Video: Trey Burke Leads Northland to 9-0 Record

Dylan Burkhardt

Trey Burke is averaging 23 points and six assists per game and is one of the primary reasons that Northland has seen its success continue without Jared Sullinger. The Vikings are now 9-0 and one of just 10 undefeated Division I teams in the state of Ohio. Cap City Preps and City League Hoops are two of the best high school video guys in the business and they both posting Northland highlights over the last week.

First, Cap City Preps with footage of Burke (#3) and his Northland squad versus Mifflin.

After the jump we have City League Hoops highlights of Northland versus Linden.

  • wayman britt

    If scoring a lot in high school means you will be a good Big Ten player than UM will be getting two very good players next year, because both recruits are playing well.

    But, sometimes it does not transfer. We will just have to wait and see.

  • 2tone

    obviously, us posters are always looking for the best case scenarios with our young roster/recruits…..with morris and vogrich as sr’s, hardaway as a jr, brundidge and burke as soph’s, and robinson as a fresh, we could be assembling a group of versatile 1-3’s similar to villanova’s…..just a thought

  • Suavdaddy

    We need another big man. And when I say big man, not a 6’10” jump shooter. He is big, rebounds, blocks shots and dunks on people. Morgan is a good start. We need another one.

    • Beast1530

      Michigan has an overload of bigs in Morgan, McLimans and Horford. They all need developments.

      What Michigan need more than anything is an athletic wing player who can break down defense and go to the hoops.

      • Suavdaddy

        Overload? Come on now. One big, one skinny guy and one guy who is not good does not make an overload of anything. That is two centers/PFs

        • Junderground

          We definitely don’t have an overload, but on the other hand we wouldn’t need more if we had two worldclass bigs–what we’re lacking is an excellent player 6-7 or taller who’s a true scorer with a commensurate defensive game and rebounding skills. But we sure are recruiting a lot of guards for ’12 and (so far for) ’13.

          • Dylan

            It’s a fine line. Right now you have three freshmen that will primarily play the five on the roster for the next three years. I would say that one has been as solid as you can expect from a frosh (Morgan), one has great potential (Horford), and one is up in the air (McLimans).

            Looking at 2012 it’s clear that the focus is on athletic wings. Targets like Dorsey-Walker, Stauskas, and Hawkins are all in that 6-4 to 6-6 small forward niche. At this point, I see Robinson as a guy who can probably play the four and the three, especially if he grows another inch or two.

            In 2013 it’s still really early. PG position is loaded in-state at Michigan will be losing Darius. I would expect they take one there. Most bigs in the class are still a long ways off.

          • Colby

            Dylan, do you think we would take 2 of Dorsey-Walker, Stauskas, and Hawkins or just one and fill the other ship with a bigger player? Thanks

      • CJD

        Roster spots does not = over loaded.
        – Morgan is giving us more than we expected but he is only 6-8 and not the greatest athlete. He will be be serviceable but highly doubt he will ever become more than a solid role player.
        – Horford is not getting enough minutes if you ask me. In a year that like this why not get him on the court more often; again I would even test out he and Morgan in the same line up.,
        – McLimans who is the tallest appears to have the least upside at this time. He just does not appear to be a Big Ten quality player and seems allergic to the paint.

  • Giddings

    Burke = Talor Battle (another TB) without the d-bag attitude.

  • Tom, Too.

    What’s d-bag? His defense is so good he puts others in bags?

  • gpsimms
  • Bluebufoon

    Is U-M scouting Sean Sheldon tonight ?