Game 14: Penn State at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Most Michigan fans are probably more worried about the drama surrounding the football coaching process but there is a basketball game today. Michigan hosts Penn State for a 4 pm tip off on the Big Ten Network. The game preview lives here and we encourage you to follow along in the comments and join in the conversation.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Gutsy win for Michigan 76-69.

  • Mattski

    Got the needed win and a little more sense of what they need to do to pull out the close ones (well, rely on Darius). But–man–after yesterday, this was good for my psyche.

  • grandchamp

    Nice, tough win for a young team. Vogrich was huge.

  • JimC

    Vogrich MUST be a 5 key plays nominee!!! Really, since when does Vogrich drive to the hole and score?!
    (Maybe it should be one of 5 key “calls” because the ref could’ve called a charge…Vogrich looked about as coordinated as Josh Moore on that one)

    • gpsimms

      or a travel on the upfake, i think. or a travel after the dribble, i think.

    • Joel

      Novak’s 8-point run’s gotta be in there too – he is the man! Thank God we pulled that one out. Now to shock the world with 3 straight wins.

    • UMQuasi

      Could have been a charge, but the worst call of the game was the travel against Darius at the top of the key with about 2 minutes left, so it evens out.

  • Kenny

    forgot to set DVR and caught only the last 4 minutes of the game. Huge play from Vogrich, he could’ve just taken a 6ft jumper but it was good to get a 2+1. not sure if the Penn State player was firmly set to take the change, i think that he was a bit late.