Game 23: Michigan at Ohio State Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Ohio_St_Michigan_Basketball_MICO116.standalone.prod_affiliate.81[1]Ohio State has already won six Big Ten games by a margin of five points or fewer but have also won three conference wins by 18 points or more. They might have gotten lucky a few times but it’s tough to argue with 22-0. Michigan has rebounded from a six game losing streak with back to back wins and will be read to play spoiler in Columbus. The stage is set with for a 7 p.m. tip off on ESPN (and ESPN3 for all the internet streamers).

Read the game preview, submit your pick to click, and join the discussion in the comments below.

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  • Andy

    Really unfortunate that they went through that stretch with out even an attempt to pass the ball inside the three point line. Killer stretch and not good coaching / play calling.

  • ks

    ball dont lie – sullinger missing fts

  • mattkast

    ……and this games done

  • njs

    come on. foul on morgan? seriously worse officiating ever

  • Andy

    The reffing was poor, but that didn’t cost UM this game. Giving away possessions, missing lay ups, missing free throws, and poor coaching down the stretch did them in.

  • MarcO

    When given the opportunity, th jr has looked really athletic. Why don’t they run more plays for him?

  • dajinx28

    i’ve never posted a comment on here berfore,just usually read.But i’m sick and tired of ohio st getting cheap calls go their way while we can’t get a simple foul called

  • dajinx28

    also stu was a “no show”

  • Alex

    Had to play a flawless game. The team should be very proud of the tremendous effort they displayed in this game.

  • Mattski

    Sullinger waving his arms as if he won the game for them? Not wild on that guy.
    Lighty, on the other hand, has my respect. And a couple of Craft’s drives are going to give me nightmares.

    • Kevin

      Now Matta is claiming Sullinger is the mugee not the muger

  • tin mad dog

    Oh well, it was a good effort but that doesn’t really win games without good play.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Matta with the audacity to call out the refs after the game. Hilarious.

  • steve

    Haha Matta complaining about fouls on sullinger… Hey mr
    Matta your team shot 20 free throws and we shot 4! Stop your moaning please

    • JT

      Well, you dont get many FTs when you only shoot 3-pointers.

      • Jeff

        Only shot 19 threes, barely 1/3 of our shots. Took about the same % of threes relative to total shots as OSU did.

      • Beast1530

        You clearly didn’t watch the game.

  • wayman britt

    I thought we play hard and Beilein had a good game plan, but OSU is just too good. To many weapons.

    It’s like the Big One and Little 11 in both basketball and football. OSU sure has been dominate.

    • Mattski

      We may have played hard but we didn’t play well. I’d like that one back–we can beat those clowns. Wait’ll the tourney! :)

  • Chris

    Thad Mattas post game interview was hard to watch. Not only because of the garbage coming from his mouth, but his nose was more than distracting. Id like to see him show some humility and give Michigan a little credit for how they played, rather than talk about how his players are getting fouled and how great 23 games in a row is, Cant wait for that lack of humility to come back and bite him in the NCAA tourney if not before then.

  • Giddings

    I actually don’t mind most of OSU’s players (except maybe Sullinger), but I can’t stand Thad Matta. I find myself saying “shut up!” to the TV more with him than any other coach out there.

  • maxwell’s demon

    How about Tim Jr.?

  • grandchamp

    I was at work and had to listen to the game on my iphone, I found a channel from Elyria Ohio that was broadcasting it. The announcers couldn’t believe how bad the officiating was.

  • AG2

    I suppose you could say this was a game where a little more athleticism would have come in handy. We once again out-shot OSU, but in the 2nd half they just switched to “run at basket wait for whistle” mode. At some point the either the State of Ohio is going to have to stop producing NBA-ready big men, or Cinci is going to have to get its head out of its butt and start competing with OSU and Xavier. It wasn’t too long ago Cinci was the premiere b-ball program in Ohio.

  • junderground

    JoMo really encouraged me tonight–such fire coming out to start the second half. He, Hardaway and DMO make a great core for next year.

  • C weezy


  • jmblue

    Great effort, done in by poor finishing around the basket and some home cooking. My only coaching gripe: can we get some new inbounds plays?

  • um-nyc

    I think I’m going to be hating Aaron Craft for the next four years of my life.

  • CJD

    Does any Big Ten team miss as many shots inside 5 feet as we do? We are a joke when it comes to finishing in the paint.