Michigan 61, Michigan State 57

Dylan Burkhardt

Celebrate in the comments! Video from Tom Izzo’s post game presser is below. Much much more coming soon including videos from the Michigan lockerroom.

  • wayman britt

    So that’s what’s it like to win a road game against a Big Ten power. Nice.

    • the_white_tiger

      I kind of like it. Maybe we should do this more often.

  • umhoopsreader

    Darius Morris: 40 minutes – 17 points 8 assists 4 rebounds – this kid has grown up before our eyes.

  • steve

    Serious question… I think we should employ the notre dame offense… Burn the shot clock and make some shots to shorten games… At least on the road

    • BK

      Remember when Amaker had us doing that? I wanted to pull my hair out. No thanks.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Izzo post game

    • Tweeter

      one thing I love about Izzo. He takes all the blame when the team loses. Or at least most of it. I guess its a bit easy to do when you have job security like he does, but still

  • Bill

    Jalen on the twitter:

    jalenrose Jalen Rose
    #NCAA Michigan beats our JV team Michigan St on the road…#HA!

  • Tweeter

    Anybody wathcing BTN right now. Thought I could see just a hint of a big smile in Gus Johnson’s face as he talked with Greg Kelser. Plus Kelser looked like he was about to murder someone. Ha, love it. Ok, season premier of Archer! What a night. M wins, sledding, Kelser looking stupid and Archer back. WOOOOOOO

    • JimC

      hope you don’t get a hangover man!

  • AG2

    Izzo looks like he needs a hug. I ain’t goin give it to him, tho!

  • jmblue


    Finally . . . I feel like order is starting to be restored to the universe. (Remember, we lead the all-time series against these guys.) A huge, huge win for the team and the program. Let’s enjoy it for the next 24 hours.

    • Bill

      It’s like polarity is changing in Bizarro World.

  • greyblue

    It was great that the Wolverines downed the Spartans in Breslin. Finally.

    What a boost for a team that needed to be aimed in the right direction again. This should take a little of the heat off of Coach B. Morris, Novak, and Douglas played great games. No one plays harder than Novak.

    I live near Lansing so all week long all I heard was that the Spartans were down, but even so had the coin to whip the Wolverines easily etc.,etc. Tiresome stuff.

    Glad for the Coach, team and fans. Great performance, great result!

  • drae

    Re-watching the game and Summers should of easily had 3 Techincal fouls for mouthing off to the refs… Sparty got away with a lot no calls… Glad U of M could pick up the win…When Smotz can contribute 10 or more points a night this team will be deadly…

  • drae

    I meant Green not Summers…

    • Jeff

      Somewhat agree. Although this game dispelled my belief that Green had an exemption from having fouls called against him. The guy gets away with absolute murder. He’s a smart player.

  • Alex

    Real big accomplishment for the team. They should feel tremendously proud. I am so happy and have learned that once again hard work really does pay off. Congrats.

  • Kenny

    Great game and a nice win on the road against the biggest rival at the most difficult time of the season following three miserable losses. I have been saying all along that this year is the year that Beilein will deliver a victory or two against Spartans, because they finally show some vulnerability after all the off-season distractions.

    It is good to see that Novak had a A+ game and emerge as a leader of the team. Had THJ and JH made their 1+1’s, the game is not even close. Thank Stu for delivering the knock-out punch after being quiet all night long. If the boys played with the same intensity, they will win more games.