John Beilein Meets with Media Before Ohio State


John Beilein was available to talk about Michigan’s upcoming game against Ohio State. The video of what he had to say is below with notes and quote, per usual, after the jump.

  • Last year with Evan Turner, Ohio State was a more perimeter-oriented team and the main thing you had to worry about in the post was offensive rebounding. Now, they do much more in the post with Jared Sullinger.
  • “If you look at last year we played them six halves, I think we won four of the six halves but we lost two of the three games.” Lamented the poor end to the first half last year in Indianapolis, when Michigan held a lead with five minutes left but went into the locker room down by almost 10. Need to stay consistent.
  • The reason for inconsistency: “We have a young team.”
  • Said Sullinger’s presence in the post benefits Ohio State’s 3-point shooters, which in turns benefits Sullinger. Sullinger gets a lot of attention, takes pressure off the perimeter players.
  • David Lighty “has improved every year.” He’s physical, he gets to the basket. Anticipating seeing him isolated against Michigan defenders and try to get to the line. Now, you have to guard his 3-point shot as well.
  • “I think our kids should have confidence that they can compete against some very high-level teams, but to beat those teams you have to do almost everything well.” Said if he gets the best out of everyone, Michigan can play with “almost anyone” in the country.
  • On why Michigan went man in overtime against Kansas: it’s almost impossible to get back into a zone after missing shots because you don’t have enough time before the ball gets to you. Since Michigan was having a hard time scoring in overtime, a lot of times there was no time to set up the zone. “If we didn’t score, we were going to be in man.”
  • On Jordan Dumars: “Medical redshirt or no, it doesn’t really make a difference.” He “just doesn’t feel at 100 percent.” Thinks they have what you need for a medical redshirt.
  • Defensively, “you fly by the seat of your pants a little bit.” A lot of it depends on what the other team is doing, what your foul situation is, etc. Will be working on all three packages (man, 2-3, 1-3-1).
  • On Jordan Morgan being named one of the 25 best freshmen of the year by Basketball Prospectus: “He’s become such a very good rebounder and his defense is growing every day.” It’s important he stays in there, but he may not have the endurance to play 35 minutes yet, so have to have other options.
  • “Really impressed with the IQ of this team.” They’ve learned quickly through repetition and have been able to translate what they do in practice to game. “I don’t think we’re a great defensive team, I think we’re improving.”
  • AG2

    Andrew Jones with the tip-in with 1 second left gives Penn State the win over Illinois. That’s two big time wins for PSU at home to go with their 1-1 road record.

  • steve

    that road game at PSU looks a lot more daunting now…

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Yet the Nittany Lions still might have one of the weakest court rushes ever.
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  • Maybe one lesson is that we beat a decent PSU team? I’m convinced we’re going to steal a few big wins here.

  • ScottGoBlue

    So, should our defensive strategy be “let Sullinger get his points and deny the other 4”? Seems to me a center can’t win a game by himself no matter how good he is. Every shot is at most 2 points, assuming you also make a point of not fouling the guy. He’s bound to miss shots, even if he shoots 60%. If we stay home on 3-point shooting, roll the dice on our own 3-pt shooting, seems to me we could pull off a victory.

  • ScottGoBlue

    Then again, maybe I’m on crack. 60 possession game, 60% shooting from 2, no 3-pt shots and no turnovers yields 72 points. Not a good strategy.

    • Mith

      Yeah, but they will still turn it over at least a little. Let’s say 6 TOs. Now we’re down to 60 points!

      I wonder if we will see more of the 1-3-1 going forward. It seems like we went to it out of desperation against KU, but it worked so well maybe they are finally getting the hang of it.

  • aMaized

    negative but interesting since its from Daniel Horton (per mgoblog site):

  • AG2

    Guys, Diebler/Buford/Lighty are going to shoot 3s whether we’re guarding them or not. We’re still a young team whose defensive rotations leave guys open a couple times, and Ohio State is still at heart a jumpshooting team, one of the best jumpshooting teams in the nation as a matter of fact.

    As for Horton, maybe Amaker recruited better *athletes* but Beilein is a vastly superior x’s and o’s coach. I also feel like Amaker’s limited coaching ability was beginning to affect recruiting while Beilein’s is on the upswing.

    That being said, I can understand Horton’s concern that Beilein’s hiring was indicative that Bill Martin was not committed to basketball. Not that Beilein is a disappointment, but Bill Martin had a tendency to settle for desperation hires, like Rodriguez for example.

    I can think of at least two players this year alone who have gotten slaps on the wrist for doing far worse than Horton did. LaceDarius Dunn and Tre’Von Willis were allowed to play almost immediately after their off the court issues occurred, while Michigan suspended Horton for the season.

  • drae

    Stu is dreadful tonight! What happened to him? His shoot has been missing for quite awhile now…

  • drae

    Hell yea GO BLUE!!! Zack and D Mo!! We need to put Stu back on the bench and bring Smotz back in…

  • aMaized