Recruiting Roundup: February 1st, 2011

Dylan Burkhardt

Class of 2011

Carlton Brundidge – Commit

Southfield lost to Detroit Country Day and Amir Williams, 79-58, and Brundidge had 15 points in the loss.

Southfield responded with a blowout win over North Farmington and Brundidge had 18, 13 in the first half. Southfield is 8-3 and first in the OAA with a 5-1 conference record.

MAS left this report in the comments:

As for Brundidge, he had a rough shooting night missing shots I normally see him hit. He finished with 15 points on 5 for 18 (3 or 4 forced shots) shooting. The big positive was he was able to get his shot off against a very good athlete Knight that is 6-3 or 4 and is a D-1 WR prospect for football. CB quickness allowed him to create some open shots.

Trey Burke – Commit

Burke continues to put up monster numbers. In a span of four games in six days last week, Burke scored 110 points (27.5 ppg), all in victorys. (HT: @ohiohshoops) Burke is averaging 24 points and 7 assists per game and Northland is now 14-0.

Class of 2012

Glenn Robinson III – Commit4d43bf35e7a70.image[1]

Robinson had 27 points on 10 of 17 shooting in a 29 point win over Zack Novak’s alma-matter, Chesteron. Robinson was playing with a heavy heart in honor of Coaches vs. Cancer:

“My grandma passed away from lung cancer and one of my former AAU coaches was just diagnosed a couple weeks ago,” the silky Lake Central junior said after an emphatic 79-50 win over Chesterton. “I dedicated this game to them. I just wanted to go out and play hard the whole time.”

Robinson had 19 points earlier in the week in a 68-56 loss to No. 1 Merrillville. Robinson kept Lake Central in the game early on but only had 2 points in the fourth quarter.

TheWolverine posted a nice scouting report of Robinson ($).

Nick Stauskas

St. Mark’s hasn’t played since January 22nd due to exams but will be back in action tomorrow versus Belmont Hill.

JaVontae Hawkins

JaVontae Hawkins had 18 points in a win over Carman Ainsworth. Super sophomore point guard prospect Denzel Watts had 14 points and 2012 wing prospect Anton Wilson added 13. Hawkins also scored 13 points in an easy win over Flushing.

Sherron Dorsey-Walker

Pershing knocked off Denby by a score of 62-45 but we haven’t been able to locate a stat line for Dorsey-Walker.

Mitch McGary

Twelve points and 11 rebounds in a 76-33 win at Bridgton Academy on Jan. 26. Ten points in a 99-36 win over Phillips Exeter Academy on Jan. 28. Fourteen points in a 108-68 win over the South Kent School on Jan. 29. Brewster Academy won at Maine Central Institute 78-71 on Jan. 24, but McGary was not listed among the leading scorers.

Jordan Hare

Hare had a monster performance in a win over Midland, scoring 32 points, grabbing 15 rebounds and swatting seven shots.

Class of 2013 Bullets

  • Point guard Derrick Walton was on hand for Michigan’s win over Iowa. The talented floor general had 30 points in a win over Bradford Academy.
  • Basil Smotherman scored 12 points in a 79-20 win over Indianapolis Herron and added 17 points in a 60-53 win over Guerin Catholic.
  • Zak Irvin scored 9 points in a 45-41 win at McCutcheon and 14 points in a 80-33 win over Brownsburg.
  • Steve Haney is now eligible for Lansing Eastern (transfer) and will provide a boost for the Quakers down the stretch. Eastern will face off against Haney’s old school, East Lansing, tonight.
  • MAS filed this report on big man Leo Edwards in our comments section a couple weeks back: Leo Edwards a young 2013 got the start for Cass and looked much more comfortable then last time I saw him. Played well in D and if I guesstimated his numbers I would say 7pts, 8 boards and 4 blocks. I think this is a kid who might develop slower than some of the other 2013s but might have a pretty big upside.
  • Brian W

    Stauskas’ teammate, 2011 big man Kaleb Tarczewski took an unofficial visit to Kansas over the weekend and plans to take other visits. He’s still listing an offer from Michigan.

    • Brian W

      That would 2012, not 2011.

      • Brian W

        Sorry. I shouldn’t have posted this during my lunch at work. I keep getting interrupted by people who want something done.

  • JimC

    1) I know this debate has gone around and around, but don’t follow recruiting that closely…. we could really use one quality big man in the 2011 class right. Is this not happening, or could it mean a player from Europe, or ?
    On that note, how did we lose Amir Williams?

    2) Hopefully Novak can work on 6’11” Mitch McGary!

    3) Unrelated subject: for what it’s worth, RealTimeRPI shows M having 5 quality wins, 1 bad loss.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      The big man in 11 is a tricky subject. On one hand, Michigan has 3 freshmen bigs. On the other hand, an instant impact player would be nice but rare.

      I would rather have a 3 or a 4 than a 5.

      • sven

        I really don’t think we need a big man in this class. All it does is add to the traffic jam.

        • I’d really like us to nab a 4. The only legit 4 we have on the roster right now is Smotrycz, with Novak filling in and playing really undersized. Other than that, our only other real option at the 4 is Colton Christian, who is a steep dropoff from the other two at this point in his young career. Maybe Beilein would like to develop CC at the 4, but I think we’ve seen this year that when Smotrycz gets into foul trouble, we’re in trouble.

          (I think some people have Glenn Robinson maybe coming in at the 4 in 2012, but that’s two years from now.)

  • Mark

    How is 2012 looking at this point? I believe if we don’t end up with another player in the 2011 class which looks like the case…..who is UM’s top 2 targets to fill their 2012 class?

    Is it just me or is Hare the #1 priority? with Hawkins or SDW as #2 or #3? Gary Harris would be nice but until UM becomes a more proven program, I can’t imagine a 5 star recruit coming to UM. Your thoughts?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Harris isn’t coming here.

      Hare is a target. Stauskas, Dorsey-Walker, and Hawkins all have offers and are priorities.

  • Al

    Random fun fact: Cazzie Russell used to coach at Centennial HS in Columbus.

  • sven

    I really hope Trey can come in and give us some good minutes as a back up point guard next year so Stu can slide over and play the 2 full time and so DMo doesn’t have to play quite as many minutes.

    I don’t think its nearly as important for CB to come in ready to play but if he can great.

    • Deacon Blues

      Totally agree. It’ll be nice to have two true point guards, but otherwise it’s going to be on the current players to carry U-M forward next season.

      • Haha, DMo seems to be doing just fine averaging something like 35 minutes a game! WSJ One Man Gang as prime orchestrator of the offense? Third triple double in Meech hoops history?! What more do you guys want?!?!

  • billiam

    Again, We don’t need a big unless we can get an instant impact guy. We’ve got 4 freshman eligibility guys 6-8 or taller (Smot, Morgan, Horford, and McLimans). We need a slasher (although we’ll see how CB, THJ, DMo, and Burke play next year). If you look at our (potential) starting lineup next year we’ve got top 100s at every position except center where we’ve got lots of young depth. There are no NEEDs, but lots of desires. I think we might end up just going after the best guys we’ve got a shot with.

  • I have not seen him play so this is just a hunch, but based on statistics, strength and video I wonder if JaVontae Hawkins is a upper tier Big Ten Player? Would UM be better off with Stauskas or Dorsey-Walker?

    I know he has good teammates, but a red flag goes up when a kid does not dominant in H.S. For those who have seen him play more than once, would you rather have him over Stauskas or Dorsey?

    • sven

      I’ve only seen videos but Stauskas looks like the best of the bunch to me. He’s got the most consistent shot, the best handles, and I don’t think you lose much if any athleticism.

      • Ben

        I agree, I really wold love to get Stauskas. I think him and Jordan Hare would be reasonable class.

        • Paul

          I’ve seen Hawkins play and came away underwhelmed

  • Brian W

    Indiana’s leading scorer Christian Watford is out indefinitely with a broken hand… has an interview with former U-M point guard Demetrius Calip…

    • JimC

      Wow just when IU was starting to get a little traction.

  • Kevin in GR

    I was curious to see how Casey Prather is doing this year at FL….He’s averaging 7.5 minutes, 1.8 PPG and 1.2 RPG. On the other hand, Trey Zeigler is averaging 34 MPG, 17 PPG and 5.4 RPG. In comparison, Hardaway is averaging 28 MPG, 11.9 PPG and 3.9 RPG. It’s really early in their careers to compare……but I don’t think many UM fan’s are still upset with how things turned out so far :) (Even though a lot were disappointed in not getting Zeigler or Prather)

    • All great players. Coulda, shoulda, woulda’s aside, I’m very happy with THJr. Props to Beilein for a great, great “under the radar” pickup.

    • CJD

      THJ has the highest ceiling in regards to talent and potential on our current roster; hard to be disappointed in that fact.

      • TheYooper

        Central had been struggling this year and Zeigler was as well, but I guess he’s turned it around?

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          Zeigler has been struggling. He’s shooting terribly and scoring but not very efficiently. Prather isn’t playing a lot at Florida, but that’s a different situation — SEC vs. MAC.

          Both would have been welcome additions as there are certainly wing minutes available. Prather would have been intriguing at the four spot.

  • CJD

    Do we have any info on recruits that are under consideration not US based?
    – Europe?
    – Africa?
    – China?
    – South America?
    – etc…………

  • JimC

    Geez the snow storm of the century, at least here in SE Mich, was a bit of a dud.

    • Paul

      Amen – the MegaBlizzard here wasn’t so Mega

  • Mattski

    Pretty delightful to look over the current roster and be able to say the team will have some depth at all positions, that Beilein might just be able to choose the best player available no matter the position. I think that Hardaway IS that slashing player going forward, but another one–a tall one–would be great.

    Whatcha got for us on OSU, Dylan?

  • tin mad dog

    Was something wrong with posting that link to a write-up about GR III? I see it’s been deleted.

    It wasn’t spam.

  • Mike

    I see that Big Dog Jr is tearing it up recently(2012 SF).

    I was wondering if you all had any insights as to how Beilein is doing with the other 2012’s? Webb says we are “close” with 4* wing Sherron Dorsey-Walker around 3:25 of the recruiting roundup…
    Does that mean he thinks UM is close to being his leader, or close to getting a commitment? Can anyone confirm either way? A while back we were hearing a lot about 3* small forward Nick Strauskus, and that he might go blue. I see that we’ve offered a couple of monsters who he plays with at St. Mark’s, 5* small forward Alex Murphy and 5* center Kaleb Tarczewski. Any chance we might land any of those St. Mark’s kids? Top 20 rankings aside, they kind of fit the profile…?

    Edit: Found it…Webb says we are “close” with Sherron Dorsey-Walker around 3:25…whatever that means.