Darius Morrris Named Co-Big Ten Player of the Week

Dylan Burkhardt

morrisDarius Morris and Talor Battle were named co-Big Ten Players of the Week.  Here’s the official Big Ten notes on Morris’ performance:

Darius Morris led Michigan in two victories last week, helping the team to the program’s first win over Michigan State in East Lansing since 1997, followed by the third triple-double in Michigan history against Iowa. For the week Morris averaged 14.5 points, 9.5 assists, 7.0 rebounds and 2.0 steals per game while shooting 63.2 percent from the field. Against the Spartans, the sophomore tallied 17 points on 7-for-10 shooting with eight assists, four rebounds and a pair of steals. Three days later, the Wolverine posted 12 points, grabbed a career-best 10 rebounds and recorded 11 assists. Morris joins Gary Grant and Manny Harris as the only Wolverines in program history to record a triple-double. This marks Morris’ second weekly award of the season.

Last Michigan Player of the Week: Darius Morris (Dec. 27, 2010)

The freshman of the week honors went to Jared Sullinger, again. (Photo Credit: AnnArbor.com)

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  • AG2

    It has occurred to me that OSU struggled against NW because they weren’t willing to push the tempo or play aggressive defense. That game was 49 possessions! Will OSU let us dictate tempo at Value City? If so, the way we’re playing we might have a shot.

    • rlc

      Left to their own devices, the Bucknuts don’t play all that fast – 65.4 possessions per game, 258th fastest in the country. Their second slowest game of the year was 56 possessions in Ann Arbor.

    • JimC

      Brace yourself folks….after 2 encouraging wins, we are going to return to earth on Thursday, and I don’t think it will be a soft landing.

      • Kenny

        A moral victory is no better than a loss. Home against Indiana and NW is going to tell the real story.

  • Tweeter

    Congrats D-Mo! Keep it up

  • tin mad dog

    I don’t know if it’s a dip in competition (and can you ever say spartie is a dip?) but it seems like Darius has emerged from his slump. Some of his passes yesterday were just insane. The 60 foot bullet he threw to Morgan for a dunk was amazing! One of the replays was from a camera just behind the hoop and you got to see how much he threaded the needle on that. Also, if Morgan hadn’t caught it, the ball would’ve nailed the camera man.

    We play in stinktown on Thursday so that’s probably not a likely upset but the next 3 after that are winnable. We’re at Penn State and then home against Northwestern & Indiana. It would be nice to get payback against those teams. If we win those three games, that would put us at 16-10. I think 17 or 18 wins would lock up an NIT bid. If we somehow pulled off a couple of upsets….

    Well, that’s getting too far out ahead. I do think getting to 17 wins is a reasonable target, though.

    • tin mad dog

      Payback against NW & Indiana is what I meant.

    • JimC

      Yeah ever since the MSU win it looks like an NIT bid is highly likely, and imo that is fine for this team – potentially several more games, lots of real-game experience for the young guys.
      And I would guess any B10 team with just an even .500 record (if we fell to that) gets an invite.

    • Kenny

      Can Morgan try out on the football team to play TE. He has very good hands.

  • Alex

    .500 overall record in the Big Ten should be good for NIT. Our SOS is looking to be top 25 and there will be some quality wins if we’re at least .500 record. As many said let’s enjoy the ride with his young team. There have been disappointing games but also major triumphs. Figures that the weekend I get to visit AA is when the team is away both games. Oh well.

    • tin mad dog

      I think he meant .500 overall.

  • Wow, I had no idea Darius’s stats for MSU were that good. 70% with 10 attempts (including 2-2 on 3’s)?!

    We play big on the big stage (OSU, Kansas, MSU) but get blown out on the little one. All this game experience for these very young Wolverines will pay dividends years into the future, and you can bet that Darius is going to be the orchestrator and leader for hopefully the next two years. Showing flashes of it already, only in his sophomore year.

  • KAB

    A .500 record in the big ten would most def.get an invite to the dance.However it is highly unlikely that we finish with 9 wins in this conference…

    • Beast1530

      Only if Michigan beat 2 of the top 3 Big 10 teams for the rest of the schedule. No marquee win for Michigan yet. MSU and Clemson does not qualify as a marquee win though a road win is good for Michigan. Michigan must beat OSU and Wisconsin if they want to have a big statement.

  • KAB

    I think we have a shot over OSU as long as we continue to shoot 50 percent from three point range!That still might not be enough though,but it should keep us in it..

  • AG2

    Let’s just remember guys we need at least 3 more wins just to clinch a .500 record, and making the NIT isn’t as easy anymore now that there are only 32 spots and the NCAA gives preferential treatment to mid-major regular season champs who lose their conference tournaments. Other than Indiana and NW at home, what other games could we potentially win? @ Iowa? @ Penn State? Our defense is still a liability and who knows how many more times we’ll have a hot shooting game at the same time that our opponent consistently misses wide open shots.

    • Kenny

      @Penn State is a pivotal game which will define the season, a win will push us to finish 7-11 even 9-9 in the conference, a loss will likely end any post-season hope.

      • j-turn14

        That’s a little strong. A win at Penn State would be even more impressive than winning at MSU, imo. Indiana and @ Iowa are the best chances at wins. MSU at home is probably the third easiest game, and i’d say NW at home is an easier game than @PSU. Win those four games and we are guranteed to finish above .500. I like our chances of winning in the 1st round of the Big Ten Tourney also.

        Now if we’re talking Big Dance, then Penn State is definitely a must win.

    • JimC

      Right now I’m thinking we beat IU at home, @ Iowa away, possibly/probably MSU and NW at home, so I guess finishing with 17 wins. @ PSU looks like an L to me.
      just sayin.

  • KAB

    Wisconsin and MSU at home are games we can win.The way MSU is playing we might be favorites over them at home!

  • Gary

    Kenpom actually now has UM as a very small favorite (51%) over MSU at home – but of course that is basically an even chance. He only gives us a 26% chance of beating Wisconsin.

    The liklihood that Michigan wins 6 more B10 games to finish .500 in the conference is very, very small (Kenpom puts it at less than 5%). They are still in a struggle to finish .500 overall on the season.

  • KAB

    Gary,Wisconsin has had are number the last couple years also.But we are past due against them..

  • Hewhoknows

    Morgan played varsity football and baseball, along with basketball. He’s a total stud!

  • peterklima

    Morris’ bullet pass to Morgan from 60 ft in the second half of the Iowa game was one of the most amazing assists I have ever seen (especially from the camera angle under the basket where Morgan finished).

    What amazing vision (and accurate arm strength) by Darius.

    I hope it made the ESPN top plays (although it was in the second half of a nationally-meaningless game).