Game 18: Michigan at Indiana Recap

Dylan Burkhardt

Photo Credit: Jamie Owens

Going into this game it was Indiana’s defense that was universally accepted as substandard. When the smoke cleared it was Michigan that appeared to have very serious questions to answer about its defense. To put this game into perspective, the 1.31 points per possession that Michigan surrendered was the most its allowed in any game over the past two and a half seasons.

Indiana’s offense was able to get whatever shot it wanted and Michigan had no answer. Indiana scored 1.31 points per possession thanks to an effective field goal percentage of 74%. Indiana actually had fewer missed shots (14) than turnovers (16) in the game. When the Hoosiers did miss they were usually able to recover the miss, as they managed eight offensive rebounds for the game. Indiana was nearly flawless and deserves plenty of credit for its performance but Michigan deserves plenty of blame for a complete lack of defensive intensity and execution.

When you allow a team to shoot 79% on two point field goal attempts you aren’t playing good defense. Indiana scored on numerous shots and layups around the paint, some of which weren’t even contested. Michigan’s help side defense was late or nonexistent time and again. As the Hoosiers became more comfortable they slowly transitioned their offensive game to the perimeter. After missing all five three point attempts in the first half, Indiana buried 6 of 9 long range attempts in the second. Michigan was able to stay close because Indiana turned the ball over again and again.

Michigan’s offense was stifled in the first half but actually played very well in the second. Michigan has rarely been able to put together 40 minutes of consistent offensive play and tonight was no different. Making just five shots and scoring .60 points per possession in the first half, the Wolverines were lucky to be down just 30-15 at the break. Michigan’s offense was almost able to match Indiana in the second half for the most part, scoring 1.2 points per trip. On the day, both shooting (43% eFG) and offensive rebounding (20% OR%) were subpar. However, Michigan managed to value the basketball (9.4% TO Rate) which at least helped pull the game to ten points or so at times during the second half. Michigan was unable to get to the free throw line and attempted just 20 free throws (26% FTR) most of which came when the game was out of hand. The free throws were the killer because scoring at the charity stripe is the key for any team to beat Indiana.

Michigan played great defense in non-conference play, even against top 10 teams like Syracuse and Kansas, but the Wolverine defense has been shredded by Big Ten opponents. Shredded might be too nice, as that could imply at least some small form of resistance. Big Ten opponents are scoring well over 1.2 points per possession against Michigan, a mark that Michigan opponents never topped in non-conference play. Before this season, Michigan had only allowed two other Big Ten teams to top 1.2 points per possession under John Beilein. This was the fourth time it happened in just five Big Ten games. 

With these defensive struggles, it might be time to panic for Michigan fans. The Wolverines are losing ground on a slippery slope and could see their record continue to plummet as the games don’t get much easier. Up next is a Tuesday game at Northwestern followed by games versus Minnesota and at Michigan State. Considering that Michigan will likely be an underdog in the next three games, a 1-7 Big Ten start is within the realm of possibility.

Player Bullets:

  • Darius Morris: Morris posted solid final numbers: 22 points of 7 of 16 shooting, seven assists, three rebounds, and two turnovers. However, he played an awful first half and most of his production came when the game was out of hand. There are times when it feels like Morris is killing the team, but sometimes I’m not sure whether the onus falls on him or his teammates for their lack of getting open. He was visibly frustrated and rattled in the first half and he let it negatively effect his play.
  • Tim Hardaway Jr.: This was probably the first game all season where I thought Hardaway needed to shoot more. The freshman was clearly feeling it and finished with 10 points on 3 of 6 (3-5 3pt) shooting in 23 minutes. Hardaway struggled with fouls in the first half and struggled to get anything going toward the basket but his three point shot was working.
  • Jordan Morgan: Morgan had a solid day offensive with 10 points on 5 of 7 shooting and 5 rebounds. However, it’s the defensive end where Morgan looked lost. There were several instances where he was late providing help or never provided any help that resulted in easy Indiana layups. Morgan doesn’t really have the athleticism to change shots and it killed Michigan today.
  • Zack Novak: It’s a bit surprising that Christian Watford might have exposed Novak’s lack of size at the four position better than anyone else all season. Watford abused Novak early and was able to get off whatever shot he wanted, finishing with a double double. To Michigan’s credit, Watford had just two second half points. Novak hit his first three but went cold after that, finishing with 10 points (2-6 fg), three rebounds, and an assist.
  • Matt Vogrich: Because of his defensive weaknesses, which have improved some, Vogrich needs to be almost automatic (40%+) from three point range. Right now he’s not quite there and went 1 of 2 from deep today.
  • Stu Douglass: Another awful shooting game, 1 of 7 (1-4 3pt) for three points in 28 minutes. Michigan needs Stu to get it together because they need scoring out of the two guard slot.
  • Evan Smotrycz: Evan is lacking in foot speed and it’s forcing him to pick up cheap fouls. He had three in the first half and managed to pick up his second and third on the same possession. It’s that extra half speed that he’s lacking right now where he can’t take the ball all the way to the rim and he can’t stay in front of someone for that extra half step.
  • Jon Horford: Horford needs to play more than two minutes but it’s becoming clear that Beilein seems to play Smotrycz at the five a little more. This almost has to be for offensive purposes but Michigan might need Horford on the defensive end in games like this.
  • Colton Christian: Colton seemed to provide solid defense when forced into duty during the first half but he provides absolutely nothing on offense.
  • Blake McLimans: Blake picked up a good chunk of minutes in the first half but didn’t do much to impress. I was a bit confounded by the fact that Michigan ran a play to get Blake a three pointer on its last possession of the first half. As expected, a miss.

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  • Go Blue

    Gotta get Horford and Morgan on the court together. No way Zack should be guarding Watford.

    • CJD

      I have said the same multiple times before; my opinion is the same that there will be times when we just need additional interior defense and Horford can provide it. I also think in time it could create some good high low post situations that could help not only get some points in the paint but create open 3’s for the perimeter players.

      • Aaron

        Agreed. I’m not sure why Horford isn’t getting more minutes

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      The problem is that I don’t think Horford or Morgan could guard Watford. Smotrycz is a guy that should be able to eventually but he’s just not quick enough yet.

      • CJD

        Smot is not and will never be Gordon Hayward; and as much as I hope he becomes more athletic on the court I think it is a stretch that he will ever be capable of handling a player similar to Watford or better.

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          He won’t ever be Gordon Hayward but he could be John Shurna.

          • CJD



            Where in that video do you see any Smot?

          • Dylan Burkhardt

            Should say a John Shurna type. As a true freshman he’s already shooting 40% on threes. As he improves his two point game will come around and despite your video I don’t think anyone is proclaiming Shurna some sort of extraordinary athlete.

    • That small lineup just killed us… again. As soon as Smotrycz picked up that 3rd foul we were toast.

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        I’m curious. What other game this season has small ball killed us?

        • CJD

          I do not have the memory to say that going small hurt us in one segment of a game or another; what I have said all along is that we do not have enough going on in the paint on either side of the ball.

          We do not feed the post enough for my liking; heck yesterday THJ took Hulls down on the block many a times and asked for the ball and was never given the chance to make it happen. THJ is probably our best athlete and he had 5 inches on the defender not including wing span and jumping ability. Not sure if it was part of the game plan that never was put into action but the option was there and we did not even give it a try.

          It may come down to THJ and Morris becoming our post players; many NBA teams use this strategy to take advantage of match ups. Lord knows they are the two best finishers we have why not use them down there.

  • WolverineGoBlue

    Did anyone else not hear the “F*** you Novak” chants? Just curious.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Yeah. They were real. Classy.

      • sullycu

        I heard those too.

        The funny thing is that he never got offered a scholarship to IU, so its not like he betrayed them or anything by going to Michigan.

        • Gary

          It wasn’t classy, but Novak’s a tough competitor who doesn’t back down and I can understand why other fans would focus on him. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the F-U Novak chant, but there was a moment in the second half when Novak went down on the floor near the sideline and, as he rolled to get up, got his legs tangled in an IU player’s (Creek?). There was no call but Quinn Buckner seemed to think it was an intentional trip on Novak’s part and I think the crowd did too. I can’t vouch for what Novak was trying to do when he was getting up, but from the replay it looked like the reason Novak went down in the first place was that the IU player who was guarding him tripped him. Of course, Buckner (and the IU fans) didn’t seem to notice that.

          • Dylan Burkhardt

            It looked like he definitely got his legs knocked out from under him when he shot. Sort of like Bruce Bowen likes to do. Then he managed to stand up right when Creek was running by.

  • Flintstone

    I am tired of waching four guards in the lineup. We have done this for three years. The blame is on Beilein and his recruiting, look at next years class two more guards.

    • CJD

      The # 2 rated center in Amir Williams and the # 15 rated center in Trey McDonald are both from Michigan and where are they going to school next year?

      OHIO STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Fact is that coach does not run a traditional pro style offense and in my opinion it is not one where players that will shine in the paint want to be a part of if they have other choices like Ohio State available to them.

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        Not a big fan of Trey McDonald. Amir Williams will probably be a good player but I don’t think he’ll have a huge instant impact.

    • CJD

      In addition the # 24 Power Forward Jalen Reynolds is leaving the state for Xavier.

      • Aaron

        I agree. I don’t think Beilein knows how to effectively use Bigs in the post

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          DeShawn Sims played a whole lot of minutes on the block and took a whole lot of shots.

          I just don’t think you are going to throw the ball into the post all game to Morgan or Horford. They aren’t there yet.

          • CJD

            You have to feed the post to make the defense at least respect the possibility of those guys doing something. I realize they will often just kick it back out which may create other scoring chances.

        • Sam

          I think you guys need to realize that ALL of our big men right now are freshmen. How do you expect 18 year-olds to compete with 21-22 year-old men who have been playing college ball for 3-4 years night in and night out? You need to give them some time to get used to college ball. I hate seeing it too, but it’s just a matter of fact. They need experience.

  • lavell99

    Give me a break. Beilein has attempted to get several top tier big men and they’ve just fallen through. Would u rather he settle on a marginal big man? Dylan’s right. The problem lately has been the two-guard, not the four or five. Vogrich has been an underwhelming 2nd option to Douglass. That situation will get better when brundidge gets here next year. And you’ve got to remember that the big men have only played a single semester. They’ll improve on taking fewer stupid fouls so Beilein can stay with a three-guard lineup more often. Last night was just a stinker all around and we were kind of due. This next game is infinitely more important and we’ll be ready.

    • CJD

      Marginal big men like Colton Christian?

      • lavell99


        • CJD

          I hope I am wrong but at this point both Christian (who in my opinion is not a big) and Mclimans both look like busts that probably do not belong on a Big Ten roster.

          McLimans’ recruiting info clearly states he is not a post up player and is not one that gets into the paint and battles.

          As for Christian his only other offers came from Sacred Heart and Tulane; with interest from Seattle and Montana.

          • Dylan Burkhardt

            At the end of the day, they are still freshmen. You have to see how they develop. Are they ever game changers? Probably not. Could they develop into a role on this team? Certainly.

            Giving up on a pair of kids that have played something like 100 minutes of college basketball is a bit drastic.

          • CJD

            I always say I hope I am wrong…….

  • JimC

    Overall IU shot 67%…..that is the stat of the game.

  • jim-e-p

    What I am rapidly tiring of is this: Why does it always seem that the other team is more intense? Why does it always seem the other team wants it more? It is always as though we are surprised that the other team comes to play. Regardless of how mediocre, we are always the ones being dictated to and the other team almost never needs to respond to us. Everyone gets up for us, because regardless of their record, teams view us as a golden opportunity for a win. With a young team, improvement should occur through the season, as it did in Beilein first year. Let’s see if that can happen again. All in all I thought this was one of Beilein’s worst performances – nothing new for IU to adjust to and NO response to ANYTHING they were doing.

    • Don’t think that’s really TRUE. Intensity was not the issue in probably all four of the preceding games. It was finishers, possibly a little more talent.

      I don’t know if this team really puts it together next year, but I do know that really young teams tend to have such breakdowns. And expectations for this team have been too high.

      • Go Blue

        What expectations? That we would come to compete against a terrible Indiana team that had lost how many in a row…Indiana got the first 10 rebounds of the game!!! Thats called effort

  • CJD

    After watching a game like this I have one huge concern; and that is that our basketball program mirrors our football program. As was football our basketball program has not been mentioned in the higher tier of the league in years.

    Both our football team and now basketball team now are expected to win using gimmicks type offenses and defenses. Just my take but this is because we are not getting the kind of blue blood recruits that used to beat down the doors to play at Michigan.

    The football team has a new sheriff in town and hopefully they will get back to play a pro style game that can not only compete in the big ten but on a national stage. I can only hope that Coach B moves in the same direction because we are desperate for big athletic players who succeed not only in the paint but in the classroom as well.

    Missing the good ole days…….

    • Aaron

      Our lack of Top flight recruits IS discouraging. OSU and MSU are drawing them all in, we aren’t

  • CJD

    Dylan can you explain EFG? The reason why I ask in looking at D mo’s stats/trends it appears the more minutes he plays the worse his EFG becomes. Do you think there is an coloration?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      effective field goal percentage is just shooting percentage corrected for threes.

      eFG% = (FGM + .5 * 3PFGM) / FGA

  • jack simms

    what else is there to say about the michigan defense? our team did not have anyone who could match up physically with and cover verdell jones or christian watford. do we even have enough speed to stay with iowa?

  • That Guy

    Novak is consistently used incorrectly whether out of necessity or just plain bad planning. I think he could check 2 guards really well if he were deployed solely there. The help defense thing where he comes over and undercuts a driver is just not good defense and can’t be relied on with any consistency.

    Douglass needs to sit the bench if he isn’t going to score because his defense is wretched. Which brings me to Vogrich and McLimans. These two are terrible. They are not Big Ten players. Vogrich can’t stay with anyone and can’t create his own shot. McLimans is slow and unathletic.

    Darius Morris is a ball player. Kid has a lot of skills but got caught going 1 on 5 a couple times with guys just standing and watching. Morgan also has a bright future. I think Smot could be fine eventually if he is deployed where he can be successful. Matching him up against physical and bigger players is not a recipe for success.

    The future is bright but this season is going to get rough.

  • wayman britt

    I agree, this season can go down hill in a hurry from here. I would like to see Horford get some more minutes. He is not strong enough yet for Big Ten physical play, but it’s all we got. We need more physical, tall players. I don’t think Blake is the answer and not sure about Colton either.

    • Aaron

      Can we cut McLimans, Colton, and Vogrich and use their scholarships for real Big 10 players? Wouldn’t that be sweet!

  • MikeSal

    I wouldn’t give up on Blake and Colton yet. A lot of people thought Vogrich was worse then he actually is last year. Blake and Colton just need more game experience and they are not fit to get that time this year. They need to get coached up this year and in the summer. Colton came to UM as a raw talent. He wasn’t as polished as the others anyway so I’m not surprised he is so far behind.

    This game was awful. Came out flat and played flat. I agree that we need more physical players but unfortunately we have to play with what we got. Morgan is developing nicely and Smot is doing the best he can against more physical players. It sounds to me like some people thought we were going to be a tourney team this year because we beat the likes of Utah and Clemson.

    The season isn’t over yet but we are hitting a crossroad. NU is a team like us. They play an offense similar to us and defensively they have about as much talent as we do. This game should help determine where we will finish this year. We have a tendency to play to our opponent. We were due to have a bad game and hopefully we got it all out yesterday.

    • wayman britt

      Mike – I don’t mean to be agrumentive, but you don’t seriously think Blake is going to turn into a good Big Ten Player do you? He seems soft, can’t rebound and can’t shoot the three. I am not sure what he is good at.

      • MikeSal

        He’s not ready this year. But to say he can’t be an effective rebounder ever in his career is hard to believe. You can teach someone to rebound just like you can teach someone to shoot better. Morris’ improved shooting ability is a testament to that. He’s 6’10. He’s a RS frosh. He still has 3 years left to contribute after this year. 2010-2011 is a lost year. I can concede that. Maybe he isn’t as far along as the staff would like him to be. But it is extremely hard to believe that he will not turn it around at all in the next three years. He has played soft but it’s clear that he feels/is overmatched. All I’m saying is don’t give up on a guy with 3 years of eligibility left.

        • CJD

          When a 6 ft 10 guy is allergic to the paint in high school when he is most likely the biggest guy on the court it is hard to imagine it will change in college. Every thing I have read about his recruiting is that he needs to be respected as an outside threat and that he is not the typical 6 ft 10 guy who rebounds and blocks shots.

          If he could not do that in high school i doubt (hope I am wrong) that he will in college or big ten when he will be challenged but much stronger physical players day in and day out.

          • Dylan Burkhardt

            You are right about McLimans in the sense that he’s never going to be known has a dominant rebounder, in my opinion. On the other had he could become an average rebounder and actually make perimeter shots. Maybe like a Keaton Nankivil eventually?

    • Go Blue

      Blake redshirted last year. Do you think it helped?

  • Tweeter

    Perhaps it is time to fully commit to the 1-3-1 for an entire game and just see what happens. It has shown promise over the last few games and its becoming very clear that this team is just not quick enough to stay in front of people. Perhaps some of the nonconference defensive success is more a factor of teams just shooting poorly from the perimeter rather than anything Michigan was doing.

    CJD, I dont think I have ever heard someone refer to a “basketball pro-style offense.” The college and pro game are so different that I dont think you can pigeon hole a team into such categories. Plus I dont buy for one second that running what you call a gimmick offense (which I dont buy either – is Duke a gimmick offense), effects recruiting of bigs. Memphis and now Kentucky under Calipari runs an incredibly guard dominated offense where the only time a big man gets the ball is off a dump off or rebound, yet they seem to recruit pretty well at that spot.

    The paths that the basketball and football program took were also completely different. Basketball went through an extremely serious NCAA investigation which resulted in severe penalties. Basketball also had to deal with facilities that were worse than some MAC schools. Now that both of those things are behind it, this program should move forward. How far forward can they go under Beilein, idk. Both nothing he has done as a coach or a recruiter to this point has me worried.

    • CJD

      Duke 2009 – 2010 roster:

      Brian Zoubek: 7-1
      Lance Thomas: 6-8
      Miles Plumlee: 6-10
      Mason Plumlee: 6-10
      Kyle Singler: 6-8

      That does not even include 2 other bigs that were freshman that did not play.

      • Tweeter

        my point was regarding your comment that the offense is a gimmick. Duke runs a similar offense in terms of concepts to what Beilein does. The one big diffence is Duke’s is more predicated on dribble penetration rather than the pure ball and player movement that Beilein uses. However, neither of them use bigs as a focus for the offense. Same thing with Kentucky or Memphis under calipari.

        While you do need to have size, you dont need the offense to revolve around that size. I dont think Beilein is sitting there thinking about his ideal offense being made up of a bunch of 6’4 and under guys, it just so happens that a lot of times our best players right now are those guys. Hopefully he adds a few more bigs over the next couple classes and the young bigs continue to develope.

        • CJD

          I will go back to one of my earlier comments; I realize the motion offense will never be a pound the ball inside style. But our current version rarely if ever (other than an occasional pick and roll by Morgan) threatens the paint. Yes Morris drives to his right well enough to get to the rim now and then; but our offense is single minded and I would have hoped although young we would at least press the ball to the paint. In the long run I think it would pay dividends.

          As for Duke and your other examples; they have enough length to both defend and rebound. And Kentucky put 3 big men in the 1st round of last years draft; that does not happen unless they have skills inside the paint.

          • Tweeter

            Again, Im not disagreeing with you that the team needs more size and that those other teams mentioned have size. I was only disagreeing with your point that the offense that Beilein runs is gimmicky.

            I posted in one of the other threads about how this team needs to start throwing the ball into the post even if it is to our guards to force teams to collapse more. I dont know why they have not done it more this year; if its just a confidence thing in the players being able to do anything with it when they get it there, but it needs to happen. Even if it is just to throw low and pass it back out immediately. At least that forces the defense to react a little.

          • CJD


  • michigan fan

    At some point we have to get bigger on the floor. I think we do have the best team on the floor. Belein has not been able to recruit quality big guys. I am afraid if/when he does get more big guys in, Beilein will still play small. He wants too many players to be able to shoot the 3 and we suffer on defense, rebounds, and post offense. We need more bigs. Depth here is scary.

  • Alex

    Every game is different. Let’s see what happen on Tuesday vs. NU.

  • ScottGoBlue

    Well, after that result I want to pull my hair out. But then I remember that our team is 337th most-experienced team in the nation (of 345 D-I teams) and is playing a brutal schedule (10th according to, 15th according to Patience is a virtue.

    • steve

      that post was much appreciated… put it into perspective more for me

  • Old Style

    The line-up with Morris, Stu, Vogrich, Novak, and Smot was just terrible. You can get away with sub par athleticism at 1 or 2 positions but when you do it at 4 you’re asking to get killed.

  • wayman britt

    Beilein is a good coach, he needs to find a way with his current talent to get the ball down low in the paint, even if you need to use Tim or Morris.

    If we can’t, then look for every team we play to over play us on the perimeter and just force Morris to dribble the whole shot clock.

    • CJD


  • billiam

    Look at the starting lineup for next yaer guys:
    5- Morgan (solid defensive presence next year)
    4- Smot (will gain weight after his freshman year)
    3- THJ (same)
    2- CB? (bulldog freshman)
    1- Morris

    Then the height:
    5: 6’8, but strong
    4: 6’9
    3: 6’5
    2: 6
    1: 6’4

    We’ll have decent height next year. Just let the recruiting take it’s part. Did you expect a team that just hired a new coach to recruit top 50 post players when B originally got here? He’s recruiting better and better, and the bigs still need time to develop, which they will.

    Also,think what you said after the almost wins at #2 and #3. It should be telling.

  • maxwell’s demon

    People get so worked up about one game. Sometimes teams come out and just plain play flat. It happens in high school, it happens in college, and it happens in the NBA (a lot). A few games ago people were saying Stu had finally reached his shooting potential and Morgan looks like he’s going to be a very solid 4-year center. Now it’s “we can’t win when recruiting 2 stars who can’t do the one thing they are supposed to do” or “Beilein doesn’t understand the physical play of the B10.”

    It’s like Dylan said, this was never an NCAA tourney team. All that being said, it could be really rough on the players if we lose the next 3.

    • Tweeter

      Completely agree with your point on “one game.” Basketball games can turn so easily and if a bad team gets going, it doesnt matter how good you are, you can still get beat.

      That said, I think we are seeing more of the weaknesses over the last several weeks that just were not exposed in nonconference play.

  • gordie bell

    Yall need to chill, it was just one cussing bad basketball game Cuss happens.
    Only thing stopping M from having an effective post player; we don’t have an effective post player. Yet
    If you’re looking for a years worth of improvement every game you’re gonna be disappointed. Just relax, turn down the volume on the TV and play some of that soothing, subliminal wave crashing stuff:)

  • CJD

    Dylan: Assuming no new players are signed for next season how do you see the rotation? I highly doubt there will be any changes in the starting 5 but what do you think will be the substitution schedule or game plan?

    5 – Morgan then Horford
    4 – Smot then McLimans
    3 – THJ then Novack then Vogrich
    2 – Novack then Stu or Bundridge then Dumars
    1 – Morris then Burke then Stu

    Your take?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Still way too early for this but some thoughts:

      Dumars won’t ever play.
      McLimans will never play the four.

      Tough to know what to expect from Brundidge and Burke. Hopefully Trey can back up the point, as you say, I think he’ll be able to. Question with Brundidge is how his ultra aggressive attacking style of play translates to the Big Ten early on.

      I think Novak will still play some four, but probably less as Smotrycz plays more minutes.

      • CJD

        Why not McLimans at the 4? That is what he was projected at when recruited and we have already established he is allergic to the paint. His strengths at time of recruitment were to be veryyyyyy similar to Smot’s?

        • MikeM

          McLimans is redundant with Smot offensively right now (although much worse), at least until Smot gets comfortable off the dribble, but he is WAY too slow to stay in front of the average 4 defensively.

      • CJD

        Also any news on any European Recruits? I watched a lot of recent video of the German kid who missed admittance by one question; damn he would have been a great addition and probably our best player this year.

  • KAB

    Do you think that the Norttwestern game is a game that we need to get?A five game losing streak could lead to a complete meltdown…

  • Kenny

    not sure what to say, I was still very hopeful after the first half. but the team relies too much on Morris, the team should share the ball more.

  • MikeM

    Our lack of team speed was perfectly exploited by this UI team, on both ends. Our constant plodding on offense helped mask their deficiencies (no need to foul a guy who can’t get around you), and the slow rotations and flat-footed guard play on defense allowed their quicker guys all the penetration they wanted.
    Terrible game, hope they got this road choke out of their system, but the defensive effort has to improve a lot before results will improve.

  • Go Blue

    I just want to win but ill settle for losing so long as I dont have to watch 6’3-4 guy trying to guard 68-9 guys in the post.

    • Go Blue

      oops..I meant 6’8-9