Video: John Beilein Discusses Indiana Loss

Dylan Burkhardt

Here’s video of John Beilein discussing Michigan’s 80-61 loss at Assembly Hall. Thanks to our friends at Inside the Hall for passing along the video.

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  • skipper

    Poor, poor, poor coaching by Beilein. They weren’t prepared.

  • grandchamp

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Morgan at the 4 with Horford at the 5 every now and then. Having 2 post threats could maybe free up some shooters. Even though their back to the basket games aren’t that good yet it couldn’t hurt to try something new during our offensive lulls.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Both players are extremely limited offensively right now. Considering how much trouble Michigan had scoring the ball early on, I don’t know how they would help.

    • Tweeter

      I dont think the issue is having two post threats on the floor. I think the issue is passing the ball to those areas of the floor. The last several games teams are really over playing the perimeter and then funneling the ball whenever Morris gets it. At some point this team has to throw the ball into the post and make the defense collapse a bit. Even if the player is not a threat to score, it forces the defense inside, then when they close out, you get those opportunities to attack off the dribble.

      To me it doesnt even matter if it is Hardaway or Morris or some other guard who is in the post, just throw the ball there to make the defense move.

      IF teams were playing us the way they are and we had Memphis’ roster, that would be one thing, then we know the offense would work just fine the way it is since there are plenty of one on one opportunities out there. But with the roster that Michigan has, you have to put these players in easier situations to make decisions. Even when some of these guys make the right choice, they just are not athletic enough to fully exploit it.

      Case in point is Evan Smotrycz. I see this guy make great decisions with the ball in his hands in one on one situations, but he just is not quick enough yet to beat his man cleanly. Now you start giving him those chances off forced close out situations and he is going to do some things. Thats where he made his hay against Clemson. A couple years from now when he is fully developed physically and mentally, yeah, it doesnt matter, just get him the ball and he is going to do something good. But right now, this team needs to create better situations for the players.

  • Tweeter

    Couple things. First, I love that Beilein is an incredibly even tempered coach because I believe that eventually that rubs off on his players and they will be better for it. However, with young guys it usually means that they dont get the big backhanded slap in the face they need sometimes to motivate them. Beilein is a coach for a juniors and seniors and right now we have freshmen and sophomores.

    Second, I do wish they would force feed the post some more. I know our low post guys are not real threats to score consistently right now. I know we dont have a lot of options there. But, at the very least throwing the ball there a lot and making a team defend that part of the floor opens up other parts of the floor. When a team knows you are not going to throw the ball there, they can stretch their defense out and take away other areas. Lately, Michigan has had a lot of problems with teams overplaying Morris and covering shooters. We need to start throwing the ball down low and letting whatever happens after that happen.

  • Joel

    Didn’t see a lot of the game, but pretty disappointed, especially in the first half performance. After playing so well against the #3 and #2 teams in the country you’d think we could beat Indiana or at least lose by less than 19. Maybe we should schedule more non-conference road games? Hmmmmmm.

    I was among those who were hopeful for an NCAA tournament berth but that’s of course out of the question now. I still think we can steal a couple big wins and make the NIT. As we all know, college basketball teams can be pretty inconsistent, they could very well beat Northwestern by 20 on the road Tuesday.

  • MikeSal

    When they’re not hitting shots it makes it awfully easy to guard UM. JB needs to find a way to get some easy buckets, baskets they do not have to work hard to get. I understand that he wants to stay in the flow of the offense but to often I see the shot clock get down to 10 seconds and then its the Morris show similar to the Harris show last season. A post presence would help. I wish he would take advantage of matchups we get especially THJ on Hulls.

    They should come out with a stronger sense of urgency Tue against NU