Video: John Beilein After Purdue Loss


Video of John Beilein’s post0game press conference following Michigan’s 80-57 loss to Purdue.

Notes and quotes are after the jump. The full post game recap will be up late tonight.

  • “Had some bad lulls offensively,” which hurt Michigan early and led to bad defense. Purdue came out very physical early. “We’re not at a level where we really know how to counter aggressively against a team like that.”
  • Very disappointed with the way his team played defense in the second half. “We made some mental breakdowns defensively.” Fouled JaJuan Johnson too many times down the stretch.
  • Tough start to the Big Ten season, playing one of the league’s toughest teams for the first game.
  • Didn’t want to let in so many 3-pointers. Knew Johnson and Moore were going to get theirs, but Ryne Smith killed the Wolverines from beyond the arc.
  • On Darius Morris not starting: “I don’t know how much that affected us in the game, but as a coach you have to make short-term decisions for long-term gain.” Was a one-game thing.
  • Hard not to let struggles on offense affect how you play defense. “Zack Novak doesn’t have trouble doing it. But we really need more guys who have that focus on both ends.”
  • “Basketball is a game of poise and at the end of the first half we needed to just control the tempo.” Instead let Purdue get up by four instead of going for the last shot.
  • Liked the way Stu Douglass responded to Purdue’s pressure, thought maybe some of the guys forgot what that kind of pressure felt like.
  • Mith

    A disappointing loss no doubt. But that’s how the season is going to go. It’ll be a bumpy ride, but hopefully it’ll pay dividends next season.

  • GrandChamp

    THJ had some nice rebounds today. I hated DM’s body language. Stu hit some shots and played well but just isn’t a point guard. Never want to see Horford shoot a 3 pointer with more than 10 seconds on the shot clock. Purdue rebounding 31% of their misses is way too high. JJ looks like twice the player that Benson is. Have to start offense closer than 25 feet from the basket. Played 1 possession of zone that I remember and gave up a wide open 3 pointer, sigh. Should be favored over PSU by 7 or 8 and will win by double digits.

  • Beilein says his kids will bounce back quickly. Hope that’s the case.

  • hoopster

    Disappointed for sure, still could have won this game but this team will grow from this. We are not at Purdue’s level at this point but the young kid’s will learn from this. As painfull as it is for us as fans it’s gotta be twice as hard for the player’s. Knowing Coach B the team will watch the broken down film and then move on and get ready for Penn State………

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