Notes & Quotes from John Beilein After Iowa Win


beileinApparently I bought the "moody" edition of the Mino HD FlipCam, because mine decided to lock up just in time for John Beilein’s post-game press conference. Here are notes and quotes, more detailed than usual.

  • "From a Michigan fan’s perspective, it was a great game to watch." Would like to have "solid, across-the-board scoring" more often.
  • Iowa is "a challenge to stop," but Michigan’s defense is not where it needs to be, either.
  • "Things are going to go up and down," but it’s clear Evan Smotrycz and Tim Hardaway Jr. have come a long way. Evan has worked very hard in practice and Tim had a stomach ache for most of the game but didn’t play like it.
  • Darius Morris had a very "intense" performance. "We tried to give him a rest each half." Every game it’s a different game plan and Darius is asked to do different things. Iowa did a lot of double-teaming off the ball screen, and Darius "for the most part, did a wonderful job."

  • "Some of our big guys, we want them to box out and stick with their box-out and let our guards clean up a lot of rebounds." This was a strategy implemented by the assistants, and a reason why Darius was able to grab 10 boards tonight and Tm had eight in East Lansing.
  • When Mike Rothstein of asked Beilein if he was happy with how his team played considering this could have been a letdown game, Beilein said, "Mike, your questions are always wonderful. Yes, I’m very happy … trying to put a negative spin on everything. I’m happy." Sounds mean on paper, but Beilein was just having fun with him. Very funny moment, actually. I hate my FlipCam.
  • Darius has taken on a leadership role along with Stu Douglass and Zack Novak. "I’m really proud of the way he’s been playing all year long, there have been some isolated times where I know he thinks he could have played better."
  • "I loved Jon Horford’s finishes … Jon’s unique, and it was really good for him."
  • On whether this was the best he’d seen his offense play: Iowa actually created some offense for Michigan when they tried to use their defense to create their own offense. When the Hawkeyes started pressuring, trying to create turnovers, Michigan was able to take advantage and find easy buckets.
  • The offense looked much better tonight against the zone than it did against Minnesota. "The way we shoot the ball, you don’t think many teams are going to zone you. Minnesota did and we didn’t have great timing. That’s all it takes, then you get a little spooked by it." Was the focus of practice yesterday.
  • On Tim Hardaway’s shot selection: "He’s getting closer and closer to the green light." Everyone is learning how to pass up a good shot for a great shot, and they did a better job of that today.
  • On Novak’s shooting: "He’s really in a groove right now."
  • Said games like the one in East Lansing can change seasons and "their perception of how they’re doing." The team is much more positive about how it feels about itself right now.
  • JimC

    Good subbing by coach JB today, getting everone* into the game again.

    I’m nominating Horford’s (it was him wasn’t it?) put back dunk as a top play. It really got the crowd into it!

    Looks like Sparty is in a free fall right now! 78-75 IU….will the Hoosiers hang on?

  • JimC


    Does JB ever allow alley-oop practice? Novak had a perfect setup for THJ, but he didn’t make the pass.

    Morris’ behind the back pass to Vogrich for a three may not have been “key”, but it was a thing of beauty.

    Sparty hangs on in OT to beat IU1

    Dylan, I too hate your flip cam. ;)

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Joe’s flip cam. Not mine.

  • AG2

    Tim and Evan Awesome Show, Great Job!

  • Jeff

    For those who DVRed the game, go to the point where there is about 9 minutes left in the game. They show a replay of Morris’ baseball pass to Morgan from the top of the key which resulted in a dunk. They show the replay from a low angle behind the basket and it’s really cool to see how he threaded that pass through a couple defenders. Great shot!

  • CJD

    Good win for the program; especially when a let down was certainly a concern after the Spartan win. The thing that amazed me was how Michigan took advantage that they clearly had an athletic advantage at some positions; the total opposite of what they did against Indiana.

    Iowa still exposed our interior defense; which is improving but has a long way to go…..

  • Brian W

    It was great to see four guys in double figures and have Morgan & Smotrycz keep the number of fouls to a minimum for a majority of the game. The ball movement was excellent also.

    Someone asked about Dumars… he was on crutches and sat in the front row of the section where the bball recruits sit.

    Time to get ready for OSU. Another game on ESPN.

  • Brian W

    I’d noticed four guys in double figures at the game, but after reading the Detroit News, I realized there were five with double digits in points. Even better.