Video: Nick Stauskas at City of Palms Classic

Dylan Burkhardt

Here is a short video of Nick Stauskas from the prestigious City of Palms Classic in Florida. Stauskas had 23 points, 8 rebounds, and five assists in his best game at the tournament. In other recruiting news, John Beilein and Bacari Alexander are both watching Sherron Dorsey-Walker versus Jackson tonight. We will have a full report from that game tomorrow as well as video highlights.

  • AG2

    Manny Harris had 8 pts on 3-9 shooting for the Cavs tonight.

  • matt d

    I know the knock on Stauskas has been a potential lack of athleticism, and most seem to want Dorsey-Walker, but every time I see Stauskus on film I’ve been impressed. I’ve refrained from commenting on Stauskus simply because I’ve never seen him play live(I have seen Dorsey-Walker), but to be honest he looks every bit as athletic as Dorsey-Walker, if not more. The kid has excellent handles,playmaking ability, a good shot(although he could use his legs a bit more), finishes with both hands, and seems to have underrated athleticism in terms of lateral movement and hops. Honestly, I would take that kid over Dorsey-Walker in a heartbeat.

    • YpsiTuckyBoy

      The Purdue game made it crystal clear that we need to recruit players with more quickness and better handles. Purdue was playing in-your-face D, the type of D that can be burned when you have players that can dribble right around a defender playing too closely. I’m game for whatever recruit can bring that skill set to the team.

  • Adam

    I have made it known how much I want Stauskas and I think I’ll be more sick if we don’t end up getting him than I was with the Zeigler and Prather situation. I thought we had Stauskas wrapped up if we offered him when he first visited but our delay caused him to rethink some things.

    Stauskas is a stud and I want him bad in the maize and blue!

  • sven

    Yeah I’m not seeing any lack of athleticism on his part.


    Who ever saying that this kid is not athletic has an agenda. This dude is obviously an all around skilled player with good floor game already. Reminds me of a young Ginobili from the spurs. I would be happy with either Staukas or Dorsey-Walker to be real, but Lord knows we need some street cred on the Detroit recruiting scene and Dorsey-Walker is a step in that direction and I really want Derrick Walton bad!