Recruiting Roundup: January 10th, 2010

Dylan Burkhardt

Visitors! As mentioned in the Kansas post game, Carlton Brundidge (2011 commit), Glenn Robinson III (2012 commit), Gary Harris (2012), Khaliq Spicer (2012), Sherron Dorsey-Walker (2012), Steve Haney (2013), Derrick Walton (2013), Cha Cha Tucker (2013), and Chris Harrison-Docks (2012) were all at the game.

Class of 2011

Trey Burke – Commit

49e84aa0-b88d-44a2-86a0-7717e7746841[1]Trey Burke continues to be productive this season, he’s now averaging 24 points, 6 assists, and three steals per game while shooting 66% from the floor, 52% from three (eFG% of 73%).

Northland is the #3 team in OHSAA Division I and over the weekend they picked up a big win over a talented Rice team from New York.  Burke finished with 22 points on 9 of 18 (2-4 3pt) shooting with three assists and six turnovers in the win. NBE Basketball filed this report ($):

Trey was nearly unstoppable for much of the game with the ball in his hands. He connected on off-the-dribble jumpers with such ease, and he had no problem driving on his man and finishing from inside the paint. Burke really impressed the crowd when he dropped a step-back, off-the-dribble three-pointer with just two seconds on the clock before halftime, giving his team a 27-25 lead at the break. Burke also brought a great assist game, and strong in-the-face defense to the court Saturday morning. He dropped a few dimes, including a gorgeous pass, driving to the lane, finding his big man through a double-team, who then finished with an easy layup. The one knock on Burke was the fact that he was careless with the ball on several key possessions for Northland in the second half of the game.

Ohio HS Hoops posted this video interview with Burke after the game. Northland also had a 50 point win over Linden (highlights with two Burke dunks) and Burke had 16 points on 7 of 9 (1-2 3pt) shooting with 7 assists.Earlier in the week Burke had 20 points (12 of 19, 1-5 3pt) shooting in a 20 point win over Centennial.

Carlton Brundidge – Commit


Southfield went 2-0 this week with wins over Harrison, 71-44, and Clarkston, 63-60. Brundidge had 21 points and 8 rebounds in the win over Clarkson. Brundidge was profiled in the Free Press by Mick McCabe.

Class of 2012

Glenn Robinson III – Commit

Photo Credit: Confessions of a Sports Junkie

Robinson had a game high 17 points, including six in the final two minutes, to give Lake Central a win over Michigan City. Robinson was double and “even triple teamed” for a majority of the game. Over the weekend, Robinson had 24 points on 9 of 11 shooting vin a loss to La Porte.

A seemingly random outsider that was at the game provided this report:

At one point in transition he actually tried to dunk over another player. He came away holding his eye, and he was up so high I wondered if he hit his head on the rim. He really is as good as I had heard he was. I am not a good scout for high school talent though. I will leave that up to the experts. What I will say is that Glenn is a player that can force the opponents to adjust to him. In high school I think that is all you can ask of a player.

Nick Stauskas

Stauskas had a game high 20 points in a 67-56 win over St. Andrews as he “shot jumpers and took it strong to the goal with equal aplomb.”

In a 68-58 win over Milton, Stauskas had 18 points and six rebounds. The offense was left “largely in the hands of Stauskas, who was 6-for-6 from the free throw line and hit two 3-pointers.”

Sherron Dorsey-Walker

Pershing guard Sherron Dorsey-Walker had 13 points, five rebounds, and four assists, in a loss to Southeastern. Sam, a commenter on this site, posted a detailed scouting report but here are some of the highlights:

First off, Sherron Dorsey-Walker is a legit 6-4 with very long arms but still awfully skinny. If he had been hitting his shots last night, it could have been a completely different game. He clearly has a good stroke, he was simply unable to get it to go down in the rowdy environment. He does a great job getting to the rack and drawing contact and is a wonderful passer, but has a ways to go on his strength and shot selection. He still has a year and a half of high school ball and a summer of AAU to work on his game. I fully expect him to be a contributor on the high major level after a couple years of work with a good staff of coaches and strength and conditioning workouts.

Javontae Hawkins

Hawkins had 20 points on 10 of 15 shooting for 20 points and eight rebounds in an 81-60 win over Traverse City Central.

Jordan Hare

Photo Credit: Next Generation Sports

Hare almost had a triple double in a loss to Saginaw with 15 points, 10 rebounds, and eight blocks. He also had 10 points in a win over Bay City Western, who was playing without Matt Costello.

Class of 2013 Bullets

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  • EJ


    Love the Blog. One correction though is Gary Harris. He is a member of the 2012 class not 2013. Just a heads up.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Good call, typo there.

  • mgocanada

    Saw that dunk video … just wonderin’, can we just take the whole Northland starting line and not worry about recruiting for a year? That Jalen Robinson guy looks pretty great, plus can you think of a more “Michigan” name? Cmon Burke, get your teammates on board.

    • Colby

      Jalen Robinson has actually listed us in an article on NBE Basketball Report. I do not have the link right now but can look it up again. I am hoping some new targets start to emerge in the post and wing.

      • mgocanada

        wow, let’s get on this… all I heard was that he decommitted from WVU — another Michigan connection!

      • CJD

        Any more info available on Robinson? You tube and such?

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          “I’ve decided that the top three that I’m interested in right now is UCLA, Wisconsin and Cincinnati. Those three definitely fit me the best right now.”
          –Jalen Robinson

          • mgocanada

            Aw shucks. Kinda a weird group to pick; UCLA is currently an underachieving program with tons of glamour appeal, palm trees, etc. whereas Wiscy is an overachieving program with zero glamour and a lot of snow. I just hope when our Northland alum meets the other Northland alums spread around the league, we can get a few Ws and don’t have to regret our recruiting priorities that have largely relegated size and athleticism to the background.

  • gpsimms

    kenpom is my hero:

    good thing I wasted my time on that last season. college basketball season is too short, and too many starters play long minutes to get much use of +/-.

  • LA Smith

    I live in Michigan but visited family in Wheeling over the weekend and I had a chance to check out the Northland vs Rice and a few others game on Saturday. I’m excited to say it looks like we got a good one in the Burke kid. After reading the article I disagree with the statement “he was careless with the ball on several key possessions for Northland in the second half of the game”. I don’t think he was careless at all, I think after playing the entire game and being double teamed he handled the ball extremely well. I’m glad he’s gonna be a Wolverine!! I’m also very interested in catching some of Brundidge’s games does anyone have his schedule?

    • Chitown

      My question: how do we see TB and CB fitting into the rotation next year? Both come off the bench to spell D-Mo and Jr? Does one of them work his way into the starting lineup? Whatever happens, this team will benefit from having 2 additional shot creators (bringing total number of shot creators to… 4, if you count Hardaway?)

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        Very good question. Burke is a point. Brundidge is more of an undersized two.

        I think Burke has a very good shot to take the backup point guard minutes per say but you also figure that the “two guard lineup concept” will come into play. You basically have:
        Brundidge for 2 spots.

        Novak can play other places and I don’t think you will ever see Burke and Brundidge on the floor at the same time. However you could see Brundidge and Morris or Stu and Burke. Things like that where you can be creative.

      • Tweeter

        I dont think you see either of them in the starting lineup or even taking too many of stu’s minutes. Everybody is going to be back next year so it is going to be tough for these young kids to break in. My guess is that they come along slowly. Getting some minutes here and there. By midseason, they will have a role in the rotation and their playing time will be determined much like everyone else right now, if you are having a good game, you will play, if you suck on a given day, you will sit.

        The following year with both Novak and Stu gone, the guard minutes really open up and I would think either one of them could end up as the starting two opposite DMo. But ofcourse Vogrich will also be in the mix for that spot. That and its hard to predict what Robinson will be like and any other potential signees. Whatever happens I love these two kids talents and think both are going to have great careers.

        • mgocanada

          In a just world, if Brundidge can hit the shot more consistently than Stu or Novak (who have given us the hot-cold treatment ever since day one), and can drive the lane better (which he can, with his solid build), he should get a lot of minutes at the 2. Dunno about Burke — love the look of the kid but he’s smaller and probably slower than Morris, even if his playmaking skills appear more solid than Morris’ did at that stage. Don’t think he could displace DMo in year one. But as I said, if we land a big, athletic guy like that Jalen Robinson dude, he starts immediately, regardless of hurt feelings.

          • Dylan Burkhardt

            Brundidge is a slasher — Burke is the better shooter of the two. You worry about Brundidge adjusting quickly because of size and the physical nature of college game.

            Expecting either Brundidge to shoot better than Douglass, who is around 40% for the year, as a freshman is a bit ridiculous honestly. I love CB’s game but a consistent shooter isn’t high on the list when you are describing his game.

            Also, before you get ahead of yourself, Jalen Robinson is a 2012 kid.

          • mgocanada

            Dylan, I was only saying that this long-suffering team ought to reward its performers going forward, and that this year’s ethos of “whoever performs gets to play” should remain in effect until we are a power. I can’t read the future any better than anyone else — this time last year, nobody thought Morgan would be so far ahead of McLimans, but JB has responded to that reality and rewarded Morgan, and that’s what he should keep doing, whether it confirms expectations or defies them. Brundidge’s ability to slash and score gives us something we don’t currently have.

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          Is there a coach that doesn’t follow the mantra of: “whoever performs gets to play”

          • mgocanada

            Fair enuf, you’re right, it’s just that a lot of people have said with seeming certainty that “zero chance TB/CB start” as though some other principle based on personal commitments etc. applies here, since we haven’t seen any performance from them either way. I’m just saying we should wait and see.

        • Kenny

          Agree, since the whole team is coming back and presumably in even better form than this year, Burke and Brundidge do not have to contribute right away. Hardaway is getting better and will be much better next year, and Beilein loves to leave Novak on the floor even when he does not score much, and who wouldn’t. If Burke grabs the offense fast enough, he can get some minutes backing up Morris early, and Morris getting some rest is not a bad thing. Brundidge may get some of Stu’s minutes if he has a cold hand or when Hardaway is in foul trouble.

  • Long Ranger

    Well if Michigan wants to win NOW they have to play the players that produce. The Burke kid will push for starter minutes from day one. CB also. He’s tougher than most and will push the same.

  • Colby

    I am kind of hoping the staff looks at Otto Porter 6-9 from Missouri or Jarion Henry 6-8 from Texas in the 2011 class. Not sure where their lists are at but a couple of long athletes who seem to have some skill.

    • mgocanada

      Now you’re talking… these are the kinds of athletes that stack teams like G’Town and Texas and Baylor, and it’s high time we get a piece of the action. Not that it’ll happen in the next few classes or anything.

    • CJD

      Agreed we need bigsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  • CJD

    In regards to the minutes by TB and CB I would say this; we can only hope that TB can be a very solid back up for D MO. Heck I would love to see him push him for minutes as well. This would allow Stu to move to his more natural shooting guard spot and back up Novack.

    As for CB he can get a few minutes when they go small and come out guns a blazin his soph. year.

    With above in mind we are desperate for someone to spell Smot when he sleep walks his way through a game like he has the last few.

    Again; we need bigssssssssssssssssss……..

  • billiam

    We’ll have Horford next year, and Smot should gain more weight, so the bigs issue will be solved I think.
    Bigs on the roster:
    Small Bigs: Novak and Christian
    Big Bigs: Smot, Morgan, Horford
    If Horford comes around like Morgan did this year, we’ll see a good rotation of bigs.

  • Dustin

    Don’t know if this was already posted, but Donnovan Kirk committed to DePaul….

  • sullycu

    From what we have seen this year there is 5 things that stick out in my mind as things that need to be fixed.

    1. Experience
    – It’ll come

    2. Shooting
    – Our shooting is better than most think, but Beilein will always want kids who can shoot the ball.
    (Trey Burke, Nik Stauskas(?))

    3. Slashing Ability
    – I think we need a couple of players that won’t have the instinct to stand at the top of the key as the shot clock winds down, not that it is bad that players do, infact that’s what you would want Douglass and Vogrich among others to do, but there has to be more than Morris creating there own shot.

    (Tim Hardaway will drive more I believe next year, Carlton Brundidge, Trey Burke, not sure if they are still recruiting Patrick Heckmann(?))

    4. Athleticism/ Lateral Quickness
    -If you look at Kenpom, the major factors Michigan does poorly are things like getting turnover on defense, getting blocks, and getting to the foul line. We really, really need an athletic wing with one of these two remaining scholarships. It just seems like compared to a lot of competitive schools, Michigan just doesn’t have someone who can get the crowd going on a transition dunk, or come up with a big steal. I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but it just feels like something is missing sometimes.
    (Not sure who they will go after)

    5. Presence in the Post
    – While this isn’t neccessary with a surplus of big men coming in last year, I really thinl that they Michigan needs a big man to feed in the post or someone to get a hold their own and get a block or two on a big man from the B10. Jordan Morgan is on his way to being someone in this role, but he is only 6’8, and I think he would serve as a great 4 instead of playing at the 5. Hopefully Horford and McLimans will continue to add weight and can fit this role, but I would love to get a tall, more athletic Cronin type player if they don’t get two wings in this class.
    (Not sure)

    So to sum it up, in a few years Michigan should be very good because of their experience as underclassmen and also because they are bringing in talented recruits. With the final two scholarships I would like to see them add

    1. Athletic Wing
    2. Athletic Wing, a Shooting Wing like Stauskas, or a big man.

  • sullycu

    woah,I mad a long post.

    Javontae Hawkins would probably fit the role of “athletic wing” actually now that I think about it/

  • Junderground

    I get the sense we’ll be electrifying when Brundidge and DMo are on the floor at the same time. I think a lot of combinations will be used and I think some players will have 3-4 games when they’re more in favor, playing hot, and then they’ll cool off and another guy will get more minutes for a while. Burke sounds good, but the consensus seems to be that Bei’s system is hard of freshman point guards. That, combined with the log jam, might limit his minutes, but I doubt Bei will start the season planning to marginalize him.