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Dylan Burkhardt

168277_153894731326305_113453778703734_285747_1227429_n[1]Photo Credit: Mgoblue

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  • JimC

    Good for Jordan!

    Here’s my question for you recruiting types: what is the best/most-accurate grading source? For example, in JoMo’s case, he was graded 75 at ESPN/Scout site below. If that rating was accurate, we might not have expected him to even start, let alone contribute like he has.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      There are always going to be people that fly under the radar like Morgan but a lot of the rankings depend on the scouts working for whatever company.

      With Dave Telep’s move from Scout to ESPN, I would think their rankings should improve.

  • MikeM

    Unless one or both of our 2011 recruits redshirt, it’s becoming very cloudy on how Dumars fits into UM’s plans at all.

    • Jeff

      I just look at him as I would any other walkon. They provide depth, help in practice, and insurance for injuries. Ideally, they stick around for a few years, and if the team has some injuries, they can fill in without too much of a dropoff. I don’t think UofM would have made the tournament in 2009 without Lee and Merritt.

      • MikeM

        I mean more for Dumars’ sake. I get that he’s great practice fodder for UM’s sake.

  • MAS

    TH Jr. will be in the top 25 freshmen by the end of the season. I expect a big 2nd half of the season from him.

  • Hardaway, Morgan, Morris–all three have contributed beyond my expectations, with Horford looking a little dazed at times lately, but with obvious promise. Zack is gold for us. And–gods–please give Stu just a little more confidence. . . we will take down some of the big dogs yet.

    Next year we start the season as a ranked team.

    • MaizeNBlueJ

      I don’t think there’s any way that we start next season as a ranked team. We’ll have a successful year this year if we make the NIT. How many teams that don’t even make the Big Dance the previous year are ranked to start the next?

      • Brick

        Probably around the same amount that have zero seniors on their roster.

  • JimC

    Wow. I’m worried that a 6-game losing streak is possible. Not predicting that, just know that @IU, @NW, and MN won’t be easy.