Video: Morris, Hardaway & Novak Talk Kansas


Here are some locker room videos of the guys after Michigan’s 67-60 loss to Kansas at Crisler Arena.

Hardaway and Novak after the jump.

  • CJD

    The THJ interview was very tough to hear; but I thought (?????) he said he preferes playing closer to the top of the key over the corner because it allows him more room to create. Was I hearing things or did he also say that is where he was most affective in high school?

  • Brian W

    Valiant effort. Novak came up big again against top team. His three in the corner and three near the top of the key started the ball rolling in the second half and made the team believe that they could pull the upset… Hardaway missed some shots, but made his share when it mattered and had a couple of key defensive stops.

    Did it look like McLimans had lost some weight when finally came into the game? I know he had the flu… maybe it was just the comparison between him and KU’s body builder big men.