sure I would offer him a scholarship, but again I have only seen two of his plays, so I am just basing it off who else has offered.

        However, I am sure the coaches have a good feeling on whether or not he could contribute and whether or not there are other guys out there they can get to commit. I am interested in knowing who this other 2011 player is that Bielfeldt thinks we might offer.?????

  • Mitchigan

    Rivals lists him as 6-6″ and scout 6-7” so not sure if he’s really 6-foot-8. Also, question about oversigning in basketball. I thought that you can not sign more than 5 per class, is this true? St. Johns has signed 9 for their 2011 class.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      That’s actually an old rule. I don’t think it’s around anymore.

  • AG2

    Off topic, but if you’re watching WVU/Pitt, I have never seen a team run underneath as many screens as WVU is doing tonight. No wonder Pitt’s getting layups at will.

  • tin mad dog

    That video is hilarious.

  • eschol54

    No way. We cannot offer him a scholarship. These are the type of players we should be moving away from. We need more athletic players. There is a slight chance he could develop into a Big Ten caliber player but more than likely, he is going to have trouble getting his shot off against the longer Big Ten players. In addition, he is not going to be a defensive force because of his limited size and athleticism.

    • Paul

      I agree! He’d be a good Ivy or MAC league player

    • Jeff

      I do think we need to be pretty selective with the last two open scholarships, although I could also see someone on the current roster transferring if they realize they’re not going to be part of the rotation going forward.

  • Kevin

    ESPN’s scouting report makes him sound an awful lot like Graham Brown.

    • tin mad dog

      Morgan reminds me a lot of Graham Brown.

  • Mitchigan

    Thanks Dylan as always…Go Blue!

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Again, before panicking over his offers or lack thereof, remember that Michigan hasn’t offered him.

    • And if he is indeed offered, I’m sure he’ll appreciate the frosty welcome from this message board. Are we still not trusting this coaching staff to make good decisions?

    • eschol54

      I don’t really care who else has offered him…his film is just not that impressive.

  • wayman britt

    If the list of other schools interested in him is accurate, that’s not a very impressive list. Hopefully we are looking at him for a walk on. I would rather save the scholarship for 2012 where we have some very good recruit candidates or try overseas.

    • Paul


  • aMaized

    Rivals feature on San Diego and Steve Fisher:


  • C weezy

    No disrespect at all but WHY ??

  • Andy

    What was the tweet about Michigan liking “Horton” for the next four years if he stays? I keep thinking I’m missing something, but I don’t get it.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Hahaha. There was a re-run from the 2003 Wisconsin comeback on Big Ten Network today. It was a quote from the announcers in that game.

  • Ben

    No chance they offer this kid…….Whatever happened to Eric Katenda 6″9 small forward we were recruiting??? Are we still on him?

  • wes

    Thanks for asking the Horton question and thanks for answering it Dylan. I’ve been racking my brain!! A new Horton? haha

  • tin mad dog

    Preferred walk-on would be preferred.

    • tin mad dog

      Especially if he’s only 6’6″.

    • Kenny

      Weber offerred him as a preferred walk-on. His family has deep connection with ILL, see my early replies. It will be a big coup against Weber if he walks on Michigan.

  • Tweeter

    re: Horton. i caught a few minutes of that game and just wow. I had almost forgot how painful it was to watch our offense back then, then it pops up on BTN and slaps you right in the face. So for any of the people out there who get down on JB for what this team does on offense, just remember back to those days. I will give Tommy some credit for coaching some solid D.

    I wonder what JB would have done with that team. Horton was definitely a better scorer than Morris, but not nearly as good in terms of running the offense as a whole. They were pretty equal on D, with maybe a slight edge to Horton because of his quickness. We will call that spot a wash. Lester Abram was undoubtedly a better offensive player than Novak, but Novak was much, much better on that other end and on the boards. I think slight edge to Novak. Robinson, Jr gets a slight edge over Hardaway, Jr, mainly because Robinson was an upperclassman and a little bit better overall play maker (certainly a better defender). Blanchard versus Smot is not really a conversation. Blanchard gets the biggest nod out of any of these comparisons, but again not really fair to Smot since Blanchard was a senior. Graham Brown and Morgan are close to a wash, but Morgan does have better numbers to this point and he is a better athlete than Brown ever was, so edge Morgan.

    On the bench, ’03 had Hunter, a solid defensive center off but limited on offese, groninger a virtual nonfactor except for missing threes, Chuck Bailey a leadership guy but again not much of a contributor in terms of numbers, and Harrell who has similar to Bailey except at a guard spot. ’11 has Douglass, basically a starter, Vogrich, who is Groninger except he makes his shots, Horford a poor mans hunter but he doesnt get near the same number of minutes that Hunter got. McLimans/Christian same as Bailey/Harrel minus the leadership. Definite edge to ’11 on the bench.

    So in the starters we had one wash at PG, two big edge to ’03 at the forward spots, edge to ’11 at the 2, edge to ’11 at the 5, plus edge to ’11 with the bench. Ofcourse there is always the experience edge that is actually pretty close to even but slight edge again to ’03 since four year starter on that team. Overall: I am not sure which team I would rather have, in the long run I definitely would rather have ’11 since I know what ’03 amounts to, but at that moment in time, it is very close.

    ’03 started the year 0-6 before righting the ship and finishing 17-13 including a big win over State (albeit at home) (and the BT was pretty weak overall that year). ’11 currently 14-10, with a lot of predictions around 17-14, with a big win over state (albeit on the road, probably at home as well though) (BT very strong). Interesting?

    Dont know where I am going with this other than to just type random thoughts at 12:30 as I avoid thoughts of what I have to do tomorrow. hopefully this sparks some discussion because if it doesnt, then this was just thirty well spent minutes. Good night all, and GO BLUE!

    • Kenny

      Good comparison. Tommy got good players for most part of his tenure at Michigan. He could’ve grabbed more if the administration is more supportive. But he never develops his players. The best example is Hunter.

  • Kainkitizen

    DeAndre Daniels is still uncommited. He his a athletic 6’7″ SF/WF that can shoot from mid-range and from 3pt line. He would be a great get for us being a 4* on the recruiting sites. He’s from the L.A. area. I bet he knows Darius and Darius knows him.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I’m curious where the impression that an uncommitted kid in the top 10 with a top 3 of Kansas, Kentucky, and Texas would just out of the blue want to commit to Michigan. This is a kid we haven’t even been recruiting.

  • aMaized
  • ypsituckyboy

    One nice thing that this post reminded me of was that Sai is playing next year. I think he could end up seeing a fair bit of playing time by his junior year. He would’ve been a great addition to most mid-majors, with that kind of height and wingspan. Plus, most articles say that he’s got the athleticism to play higher level ball, he just needs to work on dribbling. With enough hard work, he’ll easily be able to improve his handles.

    As a side note, not sure how he got what seems to be a full academic scholarship. While a 30 on the ACT is a nice score, combined with a 3.9 GPA, I’ve known people who didn’t even get into UM with those stats, let alone get a full-ride. I’ve known people with 34’s that didn’t even get a scholarship. Kinda crazy. I’ve never been able to understand the UG admissions committee at UM.

    • ToBlav

      Extreme gifts in all areas are also considered. There are artist in every area of art who are on campus in part because they increase the talent level in a special area of endeavor. This likely includes athletes. There are also needs based critiria for scholarships as well

      • MAS

        I heard the school he attends is considered one of the top HS in the nation. I’m sure that might have something to do with the academic scholarship.

  • I think one thing we can take from this is that it’s clear that this staff recognizes the need for depth at the 4. I’ve been saying it all season, but when Smotrycz gets in foul trouble, we don’t have a pure 4 alternative: we’ve got a vastly undersized (but gritty!) Novak, or the major project Colton Christian (who can only play one side of the ball).

    Look for an addition in 2012 at the 4 if we don’t pick one up in 2011. (GR III, from what I understand, is being considered as the 3).

  • MHoops1

    The description of Bielfeldt is eerily similar to that of Zach Novak as a high school senior–smart, a little undersized for his expected position, and not extremely athletic to compensate, lost weight and gained strength resulting in a monster senior year even against very good competition, bargain basement offers and low “guru” ratings due to intermittant AAU success and lack of athleticism, feelers from majors beginning in January/February of senior year after lights out senior performance.

  • Section13Row15

    Tweeter, good stuff! That Amaker offense was absolutely brutal. Especially the year Horton sat out for domestic violence issues. During the 2008-09 Season, I kept thinking to myself…what would Amaker have done with this team? This was the year Beielin took Merritt, CJ Lee, Manny, Deshawn, Zack and Stu, Kelvin Grady, Zach Gibson, etc. to the 2nd Rd of the NCAA tournament. The answer is he would have done absolutely nothing with that team. When Horton, Sims, Abrams, Hunter, Brown were juniors and seniors, they were still averaging 15 turnovers per game. The offense was completely telegraphed and easy to prepare for (double sims in the post), and Amaker didn’t even change up his game plans depending on the teams we were playing (Courtney Sims quoted as saying they still hadn’t watched film the day before playing UCLA). It was atrocious and most of the players were better as freshman than they were as seniors. At least now you can tell that guys are improving and adding moves to their arsenal each year. 08-09 was when Beilein really sold me on what he can do as a coach fielding a competitive team with undersized and underwhelming players. They will only get better from here.

  • ILLState
  • ILLState

    Look at the dunk at 2:00 minutes by #35