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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • ToBlav

    Actually the “Butterfly” nick name isn’t bad, it’s just the way it is presented. Kinda like some people can’t tell a joke.

    • JimC

      And nicknames are fine if you’re winning. Otherwise, not so much.

  • ish

    did kirk redshirt last year?

    • Dylan Burkhardt


  • grandchamp

    Northwestern +2 tonight at home vs msu, time to load up.

  • grandchamp

    We cannot take Kirk just to take him, the staff will have to believe that he will have a major impact.

    • Kenny

      It would be crazy to add Kirk to a class already with 5 front court players.

      • Jeff

        You’re probably right, but Beilein throughout his career has had a lot of transfers. I wouldn’t ber surprised at all to see a couple of the freshman eventually transfer–most likely McLimans or Christian. I’m a little gunshy about taking transfers though.

    • Beast1530

      I don’t think that Michigan will take Kirk. If there’s an athletic wing player who is looking to transfer, Michigan would take this guy in a heartbeat IMO.

    • mvred

      From Scout. No mention of Michigan.

      “No Northwestern anymore,” Kirk said over the phone. Kirk declined to comment on the reasons.
      The redshirt freshman forward (6’9, 230-lb) recently decided to transfer out of Miami, citing personal reasons. Kirk is now searching for a school closer to home in Detroit.

      “I’ve had personal issues, and I probably feel it’s best to be closer to home,” Kirk said.

      Kirk was in Evanston for Monday’s game, and plans on visiting three other schools.

      “Right now, I’m looking at Depaul, Oakland, and Central Michigan.”

      Kirk was among many prospects on hand at Welsh-Ryan Arena to see the Wildcats. Also on hand was five-star Jabari Parker, of Chicago Simeon High

      • Sam

        correct, Kirk is now down to Depaul, Oakland, and CMU. My money is on Oakland, but a complete guess.

        And I don’t know how any 5-star would want to play for Bill Carmody more than John Beilein.

  • Alex

    Lunardi definitely has an interesting job.

  • Applejack

    I think the anwser on Kirk is weather Blake M is going to improve to the point of helping. If Kirk came it would be to replace Blake M and he would transfer.

    • SJWolv

      I know he still has a few years left and can improve, but I’m wondering if Blake won’t be around for a fifth year. He’s actually older than Novak and unless he can start making threes he is a liability.

      Then, JB should redshirt Colton next season to give more balance to the classes. JB believes in Colton’s ability so I’ll trust his him but I think a redshirt year would do him a world of good. Otherwise, we need a 4 replacement in the 2012 class really bad.

      • Jeff

        I don’t think there’s much chance at all that McLimans will be around for a fifth year.

        • Brick

          Good to hear you have given up on him already. It’s not like he’s a freshman or anything.

  • AG2

    As much as it pains me to say this, I’m surprised Ohio State hasn’t received any first place votes. I mean I know Duke is “The Champ” until proven otherwise but OSU is right up there with them.

  • Brian W

    Any word on what recruits were at the Penn State game? I came into Crisler behind a kid who 6-7 or 6-8 and ended up sitting in the recruit section. I couldn’t tell you who it was, though.

    The time for the Michigan – Kansas game on Sunday will be 4:30 p.m. (CBS). Michigan’s women’s team plays Michigan State a few hours earlier at Crisler. The women’s game will be played at 12 p.m. (

    Coach Beilein wants more practice time in the offseason; Bo Ryan praises Darius…

  • MAS

    Reggie Rankin article was pretty spot on. I spent a lot of time at the Motor City and it was great to see BA there Wednesday and Thursday. I think he knows everyone in the City of Detroit he spent a lot of time introducing JB to people.

    SDW – Is a good player that has some potential but I don’t think it is a bad loss to Michigan if he goes some place else. He really broke into a big smile when he was walking on to the court and noticed BA and JB. BA gave him the head nod that said go to work young man. During the game he didn’t take it to the hole as much as he did the game before but he does have that ability even if the video doesn’t show it.

    Walton- I always thought that Bo Ziegler (even though his HS coach is horrible) or Haney would end up the best player in 2013 class but after watching Walton play a few times this year I believe he will end up the best. He has the ability to control the game without dominating the ball. Most HS point guards dominate the ball (watch Cha Cha dribble the air out of the ball) Walton looks to move the ball almost as soon as he touches the ball. Walton might not end up ranked higher than Cha Cha because he is so hyped but IMO he is a better player. And yes he was sporting the Michigan hat Wednesday and Thursday. While it doesn’t mean much it is not a bad thing.

    The freshmen Johnson is definitely one to watch BA and JB were talking about him during the Crockett game. I though it was a misprint in the guide that he was a freshmen. Really good looking player.

    Here is a very good article by Steve Bell on the underclassmen at the Tourny:

    I really like Vince Hunter’s game. Even showed a little outside shot which I haven’t noticed before.

    • Colby

      MAS, did you see Jordan Hare play at the Motor City? Curious on what you thought about his game and if BA or JB were watching him. Thanks

      • MAS

        Missed that day but I’ve watched him before. I would be shocked if he stayed in state. Everything I heard if he makes the grades he will leave the state.

  • JimC

    Someone should tell Moe to show the locations of his stores on the site.

  • Section13Row15

    Who is Cha Cha? Carlton Brundidge? Some nice info there, thanks!

    • MAS

      Cha Cha is Charles Tucker Jr. 2013 point guard Lansing Eastern HS.