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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Beast1530

    Been watching Manny Harris for a while. Byron Scott has him do a lot of different things for the Cavs. He played PG, SG and SF which gives Manny something different to do in every games. He is learning the nuance of playing defense in the NBA because he hasn’t learned the veterans tricks on how to keep up with the players on defense. He still has the ability to get to the hoops whatever he wanted to. He plays within the offense and can still score. He has a long career ahead of him in the NBA and he really is a better pro than college player IMO.

  • AG2

    Indeed, Manny’s ability to get to the rim truly is underrated. I’m very proud to see he’s made it in the NBA. From undrafted, to hurt during summer league, to last player on the roster, to starting lineup. I know its the Cavs, but its a great opportunity. His next goal should be making more than the rookie minimum!

    Seton Hall’s obliteration of Syracuse just might have overtaken Auburn’s win over FSU as upset of the season. It does show Cuse’s biggest issue though: if you get them into a jump shooting contest, they’re basically helpless. We almost managed to pull it off this season.

    • Beast1530

      You know that Manny can get to the hoop whatever he wanted when everybody know that he can’t go left and is not a great jump shooter yet Manny consistently get his points. It tends to translate better in the NBA than in college level because of the NBA rules and how there’s more spacing in the NBA.

  • Unfortunately, Dylan, you completely nailed it in that interview. On the other hand, if I am Beilein and I am looking for positives, I tell this team that they played OSU tougher than Purdue did, to keep the faith and play basketball. And if we do play like we did against OSU, Syracuse, or Kansas, they’ve got a chance in this game, too. Heck, win this and I’ll call the whole darned year a success.

    • MikeSal

      In the words of Tony Dungy…we need to keep doing what we do…Quiet Strength was a great book too if you get a chance

  • sven

    I can’t put much stock in those ESPN rankings when they have Mycheal Henry ranked so low. That kid is a straight up beast and easily the best player in this state.

  • billiam

    Nice to know that GRIII is #61. Also, the biggest (or first) knock that he got on ESPN was his strength. IMO, that’s the best knock to have because it’s easily corrected. Not saying he’ll be a star, but hey, he’s a junior. He’s got another year to physically mature and bulk up, not to mention 4 in college.

    Also, for those who say Belien can’t recruit, just look at the (ESPN) numbers:
    2 top 100 players in 2010 class.
    2 top 100 in 2011 class.
    #61 in 2012 and another offer.