Video: John Beilein After Minnesota Loss


Video of John Beilein’s post-game press conference is below. Notes and quotes after the jump.

  • Minnesota’s length, size was a real factor from the get-go. That and being in foul trouble the whole time really hurt.
  • Defensively, struggling because of fouling and “playing in bad positions.” Minnesota played a part though as well.
  • “Evan and Jordan are in foul trouble, every game, just like that.” Big men need to keep working on not picking up silly fouls.
  • “I’m not concerned with the chemistry (of the team) at all.”
  • “(Mental mistakes) were really toubling and they happened over and over again.”
  • Said the referees didn’t call the game the way Minnesota has traditionally been called this season, against what they watched on game film.
  • Tim played great, was very happy with his aggressiveness and how he was knocking down shots. “There aren’t a whole lot of freshmen in the country who are putting up 20 on Minnesota.”
  • On Darius’s lack of production recently: “He’s playing against Big Ten talent.”
  • Regarding Darius being taken out of the game, referenced his four early turnovers.
  • Was tough to run zone with Hoffarber on the floor because of his shooting. Thought it was 50-50 tonight.
  • Jeff

    This is the first time I watched one of these post-game videos. It seemed to me that Beilein was visibly frustrated with the early stupid fouls and the repeating of mental mistakes. It’s one thing to say that they’re freshman, but at some point they have to actually learn from their mistakes. Hasn’t happened yet with a few of them, hopefully it will soon.

  • CJD

    I like how coach keeps it simple and does not make excuses; D Mo was just not good and has struggled in the Big Ten.